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Offspring of Can Ch Westerlea's Tru Ray Red Rebel WC CDX (3/5/1980-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Can Ch Westerlea's Glittering Jem CD:

Jem's Water Cress (2/23/1986-)
Jem's Stirling Lad (4/9/1987-)
Jem's Rusty Taffy (2/23/1986-)
Jem's Red Tory (4/9/1987-)
Jem's Ranger Theo
Jem's Erie Rufus (2/23/1986-)

Out of Can Ch Truray's Southern Belle:

Jem's Cinnamon Rainbow (11/19/1987-)
Jem's American Colonel Travis (2/20/1986-)
Jem's Torquiull of Kiloren (2/20/1986-)
Can Ch Jem's Starblazer Clancey CD (2/20/1986-)
Jem's Red Robber (11/19/1987-) [RH16/LH16=32]
Jem's Molly Muggins (11/19/1987-)
Jem's Little Red River Nikki (11/19/1987-)
Jem's Little Queen (2/20/1986-)
Jem's Lightning Trooper (2/20/1986-)
Jem's Kaladar Creeper (2/20/1986-)
Jem's First Lady (2/20/1986-)
Jem's Crimson Grace (11/19/1987-)

Out of Can Ch Westerlea Cabot MacKenzie:

RJ's Cosmo of Cabottrail (9/3/1985-)
Cabottrail's Red Rascal (9/3/1985-)
Can CH Cabottrail's Laird MacEwan CD (9/3/1985-)
Cabottrail's Kit of Tollhaven (9/3/1985-9/27/2003)
Cabottrails Delightfully Yours (9/3/1985-)
Can CH Cabottrail's Copper Mist (9/3/1985-) [OFA DTR-53G25F-T]
Can Ch Cabottrails Belle of The Isle (9/3/1985-)

Out of Red Kelly's Luck:

The Sandpiper of Medonte (11/1/1988-)
Rie The Tawny Hunter CD (10/29/1989-2000)
Lady Madonna of Huntley (10/29/1989-)
Miramichi Sabre CDX WC (10/29/1989-)
Tall Walker of Goulbourn (10/29/1989-)
Jackies Irish Luckie (10/29/1989-)
Lucky Hunter (11/1/1988-)
Biko (11/1/1988-)
Brandy of Fortune (10/29/1989-)
Jem's Tawny Rose (10/29/1989-)
Ben The One (10/29/1989-)

Out of Can CH Liscot's Tru Ray Dyna Mite WC:

Trurays Tollcanada Anna (1/17/1985-) [OVC 007086]
Trurays Tiffany Dyna (1/17/1985-)
Can Ch Truray's Southern Belle (8/6/1983-) [OVC 005164]
Truray's Rusty Too (8/6/1983-)
Jem's Amber Brandy (4/28/1986-)
Trurays Radar of Hadleyville (1/17/1985-)
Truray's Powerful Samson (8/6/1983-)
Trurays Master Corey (1/17/1985-)
Truray's Kisha Copper Moon (8/6/1983-) [OVC 005124]
Trurays Cleo of Coulmount (1/17/1985-)
Truray's Bonnie Lassie (8/6/1983-)
Can Ch Truray Jack Cade of Kent (8/6/1983-)
Jem's Westerlea Je Reviens (4/28/1986-)
Jem's Tiffany Fawn (4/28/1986-)
Jem's Queen of Flanna (4/28/1986-)
Jem's Little Bear (4/28/1986-)
Jem's Lady Daffodil (4/28/1986-)

Out of Can Ch Liscot's Scotia O' The Glen CD:

Jem's Copper Flame (5/11/1986-)
Jem's Chase (5/11/1986-)
Jem's Brandy Sunshine (5/11/1986-)
Can Ch Jem's Bluewater Ceilidh CDX (5/11/1986-)
Can CH Jem's Acadian Red Rebecca CD (5/11/1986-)
Jennella's Stella Nova (3/18/1984-)
Jennella's Marquess O' Skye (3/18/1984-)
Can Ch Jennella's Breton MacNamuir CD (3/18/1984-) [OVC 006190]
Can CH Jennella's Bras D'Or CDX WC FD (3/18/1984-) [OFA DTR-91F76M-T]
Jennella's Armbos Rubro (3/18/1984-)
Jennella's Ambers Mist (3/18/1984-)
Jem's Velvet Diamond (5/11/1986-)
Jem's Ginger (5/11/1986-)

Out of Can Ch Liscot's Kishkadina Joy:

Kishkahdina Aliscott Blue Rex (10/1/1983-)
Can Ch Kishkahdinas Winegarden Ty WCX (10/1/1983-) [OVC 006331]
Kishkahdinas Recha (10/1/1983-)
Kishkahdinas On Target Gunner (10/1/1983-)
Kishkahdinas Miss Kishka Embe (10/1/1983-)
Kishkahdinas Joyreb Kejah (10/1/1983-)

Out of Can Ch Liscot's Crown Jewel:

CA CH NORD V-87 Liscot's Turn The Page WC (10/15/1984-3/1992) [FCI ua]
Liscot's Super Trooper (10/15/1984-)
Liscot's Miss Maggie Muggins (10/15/1984-)
Can Ch Liscot's Buster Brown CD (10/15/1984-1994)
Liscot K.C. Royal CD (10/15/1984-)
Liscot Hollyberry Lasperham (10/15/1984-)

Out of Tayann Misty Rose:

Red Morning Skye (3/15/1989-)
Bonnie Banks Engl (3/15/1989-)
Rhode Island Red Creole (3/15/1989-) [OFA DTR-107E27F-T]
Jem's Maple Sugar (3/15/1989-) [OFA DTR-117G38F-T]

Out of Tayann Lady of Shallot:

Jem's Country Kimo (7/16/1987-)
Jem's Cinnamon Kate (11/11/1989-8/2000)
Jem's Boreal Red Ranger (11/11/1989-)
Jem's Armistice Leonard (11/11/1989-)
Jem's Tarah Princess (7/16/1987-)
Jem's Scarlet Tiffany (10/13/1988-)
Jem's Rusty Sultan (10/13/1988-)
Jem's Remember Poppy (11/11/1989-)
Jem's Red Schooner (11/11/1989-)
Jem's Precious Liza (11/11/1989-)
Jem's Lady Maplerig (11/11/1989-)
Jem's Islander (10/13/1988-)
Jem's Ipswich Abby CD WC (11/11/1989-8/4/2005)
Jem's Highland Chelsea (10/13/1988-)
Jem's Ginger Lady (7/16/1987-)
Jem's Gentle Cricket CD (7/16/1987-)
Jem's Farley (7/16/1987-)
Jem's Diamond Kara (10/13/1988-)

Out of Candice (RW523577):

Fancysrun Snowfire Katie (8/22/1987-)
Fancysrun Rye Walton (8/22/1987-)
Fancysrun Rigeau River Corky (8/22/1987-)
Fancysrun Rex Rubin (8/22/1987-)
Fancysrun Kinder Place (8/22/1987-)
Can CH Fancysrun Formula One TT (8/22/1987-)
Fancysrun Copper Sunset (8/22/1987-)
Fancysrun Camaroon (8/22/1987-)

Out of Jem's Radiant Ruby:

Jem's Ceilidh Coylton (6/29/1992-)
Jem's Zorro (8/16/1990-)
Jem's Woodsman (6/29/1992-)
Jem's Strike Force (8/16/1990-)
Jem's Rusty Digby (8/16/1990-)
Jem's Rowan (6/29/1992-)
Jem's Regal Reilly (6/29/1992-)
Jem's Precious Brandy (6/29/1992-)
Jem's Not-So Tippy (8/16/1990-)
Jem's Mocha Polka (6/29/1992-)
Jem's Misty Heather (8/16/1990-)
Jem's Ginger Bear (6/29/1992-)
Jem's Flaming Briar (6/29/1992-)
Jem's Earth Angel (6/29/1992-)

Out of Can Ch Jem's Double Trouble CD:

Jem's Brazen Jessie (1/4/1992-)
Jem's Bennett (1/4/1992-)
Can Ch Jem's Rusty Rogan (1/4/1992-) [OVC VVO595]
Jem's Ruby Red Rascal (1/4/1992-)
Jem's Parker Invincible (1/4/1992-12/21/1993)
Jem's Little Clever Fellow (1/4/1992-)
Jem's Gypsy Trouble (1/4/1992-)

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