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Precious Sem van de Woudstreek

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Precious Sem van de Woudstreek
Precious Boy vd Woudstreek (NHSB 2473074)
Pepper vd Woudstreek (Other NHSB 2473081)
Precious Timber vd Woudstreek (NHSB 2473075)
Polle vd Woudstreek (NHSB 2473077)
Prince Olaf vd Woudstreek (NHSB 2473078)
Pally Ruby vd Woudstreek (NHSB 2473079)
Prima Donna vd Woudstreek (NHSB 2473080)
Puma v.d. Woudstreek (FCI ÷HZB GRET 4164)
Prima Wapsy vd Woudstreek (NHSB 2473083)
Boy Quiver Creek's Owlsburgh (NHSB 2275056)
Bewitched St. Paulie Girl Am/Can CD (AKC SN66584001)
Bewitched Speaking of Tina (AKC SN66584006 (8-02))
Red of Quiver Creek SH WC (AKC SN66584008)
HR Quiver Creeks Miss Molly JH WC (AKC SN66584004)
AFC AFTCH Rosehill's Mr Speaker MH OS CCA FDHF (AKC SN14124108)
Choctaw's Dixieland Delight CGC (AKC SN347132/05)
Sunny's Bodacious Blonde (AKC SN141241/01)
Sunny's Sports Fan (AKC SN141241/02)
Shakin' Sambo Hillclimber (AKC SN141241/03)
Jake Of Sunny Rain Check (AKC SN141241/07)
Toffe (SN14124109) (AKC SN141241/09)
Sunny's Daily Double (AKC SN347132/01)
Teeca Otay Too ** (AKC SN34713202)
Rocky Top's You Got Potential (AKC SN347132/06)
AFC Mioak's Rain Check OS FDHF (AKC SE973462)
Mioaks Fire Fox *** (AKC SF062172)
Mioak's Tioga Hawk (AKC SF029304)
Frisbies Enchanted Nutmeg (AKC SE864723)
Otay's Sunny Summer JH *** (AKC SF562039)
Otay Golden Sundance Eagle CD (AKC SF619843)
Otay's California She-Devil SH *** (AKC SE-869216)
Rosehill's Otay By Me MH *** (AKC SF300002)
Cheerios Hi-Ho *** (AKC SE-855211)
Otay's Clipper ** (AKC SF031385)
Otay's Coyote *** (AKC SF-031386)
Otay's Pack Rat CD (AKC SF217750)
Otay Aint' Just Whislin' Dixie CDX JH (AKC SF570841)
HRCH Taz Of Red Oak SH (AKC SN21544407 (8-98))
Mioak's Real McCoy Am/Can *** OS (AKC SN03869107)
Shoreland's Spice It Up (AKC SN038691/02)
Shoreland's Destined Dazzle CDX OS CanCDX (AKC SN03869104 (8-07))
HRCH Mioak's Madam Mali (AKC SM94298006)
Mioaks Red Hot Pepper (R111-167)
Mioak's Belle-Median Bar H (AKC SM94298008)
HR Mioak's Red Autumn Blaze UDX, SH, CGC, WCX, TDI; Can.CDX ,WCX (AKC SM94298001)
Mioak's Classy Chardonnay SH WCX ** (AKC SM94920007)
Mioak's Just In Time CanCDX (AKC SM94298003)
Mioak's Class I Mally Clusion (AKC SM94298004)
Red Hot Pepper III (AKC SM94298009)
Nimble v.d. Woudstreek (Other NHSB 2272840)
Noah v.d. Woudstreek (NHSB 2272839)
Nick v.d. Woudstreek (NHSB 2272838)
Noble Fellow v.d. Woudstreek (NHSB 2272837)
Nikos vd Woudstreek
New Milou vd Woudstreek
Way-Out's Orion (NHSB 1995071)
Way-Out's Crackerjack Ginny (Other NHSB 2116040)
Way-Out's Only Joyce (1995074)
Way-Out's Elfra (Other NHSB 1995077)
Way-Out's Always Amazing Amy (NHSB 1995078)
Way-Out's Quby (NHSB 2116035)
Way-Out's Piece of Joy (NHSB 2116037)
Way-Out's Pijlades (NHSB 2116034)
Way-Out's Sunshine Balou (NHSB 2116039)
Way-Out's Only Guy (NHSB 1995072)
Way-Out's Dundee (NHSB 2116036)
Way-Out's Only Samantha (NHSB 1995075)
Way-Out's Sheila (NHSB 1995076)
Way-Out's VIP (NHSB 1995073)
Way-Out's Windmill Girl (NHSB 2116038)
Eager Sam v.d. Woudstreek (NHSB 1602614)
Ecya Jill v.d. Woudstreek (Other 1602615)
FT. Ch. Enjoy v.d. Woudstreek (Other NHSB)
Exel v.d. Woudstreek
Way-Out's Only Waterwitch (Other NHSB 1777149)
Way-Out's Barrie (NHSB 1777146)
Way-Out's Jessie (NHSB 1777147)
Way-Out's Juliette (NHSB 1777148)
Way-Out's Tess (NHSB 1777150)
Little Spica v.d. Woudstreek
Lucky Luuk v.d. Woudstreek (NHSB)
Lars v.d. Woudstreek (NHSB 2110749)
Limit v.d. Woudstreek (NHSB 2110757)
Little Joey v.d. Woudstreek (NHSB 2110751)
Lizzy v.d. Woudstreek (NHSB 2110755)
Lucas v.d. Woudstreek (NHSB)
DK CH FT.W. Joe's Jolly Be Good (DK 06510/93)
Joe's Fancy Kvickly (Other DK06503/93)
JOE'S StandBy (DDK 06509/93)
FT. Ch. Jedde v.d. Woudstreek (NHSB)
Jolly v.d. Woudstreek (NHSB 1937421)

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