SEU(U)CH Dainty's Flame Of Fame  (5/5/2003-)

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Call name:"Hazel"
Country of origin:Sweden
Registration:FCI S36211/2003
Web site:
Hip clearance:2004-05-16 HD grad A
Eye clearance:2010-09-09 öga ua
Elbow clearance:2004-05-16 ED ua (0)


SEU(U)CH Dainty's Flame Of Fame
Swed.CH.,Swed.Club Winner `07 Dainty's D-Day
SE CH Begoras Mendelson
NU CH Sansue Watermark
Gyrima Last Rose Of Summer
Goody Goody's Doris Day (2 CC)
Rossbourne Loyalist
Goody-Goody's Dame Fame
SE V-00 SE U(U) Dainty's Claim To Fame
SUCH Okej's Explosive Symphony
NUCH Graceline's Enston
NUCH Sv-90 Dewmist Syretta
Dainty's Carbon Copy
Shanlimore Falcon
Dainty's Rule Brittania