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Offspring of Nordwart Gos (11/22/1987-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Zeiban's Queen My:

Tammsaaren Andofanita
Tammsaaren Alicia
Tammsaaren Alexandra
Tammsaaren Alex

Out of Zeiban's Gaura Love River:

Zeiban's My Love Dream (5/3/1992-)
Zeiban's Midnight Wine (5/3/1992-)
Zeiban's Midnight King (5/3/1992-)
Zeiban's Maria Proudhill (5/3/1992-)

Out of W-88-90-91 WW-91 EUW-92 Cinnstar Zeibans Ruffed Grouse:

Zeiban's Down Town (8/9/1989-)
Zeiban's Down By Deep (8/9/1989-)
Zeiban's Doolittle (8/9/1989-)
Zeiban's Detroit Boy (8/9/1989-)
WAW-91 Zeiban's Dealer's Dream (8/9/1989-)
Zeiban's Dead Or Alive (8/9/1989-)
Zeiban's Day By Day (8/9/1989-)

Out of Zeiban's Bloody Mary:

Northworth Art of Acadia
Northworth Aming Point
Northworth Allsaintsday
Northworth Acadian Mark
Northworth Absolut Monarch

Out of Zeiban's Barking Rouge:

Zeiban's Number One Flyer
Zeiban's Novascotia Way
Zeiban's Novascotia Man
Zeiban's New Way
Zeiban's New River
Zeiban's New Happy World

Out of Zeiban's A Red Shot:

Applehill's Excess Donna (8/26/1991-)
Applehill's European Elain (8/26/1991-)
Applehill's Estella (8/26/1991-)
Applehill's Enjoy (8/26/1991-)
Applehill's Emilia (8/26/1991-)
Applehill's Ella (8/26/1991-)
Applehill's Eleonora (8/26/1991-)
Applehill's Edward (8/26/1991-)
Applehill's Edith (8/26/1991-)

Out of Nordwart Karoline:

Trindy's Bye Bye Sally (11/7/1994-)
Trindy's Bucky Boy (11/7/1994-)
Trindy's Boss Bill (11/7/1994-)
Trindy's Bonny Donna (11/7/1994-)
Trindy's Bold Jake (11/7/1994-)
Trindy's Belle Faith (11/7/1994-)
Trindy's Beautiful Girl (11/7/1994-)

Out of Applehill's Betre Upplag:

My Girl Fatman
My Girl Fatfox

Out of Applehill's A Red Arrow:

Applehill's Hurricane (8/14/1992-)
Applehill's Hula Hula (8/14/1992-)
Applehill's Hinriikka (8/14/1992-)
Applehill's Hendrietta (8/14/1992-)
Applehill's Helina (8/14/1992-)
Applehill's Helena (8/14/1992-)
Applehill's Happy Henry (8/14/1992-)
Applehill's Fino Zorro (9/7/1991-)
Applehill's Fair Fox (9/7/1991-)
Applehill's Fabulous (9/7/1991-)
Applehill's Crown Calle (8/14/1990-)
Applehill's Crazy Smirre (8/14/1990-)
Applehill's Calmari (8/14/1990-) [FCI A2, A/A]
Applehill's Cabri (8/14/1990-)

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