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Offspring of DKCH NUCH WW-85 Westerlea's Brass Toller (10/17/1982-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Fo Bi Tollers Mauna-Kea:

Aha Brass Indian Summerwind (7/18/1991-)
Aha Brass Indian Summerrain (7/18/1991-) [FCI ua]
Aha Brass Indian Stormsong (7/18/1991-)

Out of Carrie-Micmac:

Mischa-Hope (3/4/1991-) [FCI ua]
Hanley-Hope (3/4/1991-)
Vincent-Hope (3/4/1991-) [FCI Grade 1]
Cherry-Hope (3/4/1991-)
Fundy-Hope (3/4/1991-)
Quidivini-Hope (3/4/1991-)
Chester-Hope (3/4/1991-)
Nahanni-Hope (3/4/1991-)

Out of DKCH KBHV-84 VV-85 WA-85 Westerlea's Red Tilly:

Tueholt Red Why A Mermaid (10/24/1983-) [FCI A]
DKCH Tueholt Red White Tip (10/8/1984-)
DKCH Tueholt Red Whish Come True (10/24/1983-) [FCI A2]
DKCH KBHV85,88,91 VV86,89 WA87-88 NL CH Tueholt Red What A Surprice (10/24/1983-) [FCI A2]
Tueholt Red West Wind (10/8/1984-)
DKCH KBHV87 Tueholt Red Warlike Spot (10/24/1983-1999) [FCI C2]
Tueholt Red Warden (10/24/1983-)
Tueholt Red Walkie-Talkie (10/8/1984-)
Tueholt Red Wagtail (10/24/1983-)
DKCH KBHV86 KISG87 Tueholt Red Wing Commander (10/8/1984-) [FCI C]
Tueholt Red Wind Surfer (10/8/1984-)
Tueholt Red Winchester (10/8/1984-)

Out of Westerlea's Lucky Toller:

Handy (9/21/1983-)
Flyingtoller (S01184/85) (9/21/1983-) [FCI ua]
Foppy (9/21/1983-)
Bonny (DKK39828/83) (9/21/1983-)
Fraisy (S01183/85) (9/21/1983-) [FCI ua]
Snoozy (DKK39825/83) (9/21/1983-) [FCI A2]
Howky (9/21/1983-)

Out of N UCH N LCH Zoetrope's Wicked-Witch:

Sar's Astor (7/10/1990-)
Sar's Assassin lover Boy (7/10/1990-) [FCI A]
Sar's Arja (7/10/1990-)
Sar's Argus (7/10/1990-)
Sar's Anatini (7/10/1990-)
N UCH Sar's Alf Erik (7/10/1990-) [FCI A]
Sar's Aksi (7/10/1990-) [FCI A]

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