Golden Retriever

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Offspring of Am. Can. CH. Sienna Sunnybrae Fire Chaser CD OS SDHF (10/6/1984-1999)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Drake's Klassic Charisma:

Drake's Sunset Beachcomber (11/27/1991-) [OFA GR-44946F29F]

Out of Great Meadows Chantilly Lace:

Belleville Lulu's Back In Town (9/2/1992-) [OFA GR-47579F28F]

Out of Belquest Another Paige:

Blequest Bell Boy (11/3/1990-) [OFA GR-43936G34M-T]
Belquest Paige Of Fire (11/3/1990-) [OFA GR-40112F24F]

Out of Belquest Paige Of Magic CD:

Belquest Goldie Locks (11/2/1990-) [OFA GR-40442G26F]

Out of Am CH Plantanoro's Heartlight:

Roc N Oro Lonestar Spirit (7/13/1988-) [OFA GR-36126G35M]
AmCH Roc N Oro's Splendid Fire CD (7/13/1988-)

Out of Drew's Ashland Misty Gold:

Drew's Golden Ashley (9/3/1987-) [OFA GR-30956G25F]

Out of Golden Aspen V:

Am CH Sunnybrae Applause Applause CD (4/26/1986-) [OFA GR-26823G24M]

Out of Thornelea's Killashandra CD TD:

Killashandra's Irish Lace (5/10/1987-) [OFA GR-30070F24F]

Out of Gold-Bar Bit-O-Honey:

CH Gold-Bar Leader of the Pack (9/25/1991-7/4/2001) [OFA GR-44661G30M]
Gold-Bar Tiger Lilly (9/25/1991-) [OFA GR-44611G30F]

Out of Seaview Spanish City:

Seaview Believed U Were Lucky (6/9/1988-)

Out of Sunnybrae Hot Stuff:

Sunnybrae Jake (4/5/1994-)
Sunnybrae's Calliope (2/20/1992-) [OFA GR-44383G24F]

Out of Cabochons Calie Chryseis CD:

AmCH Starcliffs Joyeux Noel OD (12/19/1988-) [OFA GR-34974E26F-T]

Out of AM CH Jamboree's Centerfold:

Jamboree's Kalliste Brae (12/8/1988-) [OFA GR-34370G24F]
CanCH Jamboree Braemal Viking (12/8/1988-)
Am CH Jamboree's Savoir Faire (12/8/1988-)

Out of Mistfield's Natasha:

Mistfield Tiny Dancer (1/1/1988-11/26/1997) [OFA GR35076F38F]
AmCH Mistfield Cheerfull (1/1/1988-) [OFA GR-31845F24F]

Out of Hartley Wee Bit'O Honey:

Trovehill A Hartley Nuggett (7/25/1988-) [OFA GR-33342G24F]
Trovehill A Hartley Treasure (7/25/1988-) [OFA GR-33341F24F]

Out of Bargello's Prairie Flower:

It. Ch, Int. Ch. Bargello's Montana Sky (10/30/1989-) [0-0]
Bargello's Sienna Sunset CDX JH WCX TDI CGC (10/30/1989-1/3/2003) [OFA GR-36999F24F]

Out of Heritage Amanda of Chiniak Am CD:

Greatbrooks Kaitlin (5/30/1987-3/16/2000) [OFA GR-30078G24F]

Out of Bartlet Cove's Sea Mist JH:

Riverfront Tulip Buttercup (4/21/1992-)
Bartlet's Cove Sea Sprite (4/21/1992-) [OFA GR-44876G24F]
Soleil's Cinnamon Bear (4/21/1992-1/7/2006)

Out of Am Ch. SeeShaw's Star Over Sandy Hill:

Am CH Seeshaw Sandy Hill's Nicholas (6/12/1990-)

Out of Lochvier Amberwine Tansy:

Lochvier's Dyna Mite Of Deja Vu Ven CD (9/22/1989-12/23/2003) [OFA GR-37132G24F-T]
Lochvier Autumn Harvest UDX (9/22/1989-)

Out of Twin-Beau-D Eastwynds Chica:

Ch. Willow Runs Cloak and Dagger (2/4/1987-) [OFA GR-28987G24M]

Out of Twin-Beau-D's Alluring Lady:

Beacon Hill's Lady In Red (11/9/1993-) [OFA GR-54204F28F]

Out of Lady Ashley of Reading:

White Mountain Flame (8/4/1987-) [OFA GR-30755F24M-T]

Out of Asterlings Tri-Gold Chardin:

CanCH Tri-Gold's Blazin' Beauty

Out of Am CH Ashwel's Rapscallion:

Can CH Delaur Starvale's Ice Krystal CGC (10/8/1991-3/30/1999) [OFA GR-43647E26F-T]

Out of CanCH Glenru's Pinch of Nutmeg:

CanCH Glenru's Fire and Ice

Out of Crangold Ribbons and Lace:

Crangold Ribbon Chaser (11/19/1991-12/2/2004) [OFA GR-46036G32F-T]

Out of CH Camelot's Visions of Ivyhill:

Camelot's Ivyhill Fire 'N' Ice (3/8/1988-)
Camelot's Ivyhill Favorite (3/8/1988-)

Out of Can CH Tenpenny's Stock'n Stuffer Can WC:

Can CH Tenpenny's Sure Shot Rookie

Out of CanCH Goldensport's Luv Sensation CanWC OD:

CanCH Goldensport's It Could Be Luv
CanCH Goldensport's Light My Fire

Out of Totoket's Making Waves:

Tangleloft Ultimate Illusion CGC (2/12/1990-1/10/2006) [OFA GR-37757G24F]

Out of Can CH Gold-Rush Amber Delight Can CD/Can OD:

CanCH Tenpenny's Chas'n Driftwind CanWC
CanCH Tenpenny's Chase Manhattan

Out of CH Thornelea's Hi Faluten:

Thornelea's Elan (3/14/1990-2/8/2005) [OFA GR-38179F24F]

Out of Hy-Vallee's Hurricane Jessie:

Can. CH HyVallee's Hot For Play
Hyvallee's Lubberland Tripper CD CGC (7/7/1992-10/16/2006) [OFA GR-46582G26M-T]

Out of Am CH Jayba Omni's Homecoming Queen:

Jayba Omni Unicoi Made In Heaven (4/22/1990-)
Jayba Sunnybrae GA Peach (4/22/1990-)
Jayba Omni Heavenly Hunter (4/22/1990-)
Omnijaybaunicoi Heaven Sent UD NA (4/22/1990-)
CH Unicoi Jayba Omni Heaven Help Us (4/22/1990-)
CH Unicoi Omni Jayba Heavenly Body (4/22/1990-)

Out of Can Ch. Jayba's Chelsea Auburn Am-Can CD Can OD:

Am/Can/Jpn/Ch. Brookshire's Unforgetable Fire (9/19/1989-) [OFA GR-36751F24F-T]

Out of North Shore Ryvawin Nike:

Ryvawin Orion (8/29/1987-) [OFA GR-32435G25MT]

Out of Am. CH. Cloverdale High Hopes Spirit CD:

High Hopes All That Jazz (8/12/1986-)

Out of Eaton's Eastshore Jamaica Sun:

Am./Can. CH. Eaton's Ricochet to Heritage Am./Can. CD WC (1/22/1988-)

Out of Am. CH Sunnybrae's Minuet:

Hyvallee's Fire Dancer (7/9/1992-) [OFA GR-48982G34F]

Out of Tangleburr's Sweet Melody:

CH Tangleburr's Music Box (12/16/1989-)

Out of Holly's Lady OD:

Stillwater Piper Reid UD TD JH (6/29/1987-)

Out of Sunnybrae's Chardonnay:

AmCH Sunnybrae Bretsin Thatcher CD (6/27/1987-) [OFA GR-31029G27F]

Out of Am. CH Sunnybrae's Polynaise:

Am./Can. CH. Sunnybrae Beau Geste Pollux CD JH WC VC OS (6/9/1987-7/22/2002) [OFA GR30236G24M-T]
Golden Alexander The Great III (6/9/1987-)
CH Sunnybrae Strip Tease (6/9/1987-)

Out of Can. Ch. Glenru's Turngold Ms Behavin Can. CD OD:

Can.Ch. Turngold's Bertha B. (12/4/1989-) [OFA GR-38024E27F-T]
Can.Ch. Turngold's Spruce Meadows (12/4/1989-) [OFA GR-39627E33F-T]
Can.Ch. Turngold Acaciagold Lucas Can.CD (12/4/1989-8/25/2003) [OVC AA2969]
Can.Ch. Turngold Glenru's Bia Lekker (12/4/1989-3/11/2002) [OFA GR-37604G24M-T]
Can.Ch. Turngold Lovely Gipsy Girl CanOD (12/4/1989-5/26/1998) [OVC AA1274]
Can.Ch. Turngold's Walkin On Sunshine (12/4/1989-)
Turngold Robin O'Fallbrook WC, CGC (12/4/1989-) [OVC AA1188]

Out of Am. CH Tangleburr's Makin' Music OD:

Tangleburr's All That Jazz (10/25/1991-) [OFA GR-45636G31F]

Out of Glenru's Sunnybrae Tia Maria OD:

Can. CH. Sunnybrae Sea Breeze Am./Can. CD (6/12/1988-11/2002) [OFA GR-33105F24F]
Sunnybrae Samberdee's Maple (7/28/1990-)
Am. CH Sunnybrae I've Got Fire (6/12/1988-) [OFA GR-33672G27M]
Sunnybrae Samberdee's Sugar (7/28/1990-)
Sunny Brae Tucker's Fandango (6/12/1988-)
Sunnybrae Sunset Starchaser (7/28/1990-6/8/2003)
Sunnybrae Fire Starter (7/28/1990-) [OFA GR-39789G26M-T]
CH Sunnybrae Calypso Willo' Byr CD (12/9/1987-)
Maxwells Chase For The Gold (6/12/1988-) [OFA GR-33129F24M-T]

Out of Am./Can. CH Whipaly's Colabaugh Senna Am./Can. UD SH WCX OD Can. WC:

Can. CH Colabaugh's The Chase Is On OS (2/6/1988-) [OFA GR-31868G24M]
Colabaugh's Chase The Wind OD (2/6/1988-) [OFA GR-33735G31F]
Colabaugh Star Chaser CD (2/6/1988-) [OFA GR-33345G30F]
Colabaugh's Rebel Yell UD WC (2/6/1988-)
Colabaugh Chasers Calhoun (2/6/1988-) [OFA GR-32078E24F]

Out of Am. CH Ashwel's Echoberry Wine:

DeLaur's Sheer Elegance (10/13/1988-2001) [OFA GR-34404G25F]
Delaur's Light The Way (10/13/1988-)

Out of Am/Can. CH Thornfield Lark O'Meadowpond OD:

Am. CH Meadowpond Playin' With Fire (7/5/1990-6/3/2006) [OFA GR-39210G24M]
Meadowpond Regency Fantasy (7/5/1990-12/29/2005) [OFA GR-39165G24F-T]
Meadowpond Smart-Aleck (7/5/1990-) [OFA 39166G24]
BIS U-CDX Am./Can. CH Can OTCH Meadowpond Chris Craft Am UD OS CGC (7/5/1990-1/2002) [OFA GR-39679G26M]
Meadowpond Dakota's Chiara OD (7/5/1990-) [OFA GR-39463G25F]
Meadowpond Classic Honey Pie (7/5/1990-10/21/2005) [OFA GR-39512E25F]
Meadowpond Strike Up The Band (7/5/1990-)
Meadowpond's Katie-Did-It VCD2 CDX TDX MX AXJ EAC.EJC.NGC (7/5/1990-7/4/2005) [OFA GR-42512G36F-T]
Meadowpond Shooting Star CD CGC TDI (7/5/1990-2/19/2004) [OFA GR-46143G48F]
Meadowpond Ribbon Chaser NA (7/5/1990-2/19/2007) [OFA GR-40285G28F]
Meadowpond Sierra Sunnybrae (7/5/1990-) [OFA GR-39953G24]

Out of Can.Am. CH SunnyBrae Pandora's Hope:

Golden Acres Cracker Jack (8/21/1986-)
Sunnybrae Chamois Bear (2/12/1986-) [OFA GR-28968G35F]
Sunnybrae Blazer Of Gretlaw (2/12/1986-) [OFA GR-28511F26M]
CH Sunnybrae Tiger Lilly (2/12/1986-)

Out of Twin-Beau-D Almond Joy:

BIS Am. CH Twin-Beau-D's Hi Speed Chase OS SDHF (9/12/1986-) [OFA GR-28034G24M]
Am. CH Twin-Beau-D's Broadway (9/12/1986-) [OFA GR-28121G24F]
Twin-Beau-D's Island Girl (11/24/1989-) [OFA GR-37927G27F]
Am CH Twin-Beau-D Brian Boru (10/15/1988-)
Twin-Beau-D Intel Trust (11/24/1989-)
Twin-Beau-D's Honeybelle (11/24/1989-)
Twin-Beau-D Intel Lady (11/24/1989-) [OFA GR-43679F45F]

Out of Bargello's Dove In The Window CD WC:

Bargello's Spring Bouquet (4/20/1988-9/3/1994) [OFA GR-32589F24M]

Out of Bargello's Molly Lady Gowry:

Woodwind Maple Margaret (6/19/1986-)
Am. CH. Woodwind's Sir Sparklin Evan CDX MH WCX DDHF (6/19/1986-) [OFA GR-28484G29M]
Woodwinds Sir Maxwell (7/12/1987-10/5/1999)

Out of Am./Can./Bda. CH. Bargello's Cymbidium CD OD:

Am./Can. CH. Bargello's Fair And Square CDX JH WC (7/12/1986-) [OFA GR-27729G24M]
Am. CH Bargello's Tricon Chelsee CDX JH WCX (7/12/1986-) [OFA GR-27614G24F-T ]
Bargello's Liberty Light CDX WCX (1986-1996)
Bargello's Sunburst Sara (7/12/1986-) [OFA GR-28366F27F]

Out of Am./Can. CH. Candlewick's Magic Chain Am./Can. CDX JH WCX OD Can. WC:

Am./Can. CH Colabaugh Fire Bear Houdini OS SDHF (12/27/1986-1/30/1997) [OFA GR-28527G24M]
Am./Can. CH. Colabaugh's Ali Kazam CD (12/27/1986-) [OFA GR-28618F24F]
AM-CAN CH Colabaugh's Going Magical Can WC (12/27/1986-2/3/2002) [OFA GR-30695G32F]
Colabaugh's Sho Me Magic (12/27/1986-)

Out of Am. CH Sunshinehill Mistfield Sage TD JH WCX OD:

Ch Sunshine Hill Landmark Lucy UD OD (4/17/1988-) [OFA GR-33509G27F]
Sunshine Hill Landmark Dafny (4/17/1988-)
Landmark Signet Ingenue (4/17/1988-)

Out of Am. CH Sunshine Hill's Wildflower CD JH WCX OD:

CH Cherrybrook's Ima Lissany (2/11/1987-)

Out of Am. CH Cherrybrook's Raggedy Ann JH WC OD:

Am/Can/BdaCH Cherrybrook Sunnybrae Mozart (2/10/1992-1/16/2006) [OFA GR-44345G24M]
Cherrybrook Daybreak Catch Fire (2/14/1992-) [OFA GR-48360G37F]

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