Golden Retriever

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Offspring of C.I.E,LTU&SWE(show)CH,FIN JW-01&FIN W-07,VetWW`10 Royal Salute du Pays de Boheme (12/5/2000-8/24/2015)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of She's Too Good For Me:

Dakota Spirit Oceano Di Silenzio (2007-)

Out of Majik Oomph:

Mondaymisstress (6/17/2006-)

Out of Sarnell Only For You:

Sarnell Up and Coming (6/25/2008-) [1/1]

Out of IntCh, ChRUS, LIT, EST, MONT, RKF, LIT WINNER2006 Enessi iz Stolitsy Urala:

Ch.Rus Club Ch Truffle iz Sokolinogo Gnezda [HD-B]
Ch Rus, Ch Kaz Trafic iz Sokolinogo Gnezda
Ch Rus, Int Ch, Grand Ch, Club Ch Trufel iz Sokolinogo Gnezda (10/26/2006-)
Taller Iz Sokolinogo Gnezda (10/26/2006-)
C.I.E.,C.I.B.,JCh UA,MOL,BG,MAC,RUS, SuperGrChUA Todes iz Sokolinogo Gnezda Ch MOL,UA,BIR,BG,RUS,MAC,GrCh BIR, BG, MOL, RUS (10/26/2006-) [A/A]

Out of Majik All At Sea:

Majik Rock Chick (10/23/2008-) [C\C]

Out of Majik Lara Croft:

Majik Despina (6/19/2006-)
Majik Dorabella (6/19/2006-)
Majik Demelza (6/19/2006-)
Majik Zoe Tate (4/2/2005-) [B/B]

Out of Hiekkakankaan Rio Chico:

Hiekkakankaan Xmas Hope (12/13/2004-)

Out of Nanny's Hannah:

NariNetta's Golden Fenja (4/21/2004-) [B/C (2005)]

Out of Hiekkakankaan Exotic Grenada:

NORD & FI & SE & NO TCH BH TK1 Mäkiharjun Mainio Maija (5/26/2002-10/22/2012) [A/A (2003)]

Out of Gildas Kind Regards:

Bothwell Carelian Pearl

Out of Fallana's Beauty Spot:

Chaffinch Hollyhock (5/26/2003-) [A/A (2004)]

Out of Majik Liebestraum:

Majik Noblesse Oblige (6/7/2002-) [B/C (2004)]

Out of Perfect Beast Cute But Stupid:

Perfect Beast I'm So Cute (6/4/2002-) [D/D (2004)]

Out of Perfect Beast Much More Nuts:

C.I.B FI EE NO SE(u) CH NORD CH Perfect Beast Thanks Again (6/7/2006-) [FCI A/A]
Perfect Beast This And That (6/7/2006-) [A0/A0]

Out of Vofcit's The One'n Only:

Vofcit's Jasmine Flower (3/9/2003-) [A/A (2004)]

Out of Lovesound Lady Lilly:

Lovesound Flame Of Fame (11/25/2002-) [C/C (2004)]

Out of Yellow Waterlily Indian Apple:

Yellow Waterlily Silver Gilt (5/7/2002-) [A/A0]
Yellow Waterlily Silver Queen (7/5/2002-) [B/B (2004)]

Out of Rogerwiek Curious Cleopatra:

Misi Love Athos (7/6/2006-)
Misi Love Arthemos (7/6/2006-)
Misi Love Ariela (7/6/2006-)
Misi Love Aramis (7/6/2006-)
Misi Love Anthony (7/6/2006-)
Misi Love Angeli (7/6/2006-)
Misi Love Ambra (7/6/2006-)
Misi Love Allye (7/6/2006-)
Misi Love Alize (7/6/2006-)
Misi Love Alexina (7/6/2006-)

Out of Hiekkakankaan Go-Go-Geena:

Hiekkakankaan Spring Flower (3/5/2002-) [A/A (2003)]

Out of Est & Lv Ch Sayonara Oligarchia:

Chess Sopretty Anemone (7/6/2006-)

Out of Pikestar's Sweet Future:

Pikestar's Tennesee (11/30/2003-) [A/A (2005)]

Out of J.Ch, CH, Ambergold GK Belle Mirabelle:

JChRus,ChRus, Candidate for ch. mono, ChRKF CHOICEGOLD GLORIYA GOLDEN GIRL (3/7/2008-) [B]

Out of Majik Maybee:

Majik Xylophonist (8/6/2004-)
Majik Xylitol (8/6/2004-)
Majik Xerxes (8/6/2004-)
Majik Xeres (8/6/2004-)
Majik Xenon (8/6/2004-)
Majik Xavier (8/6/2004-)
Lv Ch Majik Xena (8/6/2004-) [A/A (2005)]
Majik Mr Wonderful (6/13/2002-2/24/2010)
Majik Mr Right (6/13/2002-)
Majik Mr Bean (6/13/2002-) [A/A (2/9/2004)]
Majik Mr Nice Guy (6/13/2002-)
Majik Mr Fixit (6/13/2002-) [D/D (3/3/2004)]
Majik Mr Bojangles (6/13/2002-)
Majik Miss Moneypenny (6/13/2002-)
Majik Miss Murphy (6/13/2002-)
Majik Miss Muffet (6/13/2002-)
Majik Miss Lemon (6/13/2002-)
Majik Miss Demeanour (6/13/2002-) [B/A (2/9/2004)]
Majik Missing Link (6/13/2002-) [C/C (2/9/2004)]
Majik Mr Darcy CD CGC OS (6/13/2002-8/11/2016) [OVC 020029]

Out of Majik Dana Scully:

Chess Sopretty Double Code (2/16/2007-)
Chess Sopretty Dodger of Dawn (2/16/2007-)
Chess Sopretty Doctor Doolittle (2/16/2007-)
Chess Sopretty Double Dream (2/16/2007-)
Chess Sopretty Drama Queen (2/16/2007-)
Chess Sopretty Dia Diorissimo (2/16/2007-)
Chess Sopretty Delight Dandelion (2/16/2007-)
Chess Sopretty Dana Deluxe (2/16/2007-)

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