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Offspring of Harbourlights Scotia Boy (6/16/1977-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Harbourlights Red Kali:

Lady Linda of Harbourlight (11/12/1982-)
Harbourlights Red Fancy (4/10/1982-)
Harbourlight's Red Chinook (7/7/1985-)
Harbourlights Quasi Modo (7/8/1983-)
Harbourlights Penelope Rouge (7/7/1985-2002)
Harbourlights Nova Nada (4/10/1982-)
Mason's Dixie Delight (11/12/1982-)
Harbourlights Scotia Kipper (2/23/1984-)
Harbourlights Scotia Belle (11/12/1982-)
Harbourlights Scotia Bandit (2/23/1984-)
Harbourlights Schooner (7/7/1985-)
Harbourlights Golden Kahli (7/8/1983-)
Harbourlights Golden Fancy (2/23/1984-)
Harbourlights Foxy Lady (7/8/1983-)
Coreen Cousteau Plaisance (11/12/1982-)
Harbourlights Merle Mazer (4/10/1982-)
Harbourlights Little Badger (4/10/1982-)
Can Ch Harbourlights Joshua CDX (4/10/1982-) [OVC 006295]
Harbourlights Heilan Laddie (2/23/1984-)
Harbourlights Tawny Cove (7/7/1985-)
Jock O'Dee of Harbourlights (11/12/1982-)
Harbourlights Blue Sky's Aspen (4/10/1982-)
Harbourlights Ala Gatter (7/7/1985-)
Harbourlight Toby Light (7/8/1983-)

Out of Harbourlights Nova Nipper:

Harbourlights Red Buffi (4/29/1983-)
Harbourlights Brandy (4/29/1983-)

Out of Harbourlights Misty Blue:

Harbourlights Golden Honey (2/23/1988-)
Harbourlights Seashore Lady (2/23/1988-)

Out of Harbourlights Scotia Belle:

Harbourlights Nip'n Tuck (4/20/1989-)
Harbourlights Foxy Shelia (4/21/1989-)
Harbourlights Lafayette Ebb (4/21/1989-)
Harbourlights White Sneakers (4/21/1989-)
Harbourlights Southern Drake (4/21/1989-)

Out of Harbourlights Fundy Gal:

Harbourlights Red Maple (3/29/1985-)
Harbourlight's Pen-Bay Niki CD TD (10/30/1985-)
Harbourlights Scotia Niki (3/29/1983-)
Harbourlights Salty Kipper (10/30/1985-)
Harbourlight's Fletcher Too (10/30/1985-)
Harbourlights Honey Bear (3/29/1985-)
Harbourlight's Basil Rivers (10/30/1985-)

Out of Harbourlights Fundy Bell:

Harbourlights Kelo Carrier (9/29/1981-)

Out of Harbourlights Foxy Tawny:

Banendales Sandy (3/12/1987-)
Harbourlights Red Holly (2/21/1989-)
Harbourlights Red Fergison (3/12/1987-)
Harbourlights Scotia's Calley (4/29/1986-4/15/2000)
Harbourlights Scotian-Belle (4/29/1986-)
Harbourlights Deandria Dixie (2/21/1989-)
Harbourlights Simple Simon (4/29/1988-)
Harbourlights Boulder Tucker (3/12/1987-)
Harbourlights Bennetts Vulpes (2/21/1989-)
Harbourlights Autumn Dawn (4/29/1986-) [OFA DTR-67F35F]

Out of Harbourlights Foxy Tacks:

Masons Lady of Harbourlights (1/13/1985-)
Harbourlights Rusty Dawn (m) (1/13/1985-)
Harbourlights Rusty Dawn (f) (1/13/1985-)

Out of Harbourlights Foxy Amber:

Harbourlights Nunn's Ceiligh (6/1/1986-)
Harbourlights Nova's Fancy (5/28/1988-)
Harbourlights Mollywog (6/9/1987-)
Harbourlights Miss Cleveland (6/9/1989-)
Harbourlights Mini Magnum (6/9/1987-)
SE UCH Riverduck of Drogsta (6/9/1989-) [FCI ua]
Harbourlights Scotian Sparky (6/9/1987-)
Harbourlights Scotian Red Coat (6/1/1986-)
Harbourlights Scotia Pippi (5/28/1988-) [OFA DTR-86G26F-T]
Harbourlights Scotia Kitt (6/9/1989-)
Harbourlights Rusty Wamboldt (6/9/1989-)
Harbourlights Rusty Cye (6/1/1986-)
Harbourlights Rothesay Lad (6/9/1989-)
Harbourlights Golden Baron (6/9/1987-)
Harbourlights Douglas Stuart of Lyonhouse (6/9/1989-) [FCI RH4/LH8=12]
Harbourlights Cassidy Bay (5/28/1988-)
Harbourlights Canso's Lad (6/9/1989-)
Harbourlights Lit-River Rusty (6/9/1987-) [OFA DTR-99G45M-T]
Harbourlights Island Red (5/28/1988-)
Harbourlights Im Just Ducky (6/9/1989-)
Harbourlights Tennessee Buddy (6/1/1986-)
Harbourlights Sly Jessie (6/9/1989-)
Walnut Hill's Fergie (6/9/1987-)
Harbourlights Callaghan (6/9/1989-)
Harbourlights Angus (5/28/1988-)
Harbourlights Amber Geezer (6/9/1987-)
Harbourlights Allie Amber (5/28/1988-)

Out of Harbourlights Maple Leaf:

Harbourlights Molly (9/12/1988-)
Harbourlights Country Kailee (9/12/1988-)
Harbourlights Cleo (9/12/1988-)
Harbourlights Hummels Lady (9/12/1988-)
Harbourlight Autumn Champagne (9/12/1988-) [FCI A/A]

Out of Harbourlight's Happy Hooker:

Bouvier's Cajun Rain Beau (4/25/1982-)
Harbourlights Mighty Mike (6/19/1983-)
Harbourlights Tilly The Toller (6/19/1983-)
Harbourlights Sophies Pryde (6/21/1983-)
Harbourlights Sociable Sal (4/25/1982-)
Scotts Brandi Lee (6/19/1983-)

Out of Harbourlight's Golden Tammie:

Harbourlights Scotia Surf (7/22/1080-)
Harbourlights Fundy Mist (7/22/1980-)

Out of Harbourlights Tilly The Toller:

Harbourlights Pond Cruiser (3/21/1986-)
Harbourlights Noble Equinox (3/21/1986-)
Harbourlights Dutch Gunner (3/21/1986-)
Harbourlights Casey Xavier (3/21/1986-)
Pride of Harbourlights (3/21/1986-)

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