K9data.comNova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

Offspring of CIE, NL, German, Lux Ch, Lux/German/Belgian Juniorch. Manitou's Sparkling Joppe (4/20/2012-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of C.I.B., C.I.E., Ch CZ/SK/PL/HU/RO Arya Targaryen Fire:

Darya Targaryen Fire (6/5/2017-)
JWW, JCh CZ/SK Daenerys Targaryen Fire (6/5/2017-)
Doran Targaryen Fire (6/5/2017-)
Dickon Targaryen Fire (6/5/2017-)
Davos Targaryen Fire (6/5/2017-)
Daarius Targaryen Fire (6/5/2017-)
CZ/SK JCH Drogon Targaryen Fire (6/5/2017-) [FCI A/A]

Out of Bianca Under the Red Sky:

Lima NHSB 3134089 (9/15/2018-)
Athene NHSB 3134088 (9/15/2018-)
Lhasa NHSB 3134087 (9/15/2018-)
Tokyo NHSB 3134086 (9/15/2018-)
Victoria NHSB 3134085 (9/15/2018-)
Beijing NHSB 3134084 (9/15/2018-)
Kingston NHSB 3134083 (9/15/2018-)
Oslo NHSB 3134082 (9/15/2018-)
Toronto NHSB 3134081 (9/15/2018-)
Sydney NHSB 3134080 (9/15/2018-)

Out of Running Wild Under The Red Sky:

Tabbenoca's Bayo AJO (6/1/2017-)
Tabbenoca's Bahjah AJO (6/1/2017-)
Tabbenoca's Banu AJO (6/1/2017-)
Tabbenoca's Bhavani AJO (6/1/2017-)
Tabbenoca's Baya AJO (6/1/2017-)
Tabbenoca's Bardou AJO (6/1/2017-)
Tabbenoca's Bao AJO (6/1/2017-)
Tabbenoca's Belmiro AJO (6/1/2017-)
Tabbenoca's Bayan AJO (6/1/2017-)
Tabbenoca's Bane AJO (6/1/2017-)

Out of CIB, CIE, NL, DK, VDH, DRC, Lux, BSG11, NJK, VDH Shady Maple Under the Red Sky:

You Are My Sunshine Under the Red Sky (4/8/2015-) [FCI HD A]
Walk on Sunshine Under the Red Sky (4/8/2015-)
Into the Sunshine Under the Red Sky (4/8/2015-)
Bring Me Sunshine Under the Red Sky (4/8/2015-) [FCI HD A/B]
German and Lux. Juniorchampion Sunshine Of My Life Under the Red Sky (4/8/2015-12/13/2018) [FCI HD A]
Let The Sunshine Under the Red Sky (4/8/2015-)
Good Day Sunshine Under the Red Sky (4/8/2015-)
Lookout Sunshine Under the Red Sky (4/8/2015-4/14/2016)

Out of Dt. CH (DRC) Rus N' Riv NyyTraa You Are The One:

Lux. Jgd.CH, Saarland Jgd.sieger '17 Casarrondo Esbin Narwa adan (1/8/2016-) [FCI A1 / A1]
Casarrondo Elia Cuil adan (1/8/2016-) [FCI A2/A1]
Casarrondo Ernil Vanya adan (1/8/2016-) [FCI B2/B1]
Casarrondo Eilian Pīnu adan (1/8/2016-) [FCI B1 / B1]
Casarrondo Eilian Meglin sell (1/8/2016-) [FCI B1 / B1]
Casarrondo Emlin sell (1/8/2016-) [FCI A2 / A2]
Casarrondo Enya sell (1/8/2016-) [FCI B1 / B1]

Out of NL/DE-VDH/BE/INT/Lux CH, NL/Lux Youth CH Desire of Red Glory Bundesjugendsieger '11 , Youthwinster '11, Winste:

Make It Happen of Red Glory (4/30/2017-)
Sunday Night Fever of Red Glory (4/30/2017-)
Save the Last Dance of Red Glory (4/30/2017-)

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