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Offspring of CH CZ Piktook's Five Island Caddy (4/27/2013-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Suzie Northbound Star:

JCH PL, CH PL SHA WINYAN pod Jablonia (5/8/2017-) [FCI B/B]

Out of Fresa Ruda Ferajna:

Milagra Ruda Ferajna (11/26/2018-)
Morada Ruda Ferajna (11/26/2018-)
Marea Ruda Ferajna (11/26/2018-)
Mundo Ruda Ferajna (11/26/2018-)
Maduro Ruda Ferajna (11/26/2018-)
Mano Ruda Ferajna (11/26/2018-)
Medir Ruda Ferajna (11/26/2018-)
Maestro Ruda Ferajna (11/26/2018-)
Hada Ruda Ferajna (5/21/2016-)
Hasta Ruda Ferajna (5/21/2016-)
Hija Ruda Ferajna (5/21/2016-)
Habla Ruda Ferajna (5/21/2016-)
Hoja Ruda Ferajna (5/21/2016-) [FCI A/A]
Higo Ruda Ferajna (5/21/2016-)
Harto Ruda Ferajna (5/21/2016-)

Out of Gerda Pod Jabłonią:

Grand Ch PL, Ch BY, Ch LT, Ch RUS, Ch PL, Mł Ch PL, Mł Ch RUS Lana Ruda Ferajna (5/29/2016-) [HD A]
Libra Ruda Ferajna (5/29/2016-)
Laguna Ruda Ferajna (5/29/2016-)
Lima Ruda Ferajna (5/29/2016-)
Lago Ruda Ferajna (5/29/2016-)

Out of JCH CZ, CH ČMKU, Gr.CH CZ, Club CH CZ Briny Kate Red Treasure:

Erin Peggy Red Treasure (10/29/2016-)
Era Nella Red Treasure (10/29/2016-)
Eiree Mia Red Treasure (10/29/2016-)
Eila Naira Red Treasure (10/29/2016-)
Enricco Rusty Red Treasure (10/29/2016-)

Out of Ani z Vresu a kapradi:

Aimee Ani Dagmaer Tollers (9/11/2015-)
Asterix Ed Dagmaer Tollers (9/11/2015-) [FCI A/A]
Andre Hardy Dagmaer Tollers (9/11/2015-)
JCH CZ Ave Alfred Dagmaer Tollers (9/11/2015-) [FCI A/A]

Out of Connie z Dejzyna Dvora:

Bert Chodske stesti (9/19/2016-)
Bastien Chodske stesti (9/19/2016-)
Britney Chodske stesti (9/19/2016-) [FCI A/A]
Brienne Chodske stesti (9/19/2016-)
Bailey Chodske stesti (9/19/2016-)
Berta Chodske stesti (9/19/2016-)
Bonnie Chodske stesti (9/19/2016-)
Bellis Chodske stesti (9/19/2016-)
Bára Chodske stesti (9/19/2016-)

Out of Amazing Ashley od Zrzavé tlapky:

Avengers Daisy Lovely Red Luck (5/16/2016-)
Avengers Bella Lovely Red Luck (5/16/2016-)
Avengers Annie Lovely Red Luck (5/16/2016-)
Avengers Amy Lovely Red Luck (5/16/2016-)
Avengers Aimie Lovely Red Luck (5/16/2016-)
Avengers Archie Lovely Red Luck (5/16/2016-)
Avengers Bolt Lovely Red Luck (5/16/2016-) [1/1]

Out of Multi Ch EW-2018 Int Ch Fire Shadow Spring Melody:

Fire Shadow Marko (3/2/2017-)
Fire Shadow Mirror Of My Soul (3/2/2017-)
Fire Shadow Make Me Smile (3/2/2017-)
Fire Shadow Made Of Love (3/2/2017-)
Fire Shadow Mes Que La Vida (3/2/2017-) [FCI A]
CEEU WINNER 2018, C.I.E. Fire Shadow Meet With Glory (3/2/2017-) [FCI A/A]
Fire Shadow Manesta Mikiko Kajlani (3/2/2017-)

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