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Offspring of Shaggy Toller's White Banjo Boy (8/12/2009-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Shaggy Toller's Secret Voyage:

IRWLEND DEN DANEL (6/12/2017-)
Irwlend Doris Dolly (6/12/2017-)
Baltic JCH, Baltic CH, TLNW'19, ESTW'19, OGREW'19 || Irwlend Dago Daniil (12/6/2017-) [FCI A/B]
EE JCH, LV JCH Irwlend Derek Deniss (6/12/2017-)

Out of Ch IE/BE/LUX/SRB/ME/MKD Duckinson Iliade:

Plaisirs d'Hivers des Petits Bouleaux (11/30/2016-)

Out of CH PL, J Ch Pl CZA-CZA Capella Vis Comica:

Grand Red Fox Capella vis Comica (1/31/2013-) [FCI HD B]
JCH Grand Crystal Rose Capella Vis Comica (1/31/2013-) [Other ID ED 1160 (A/A)]
J CH PL, CH PL BALTIC CHERRY LADY Capella Vis Comica (10/3/2011-) [FCI HD (A)]

Out of CIE, NL, VDH, DRC, DK, Lux Ch. NJK, JW08 Red Fairy Tales Go's Girl at the Well:

Bianca Under the Red Sky (8/12/2015-) [FCI HD A]
Plien Under the Red Sky (8/12/2015-) [FCI HD/A]

Out of CIB, CIE, NL, DK, VDH, DRC, Lux, BSG11, NJK, VDH Shady Maple Under the Red Sky:

Splash Takin a Bath Under the Red Sky (7/11/2016-) [FCI HD A]
Rhythm of the Rain Under the Red Sky (7/11/2016-)
Moonlight Gambler Under the Red Sky (7/11/2016-)
I Got You Babe Under the Red Sky (7/11/2016-)
NL-CH, NL-JCH Somebody to Love Under the Red Sky (7/11/2016-) [FCI HD A]
Devoted to You Under the Red Sky (7/11/2016-)
Walk the Line Under the Red Sky (7/11/2016-)

Out of CH CZ, Grand CH CZ, Veteran CH CZ Olivie Rudolfovska skala:

Briana Nessie Red Treasure (5/1/2013-)
Bonny Star Red Treasure (5/1/2013-)
Birgit Tracy Red Treasure (5/1/2013-)
Berenika Liz Red Treasure (5/1/2013-) [FCI A/A]
Beatris Arlet Red Treasure (5/1/2013-)
Barbara Elli Red Treasure (5/1/2013-)
Bastien Roy Red Treasure (5/1/2013-)
JCH CZ, CH ČMKU, Gr.CH CZ, Club CH CZ Briny Kate Red Treasure (5/1/2013-) [FCI A / A]
Amy Charay Red Treasure (2/10/2012-) [FCI A/A]
Arty Bastien Red Treasure (2/10/2012-)
Arlon Chunny Red Treasure (2/10/2012-)
JCH CZ, CH CMKU, CH SK, CH PL, C.I.E Avalon Roxy Red Treasure (2/10/2012-) [Unknown A/A]
JCH CZ, CH ČMKU, Grand CH CZ Ailin Grace Red Treasure (2/10/2012-) [Unknown A / A]
Benny Lord Red Treasure (5/1/2013-) [Other A/A]

Out of JCH RU, CH RU Lorevy Oreira:

Lorevy Lady Melissa (8/25/2014-)
Lorevy Limonnyi Breeze (8/25/2014-)
Lorevy Lore Lay (8/25/2014-)
Lorevy Ludovic (8/25/2014-)
Lorevy Louidge (8/25/2014-)
Lorevy Limon Life (8/25/2014-) [FCI HD/A]
Lorevy Leonardo (8/25/2014-)

Out of PLJCH Absolut First Sofia Garonera:

CH SK Evening Land of Indians Jacy (4/15/2016-) [C/B]

Out of C.I.E., Ch SRB, VCh PL, Ch PL, JCh PL, CW, Poland Winner ILKA od Brendy z Serbinowa:

C.I.E., RO Ch, EST Ch, PL Ch, PL JCh, TLNW-17, PL JCW-14 Red Hot Chilli's Right Side of Life (5/13/2013-) [FCI HD (A)]
CHPL, JCHPL Red Hot Chilli's Rise Like The Sun (5/13/2013-) [A]
Red Hot Chilli's Ready For Love (5/13/2013-)
Red Hot Chilli's Rock This Town (5/13/2013-)
ChPL, JChPL Red Hot Chilli's Road To My Heart (5/13/2013-) [FCI FCI (A)]
Red Hot Chilli's Right On Time (5/13/2013-)

Out of Shasta Nanuq v.d. Amandelgaard:

Aura Aurantia (2/2/2015-)
Alfa Aurantia (2/2/2015-)
Aston Aurantia (2/2/2015-)
Albert Aurantia (2/2/2015-)

Out of Shaggy Toller's Dusty Jewel:

Duckinson Living Free (9/27/2015-)
Duckinson Lovely Girl (9/27/2015-) [FCI A]
Multi Ch EDS J Duckinson Like The Night (9/27/2015-) [FCI A]


Aitoc's Avon Helige Stellam De Caelo (4/22/2018-)

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