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OTCH Wynwood Capricorn's Ice Age UDX

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

OTCH Wynwood Capricorn's Ice Age UDX
Wynwood's Ice Blue Stream UD FFX-OP
Wynwood's Ice Capades
U-CDX Wynwood's Icy Hot UDX2, OM1
Wynwood Foxey Lady II
Wynwoods Willow
OTCH Wynwood Chip Of The Ice UDX2
Wynwoods Charley
U-CDX Wynwood Bequest By Ice UD RAE RL2
OTCH Locknor B Fifty-Two Bomber OS OBHF
OTCh Locknor Be A Sparkle Plenty TDX OD OBHF
T G's Breezin Bye Lochnor CD
OTCH Locknors Bank On A Star TDX JH
OTCH Wynwoods Locknor Bailee JH WCX OD OBHF
Locknors Bouncin' Rodeo Star UDT
Locknor Bravo of Graelyn UD
Locknor Bayou Boogie Man CD
Locknor By My Side CDX WC
OTCh Meadowpond Stardust Reggie OS OBHF
Meadowpond Tip N Top Can CD Am CDX
Meadowpond Rough and Ready CDX
Meadowpond High Fly'g Banner CDX
Am./Can. CH. Meadowpond Sugarbear Hondo Am./Can. CDX OS
Am/Can Ch Sugarbear's Shannon Boy CD
Can. CH. Sugarbear Chelsea Holiday WC; Am./Can. CD
Am./Can. CH. Sugarbear's Echo of Hilkirk Am./Can. CD Can. WC
Nylands Gandy Dancer
Can OTCH Wynwood's Brave Exchange TDX WCX Am. CDX TD
Am OTCH Meadowpond California Poppy OBHF
Wynwoods Thunderwater Rowdy WCX
OTCH Wynwood Two Double Zera UDTX OD
U-UD Can OTCH Wynwoods Jumpin' Jacks CDX JH WCX OS
Am./Can. OTCH Wynwood's-In-The-Nick-Of-Time WC
Misty Marshes Wynwood Winter CD
Can OTCh U-CD Wynwood's Sheza Special Lady Am/Can UD OD
Can OTCH Wynwood's Clean Sweep Am UD JH WCX
OTCH Wynwood's Countessa Of Windham
OTCH Wynwood's Fair Game Chedeana JH
OTCH Wynwood's Golden Meddo Joel
Wynwood's Brookshire Dubey-Do UDT WC OBHF
Wynwood Sunseeker CDX
Wynwood Crackerjack
Wynwood's Duke Of Sungold
OTCH Wynwood's White Russian
OTCH Sungold Duke of Brookshire WCX OS OBHF
Skylab Sparkling Shasta
Skylab's Shannon Sparkle CDX
Stonelick Tiger Bill CDX WCX ***
Corky My Glory
Lusty Sungold Lola
Conant Farm's Skylab Trekkie
Cinnamon's Noise Maker CD
Am/Can OTCH Meadowpond Angelic Abbey Am TD WCX OBHF OD
Meadowpond Hi-Hope's Misty Am/CanUD WC
Meadowpond Attaboy Kilroy UD
Meadowpond Brite Sun Joshua Am./Can. CD TD
Meadowpond Casey-Drew AmCDX CanCD
OTCh Meadowpond Christopher CanCD OBHF
Meadowpond's Astro Americana Am UD CanCDX
Nordlin's Rocket Fire Am UD,WC,Can CD
Glenbrook's Grady Girl OD
Am/Can Ch Halltree How Sweet It Is OS
Halltree Sweet N' Snazzy
Can. Ch. Halltree Tout Suite
Halltree Sweet Legacy
Halltree Master Sweet
Am/Can CH. Freedom's Celebration OS
AmCH Freedom's Celebrity Cowboy
Freedom's Cream O' The Crop UD
Am. CH Freedom's Cimaron Sage
Freedom's Coriolanus
Am Ch. Halltree J Harlow
Halltree Look At Me
Halltree Rassilon's Bleys CDX TD
OTCH Meadowpond High Rider WC
Leader Dog Jean
Glenbrook's Snow Dancer CD JH WC
U-CD Glenbrook's Show Me The Way CDX SH AX OAJ NAP NJP WCX Can WC
HRCH U-CD Glenbrook's Raging Storm UD TD MH OA WCX CGC THD
Am/Can OTCh Sandyhill Logan UDX TDX MX JH WC OBHF OS
Sandyhills Cracklin Wildwind CD
Prince Connor of Sandyhill UD MX MXJ
Sandyhill Probable Cause MH WCX
Sandyhill's Good Time Carly VCD2 UD RN MX MXJ CanCDX TDX AGI
Can OTCH Sandyhill's Semper Fi UD TD JH AX
Sandyhill's Gonna Keeper CD TDX
Sandyhill Gold Star Express UD TDX JH WCX
Sandyhill's Lavender N Lace UD TD
Sandyhill Margarita Rose CD JH WC
U-CDX Jaybar's Shiloh of Glenbrook UD JH WCX OD Can CDX
Jaybar's Ovation CDX CanCDX WC

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