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Timberbash's Cork Country Bubbles

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Timberbash's Cork Country Bubbles (AKC SS15442906)
Timberbash's Blueberry Bubble (AKC SS15442901)
Timberbash's Grand Royal (AKC SS15442902)
Timberbash's Seelbach Cocktail (AKC SS15442905)
Timberbash's Aperol Spritz (AKC SS15442904)
Timberbash's Pop-The-Cork Celebration (AKC SS15442903)
BPIS CH Kingsgold Guilty As Zin RATI (AKC SR87458505)
Kingsgold MB-Zee Best Is Yet To Come (AKC SR87458508)
Kingsgold Puck Zamboni (AKC SR87458503)
Kingsgold Zeek And Ye Shall Find (AKC SR87458506)
Kingsgold Zippity Do Dah Dandy (AKC SR87458507)
Kingsgold Zillion Dollar Baby (AKC SR87458501)
Kingsgold Ruby Zahara (AKC SR87458502)
UKC International CH Kingsgold Coastal Zephyr RN CCA (AKC SR87458504)
BISS GCH CH Windsong's Timberbash Powder King RN BVISS (AKC SR21777904)
Windsong Benuolio (AKC SR21777905)
Windsong Oliver North (AKC SR21777908)
Windsong's Dreamland Express RAE2 CD CCA CGC (AKC SR21777901)
Windsong's Golden Kona Brew CD RN (AKC SR21777907)
Windsong Tamarack Jubilee RN (AKC SR217779/02)
BISS Am. CH. Smithaven's Amber Brew RE AX OAJ NF OS NAC NGC TN-N CGC (AKC SN669221/01)
Am. CH. Smithaven Amber Sun Rising CGC (AKC SN75324303)
Smithaven Amber Waves O'Grain AX, AXJ, NAP, NJP, TT, CGC, CCA (AKC SN753243/01)
Smithaven's Amber Skye CD JH WC CCA (AKC SN753243/02)
Windsong's Flying For Me RN (AKC SN70596801)
Kingsgold Yesterday's Child CCA (AKC SR72926005)
Kingsgold Yesterday's Hero (AKC SR72926004)
Kingsgold Yeibichai Woman The Dancing Queen (AKC SR72926003)
Kingsgold Yellow Brick Road (AKC SR72926001)
Kingsgold Yonder Mountain Child (AKC SR72926002)
AmGCH/CanGCH Goldtreve Sydney Traveler (AKC SR55045401)
Aust Ch Goldtreve Bella Rose (2100222046)
Aust Neut Ch Goldtreve Dreamweaver (Other 2100233968)
Goldtreve Suga N Spicy (Other 2100222048)
CH. Abelard On Walkabout To Kingsgold (AKC SR342909/03)
Abelard CompassRose TimTam (AKC SR342909/04)
Abelard n Snowtree's Walk About (AKC SR34290902)
BISS Am UKC CH Chuckanut's Captain Kangaroo JH; Can WC (AKC SR34290901 (12/08))
BISS CH Timberbash's Corkscrew Gully (AKC SR90688903)
Timberbash's Painter Boy (AKC SR90688904)
Timberbash's Squaw Valley Mtn Meadow (AKC SR90688901)
Timberbash's Wild Irishman (AKC SR90688907)
Timberbash's Jabberwocky (AKC SR906688906)
Timberbash's Steamboat Outlaw (AKC SR90688905)
Timberbash's Wild Fire (AKC SR90655902)
Am CH Krishna-Crystal Glen Hell Of A Dream BN RA (AKC SR71072801)
GCH CH Krishna's Dream For The Hell Of It OD (AKC SR71072802)
AmGCH CH/Can CH Crystal Glens Hell Freezes Over RE OS SDHF (AKC SR25539103)
Desertheir's Cold Day In Hell (AKC SR54147204)
Krishna Ruffles Have Ridges CCA, OD (AKC SR38865502)
BVIS CH Golden Grahams Hot Summer Nights At Timberbash BVISS (AKC SR61496406)
BISS GCH CH Cross Creek's Timberbash Hot Shot BVISS (AKC SR27336506)
Cross Creek Hot ToMolly (AKC SR27336501)
Nat & Int CH. UKC CH. Cross Creek Hot Dayam CD RE NA CCA (AKC SR27336505)
Golden Grahams Royal Sasha (AKC SR42107401)

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