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Offspring of AKC CH/CKC GCH Katyra's Flying Solo CGN WC (7/20/2009-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)


WildTree's Olives On The Table Beekauz (1/11/2016-) [OFA OFA Prelim - good]
WildTree's Cedar Cabin Just Beekauz (1/11/2016-)
WildTree's Fire Starter Beekauz CGC (1/11/2016-8/17/2019)

Out of Can Ch., ATChC Whitepoint's Celtic Zephyr CDX, RE, AGNS, WC, Bronze AoM:

Whitepoint Spicy Pumpkin Latte (10/31/2014-)
Whitepoint's Magic Nokia (10/31/2014-)
Whitepoint's Study in Scarlet (10/31/2014-)
Whitepoint's Mr Bo Jangles (10/31/2014-)
Whitepoint's Benjamin Bear (10/31/2014-)
Whitepoint's Sneakin' Up On U (10/31/2014-)
Whitepoint's Salty Nor'Easter CGN (10/31/2014-)
Whitepoint's Copper Hat-Trick CGC (10/31/2014-)
Can Ch. Whitepoints Fly'N 2 Celticfyre CDX, RE, WC, AGDC (10/31/2014-) [OFA DTR-2270G27M-VPI]

Out of CH Avatar and Aqueus By Design JH, WC,BN,RA:

Avatar's Hunter Green (11/11/2017-)
Avatar Katyra Designed For Flight (11/11/2017-)

Out of CH Stonaway's Sunrise and Shyne WCI JH CGN Am JH:

Stonaway's Millie in the Sky (1/18/2012-)
Stonaway's Sky Star Saimen (12/18/2012-)
Stonaway's Kuiper Sky (1/18/2012-)
Stonaway's Red Sky at Night (1/18/2012-)
Stonaway's Winfall of the Sky (1/18/2012-)
H J CH, PL J CH, PL CH Stonaway's Sky Trinity PT (1/18/2012-4/8/2019) [FCI A]

Out of Katyra Take It Or Leave It:

Katyra's Bright Spot (11/8/2015-)
Katyra Spot On (11/8/2015-)
Katyra The Right Spot (11/8/2015-)
Katyra's Starlight Spotted (11/8/2015-)
Katyra's Jax Marks The Spot (11/8/2015-)
CH Katyra You Missed a Spot (11/8/2015-) [OFA DTR-2403G26F-VPI GOOD]
Katyra's So There (6/22/2013-)
Katyra She's So Savvy (6/22/2013-8/28/2015)
AKC/CKC CH Katyra Because Avatar Said So (6/22/2013-) [OFA DTR-2284G45F-VPI GOOD]
Katyra Make It So (6/22/2013-)
Katyra You Rock (5/11/2014-)
Katyra's Rock Me To Sleep (5/11/2014-)
Katyra's Rock Elle Welch (5/11/2014-)
Katyra's Rollin' Rock (5/11/2014-)
Katyra Red Finnigan Wild Rock (5/11/2014-)
Katyra Rockin' Sonic Boom (5/11/2014-)
Katyra So Far So Good (6/22/2013-)
Katyra Hearts So Healed (6/22/2013-)

Out of CH Seastar's Northern Cay To Dtails:

Seastar Dtails' Lucy Goosey (2/21/2014-)
Seastar Dtails' Cay's Valentine (2/21/2014-)
Seastar Dtails' Barnacle Bill (2/21/2014-)
Seastar Dtails' Standing Ovation (2/21/2014-)
Seastar Dtails' Lighthouse Beacon (2/21/2014-)
AKC GCHS Seastar Dtails' On Course CGC CA RN (2/21/2014-) [OFA DTR-2141F24M-PI]

Out of GCH NSDTRC CH Shamrock's Starry Starry Night CDX RE JH NA NAJ WCX VC:

GCH CH Sirius Femme Fatale CD SH AX AXJ WCX (9/15/2015-) [OFA DTR-2433G29F-VPI]
Shamrock's Susquehanna (9/15/2015-)

Out of Am./Can. CH., U-CH., IABCA Int. CH. Javahill Faith Of The Heart:

JavaHill's Faithful Friend (12/28/2013-)
JavaHill's Ya Gotta Have Faith (12/28/2013-)
Star Crowned God Of Thunder (6/19/2012-)
AKC CH JavaHill's Keepin' The Faith (12/28/2013-)
JavaHill's In Good Faith (12/28/2013-)
JavaHill's A Singular Faith (12/28/2013-)
Star Crowned God Of Mischief (6/19/2012-)
MBIS MRBIS AKC GCHG Star Crowned JavaHill 2Sexy4My Genes RN CGC (6/19/2012-) [OFA DTR-1922G24M-VPI (Good)]
Star Crowned Conan The Barbarian (6/19/2012-)

Out of Am GCH Can CH JavaHill Surf's Up At Tollwest ROM:

AKC CKC CH JavaHill's Northern Dancer at Cairnton (5/22/2013-) [OFA DTR-2036G24F-VPI (Good)]
AKC CKC GCH JavaHill's Charismatic (5/22/2013-) [OFA DTR-2083E27F-VPI]
JavaHill's Lil E Tee (5/22/2013-)
JavaHill's Bubbling Over (5/22/2013-)
AKC GCH JavaHill's I'll Have Another (5/22/2013-) [OFA DTR-2053G25M-VPI (GOOD)]
AKC CH/CKC GCH JavaHill's Spectacular Bid For Katyra (5/22/2013-) [OFA MILD]
AKC GCH CKC CH UKch JavaHill's Winning Colors (5/22/2013-) [OFA Prelim 1629664 (GOOD)]

Out of Keepsake Brave Move For Katyra:

Katyra Another Sunday Lying Lo (12/20/2010-)
Katyra's Low Flyer (12/20/2010-)
Katyra's Low Down Dirty Dog (12/20/2010-)
Katyra Lay'n Low At Marshland (12/20/2010-)
Katyra Gulfbreeze Lo N Behold (12/20/2010-)
Katyra's Low Rider (12/20/2010-7/2/2015)
Katyra Lower The Boom (12/20/2010-)
AKC/CKC CH Katyra's Low Key Affair (12/20/2010-) [OFA DTR-1683G25M-VPI (Good)]
Katyra Hard To Resist (10/7/2012-)
Katyra Newly Released (10/7/2012-)
Katyra's Constant Reminder (10/7/2012-)
Katyra's Reigning Rookie (10/7/2012-)
Katyra Return Of The King (10/7/2012-)
Katyra's Regal Dancer (10/7/2012-)
GCH Katyra Avatar Repeat Offender BN (10/7/2012-) [OFA DTR-2483F68M-VPI]
BPIG CH Katyra's Repeat After Mee (10/7/2012-)

Out of AKC CH Edlyn's Pretty As A Picture:

Liberator Chase the Drake (9/7/2014-)
Liberator's Shot Of Irish Cream (9/7/2014-)
Liberator Hudson (9/7/2014-)
Liberator Hailey (9/7/2014-)
Liberator Fowl Play (9/7/2014-)
Liberators Laces Out For Solo (9/7/14-)

Out of Cdn CH Keepsake's Lost Ark Of Katyra:

Katyra Duck Side Of The Force (1/24/2016-)
Katyra Use The Force (1/24/2016-)
CH Katyra Disturbance In The Force (1/24/2016-)

Out of CH Kalmegess Lua With Brighteyes WC:

Canadiana's Noah's Joy (4/10/2012-)
Canadiana's Den of the Woods (4/10/2012-)
Canadiana's BlueBirch for EROS (4/10/2012-)
CH Canadiana's Ally to Kalmegess AGX, AGXJ (4/10/2012-) [OFA DTR-1937G28F-VPI (Good)]
Canadiana's Tuzo of Ten Peaks (4/10/2012-)

Out of GCh Shamrock's Bailey Of Tipping Rock CGC BN:

Tipping Rock's Prima of Katonah (8/14/2015-)
Tipping Rock's Piper (8/14/2015-)
Tipping Rock's Flying Juggernaut (8/14/2015-)

Out of AKC/CKC CH Katyra All Things Considered:

Katyra All For One (11/21/2017-)
Katyra All in The Family (11/21/2017-)
Katyra All About Mee (11/21/2017-)
Katyra All That And Then Some (11/21/2017-)
Katyra All About Angel Dragon (11/21/2017-)
Katyra All Aboard (11/21/2017-)

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