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Offspring of NSDTRC(USA) Ch HR Lonetree's C. Quill Gordon CD WCX (9/21/1992-6/26/2006)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Can Ch Westerlea's Colony Blueprint CD:

Colony's Lady of Blue Gordon (6/29/1996-)
Colony's Jumping Jack (6/29/1996-)
Can Ch Colony's Beacon of Light (6/29/1996-) [OFA DTR-327G24M-T]

Out of Landew Oohsn'Ahs at Sagewood:

CH Sagewood's Lore of Mi'kmaq CGC (5/18/2002-11/20/2015) [OFA DTR-743G25F-PI]
Sagewood Leapnbound Onth Bay (5/18/2002-)
Sagewood Liscombe River Lily (5/18/2002-)
Sagewood Lady O Loch Katrine (5/18/2002-)
Sagewood's Life's A Beach (5/18/2002-)
Sagewood's Legend Of Mi'kmaq (5/18/2002-) [FCI C]

Out of Elvebredd's Brazy Dreamcatcher WC CD:

Elvebredd's Gotta Have Nacho's (12/15/1997-) [OFA 870E95M-PI]
Elvebredd's Going To Aberdeen (12/15/1997-)
Elvebredd's Ginger Riley (12/15/1997-)
Elvebredd's Get All Jazzed Up (12/15/1997-)
Elvebredd's General Jesse (12/15/1997-)
Elvebredd's Gee Whiz Chili (12/15/1997-)
Elvebredd Goodfellow Laphroaig (12/15/1997-)

Out of BISS CAN/US CH Sagewood's Silver Shadow CDX WC:

Springvale's Vernon Maximilia (3/22/1996-)
Chief Whitepaw of Springvale (3/22/1996-)
Springvale's October Eclipse (3/22/1996-)

Out of UACHX UCDX SHR UKC/NSDTRC CH Lonetree's Gem Adamantine CD RN AX OAJ WC:

Zephyr's Apple River Hunter (5/2/2000-9/13/2010)
Zephyr's Peggy's Cove (5/2/2000-1/11/2013)

Out of U-CD HR Foxgrove's Quill Au Sable CD JH RE WCI:

Quill's Jesse of Red Rocks (2/20/2003-1/7/2016)
SHR Quill's MacKenzie Pride WCI JH NA NAJ (2/20/2003-)
Quill's Wabash Thunder (2/20/2003-)
Quill's OBT Mountain Murphy (2/20/2003-12/30/2016)
Quill's Yampa Valley Winsor (2/20/2003-)
Quill's Zelda Von Sylvantal (2/20/2003-)
SHR Quill's Bridger Bivisible JH WCI (2/20/2003-12/15/2015) [OFA DTR-802E25M-PI]
MACH AM/NSDTRC CH Quill's Kit And Caboodle CD JH WCI MX MXJ VCX ROM (2/20/2003-11/17/2017) [OFA DTR858G32F-PI]

Out of Cayuga's Ipswich Bonnie:

Driftwood's Teklanika Teal (6/10/1996-) [OFA DTR-325F24F-T]
Driftwood's Scout (6/10/1996-)
Driftwood's Rudy (10/17/1997-)
AKC NSDTRC Can ARBA CH Driftwood's Rose WCI JH NSDTRC CD VC (6/10/1996-4/2/2010) [OFA DTR-355G32F]
Driftwood's Otis Grommit (10/17/1997-)
Driftwood's Mighty Casey CGC (10/17/1997-7/4/2009)
Driftwood's Jack (6/10/1996-)
CH Driftwood's Headwind Hedy (10/17/1997-) [OFA DTR-412G25F-T]
Driftwood's Foxy Lady CDX RE WC ThDX (6/10/1996-12/25/2007)
Ch SR Driftwood's Coastal Clipper CD RA JH WCI (10/17/1997-10/1/2009) [OFA DTR-413G25M-T]

Out of Am/NSDTRC CH SHR KD's Vermilion Scarlet Kat Am/Cdn CD Can/US WC VC ROM:

Manitou Jack Strikes Back (7/30/2007-)
HR AKC/GCH CH NSDTRC/CH Manitou's Catch A Maserati CD RE SH US/WCX VCX Cdn/WCX ROM (7/30/2007-2/1/2017) [OFA DTR-1313G28M-VPI (GOOD)]
UCDX URX UROC Manitou's My Cup Of Tea CD PCDX BN GO RAE TKP CGC VC SPOT (7/30/2007-)
HR NBISS AKC/GCH/CH Cdn/CH NSDTRC/CH Manitou's Granturismo CD RE JH WCX VCX ROM Cdn/WC (7/30/2007-) [OFA DTR-1283G30F-VPI (GOOD)]
Manitou Caught'n The Crossfire (7/30/2007-3/13/2015)

Out of SHR AKC/Can/NSDTRC-US CH Vermilion's Holy Hannah CD RN JH WCI Can JH WC ROM:

Vermilion's Czar to Power (2/21/2010-10/10/2013) [FCI HD/A]
Vermilion's Cunning Cuddly Shasta (2/21/2010-)
Vermilion's Crimson Carronade (2/21/2010-)
Vermilion's Cosmic Happy Camper TD (2/21/2010-)
AKC CH Vermilion's Captain Cruz (2/21/2010-) [OFA DTR-1784G40M-VPI (Good)]
Vermilion's Celestial Candra (2/21/2010-)
AKC/NSDTRC CH Vermilion's Can You Cee Me Now WC (2/21/2010-) [OFA Good DTR-1655G32F-VPI (Good)]

Out of NSDTRC CH Lennoxlove's Cayuga Shandy CD WC ROM:

Victoria Andrews Lennoxlove (4/16/1999-)
Trixie Anne Lennoxlove (4/16/1999-)
Lennoxlove's Rode Orm (4/16/1999-) [FCI A]
Can CH Lennoxlove Encore at Skylark ROMX (4/16/1999-5/29/2009) [OFA DTR-643G47F-PI]

Out of Cinnstars Carolina Inca Dove WCI:

HR Cinnstars Yukon Kenai JH WCX (5/4/2000-11/7/2014) [OFA DTR-586G25M-PI]
Cinnstar's Kisha (5/4/2000-)
Cinnstar's Loaded Remington (5/4/2000-)
Cinnstar's Chili Pepper (5/4/2000-)
Pilsen of Cinnstar CD, OA, OAJ, AD, CGC (5/4/2000-)
Cinnstars Blazing Thunder (5/4/2000-)
Cinnstar's Kankakee River Rat JH WCX (5/4/2000-) [OFA DTR-584G24F-PI]
UKC/NSDTRC/AKC Grand CH Cinnstar KD's Red Tornado CD WC ROM (5/4/2000-7/20/2014) [OFA DTR-573G24M-PI]

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