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Offspring of Fin. CH. Lovehayne Darter Top Stud Dog in Finland in 1993, 1995 and 1996 (8/2/1986-1999)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Kulta-Haukku Sani:

WW'94 Sunnyline's Simzalabim (6/16/1992-)

Out of Micella Sharon:

Micella Gabriela

Out of Endicott I'm Idahoe:

Endicott Lill-Märta (3/1/1996-) [HD B (6/30/1997)]

Out of Karvin Call Me Chantilly:

Karvin Quantona (2/27/1994-) [A0/B0 (1.11.1995)]

Out of Karvin Soda Pop:

Karvin Edelweiss (9/19/1988-) [A0/A0(15.8.1990)]

Out of Blågul's Malva:

Mistdawn Soon Forward (3/8/1993-) [A/A (1994)]

Out of Werbenan Ellida:

Lizie (SF16117/89) (4/15/1989-) [A/A 31-Oct-1990]

Out of EW'97, CH NOR Kai Taseot Bonnie Pa Floprym:

IntCh, ChRus, Rkf, Nrc Floprym Bon Appetit (5/14/1995-3/19/2010)

Out of Durin Dione vom Forsthaus Schlott:

Eos Eirene vom Forsthaus Schlott (11/17/1996-) [B1]

Out of Reedbank Moonflower:

Reedbank Midsummer Night Wonder (6/23/1995-) [OVC: DD000167]

Out of Bechany Enthusiastic Swimmer of Quaxsus:

Enthusiastic Swimmers Elegant Eliza
VDH CH.,Dt.CH.mit Arbprfg.,Clubsieger m.Arbprfg. Enthusiastic Swimmers Eileen Esprit (7/6/1996-9/28/2010) [FCI B 2]

Out of Bryndafydd Venus:

Minellin Brendas Sarah (4/6/1993-) [A/A (1995)]

Out of Fin Ch FinW-00 FinW-03 Luckyflame's Chim Chiminey:

Fin Ch Golden Soul Design (4/2/1998-12/20/2010) [B/A (5-April-2000)]

Out of Dinky Perfect Quiric:

Int&Fin&Est Ch Dinky Ina-Isidora (5/7/1992-) [C0/C0 (1994)]

Out of Fourwind Cottage Daffodil in the Spring:

Fourwind Cottage Knapweed Blossom (5/29/1996-) [A2]
VDH Ch., Dt. Ch. mit Arbeitspruefung DRC Fourwind Cottage Kestrel (5/29/1996-10/30/2009) [A1]

Out of Dt.-Ch. m. Arbprfg. Kiddy Kate vom Mohnfeld:

Alina vom Rheingauer Forst
Akila vom Rheingauer Forst [A1]
Alpha vom Rheingauer Forst
EW''05, Multi.Ch. Arko vom Rheingauer Forst (9/25/1996-) [A2]

Out of Majik Con Amore:

Majik Makepeace (11/10/1989-) [B/A (4/10/1991)]

Out of Karvin Viva Finlandia:

ICH, MCH, CRO + A + SLO + H CH Karvin Mattheus Qualified in the GRC character test (5/27/1997-) [A1]
Karvin Masterpiece (5/27/1997-)

Out of Stenbury Vattenmusik:

Stenbury Sjobjorn (1/27/1995-)

Out of Dinky Miss Vicky:

Int & Fin Ch Luckyflame's Be my Rose (5/22/1992-)

Out of NUCH Festival's Prairie Primrose:

Festival's Fat Cat (2/12/1995-) [Sweden HD UA (11/21/1996)]
Fin & Est Ch Festival's Five Five (2/12/1995-2008) [B/B (1996)]

Out of Joystep's Billie Jean:

Joystep's Days Of Delight (6/5/1994-1/10/2006) [C/C (1996)]
Joystep's Days of Thunder (6/5/1994-6/28/2007) [A/A (1995]

Out of Anette (SF210076/85):

Marein Amber (3/31/1988-)

Out of Bonnyface's Melrose Kelly:

Bonnyface's Bumtsibum (2/12/1997-)

Out of Amazing Grace Stargleam:

Diamond Stargleam
Dt.Ch(VDH)Dt.Ch.Poln.Ch.Dt.Vet.Ch. Dynamic Stargleam (12/20/1996-6/9/2011) [FCI B1]
Divine Darter Stargleam (12/20/1996-) [A1]

Out of Stenbury Water Jasmine:

Inassicas Field Pansy (2/7/1996-)

Out of Dewmist Constellation:

Dewmist Clarinetto (6/21/1995-)
SV-02 NUCH Dewmist Castellina (6/21/1995-) [A1]
Dewmist Capolavoro Jw'96 (6/21/1995-5/6/2008) [HD B1]

Out of FIN Ch Dinky Northern Rose:

Dinky Rose's Zara (5/13/1989-)

Out of Springlove (SF11800/87):

Springlove's Fluffy Dream (12/4/1993-) [A/B]
Springlove's Free To Go (12/4/1993-)

Out of SU(U)CH Dasty Human Touch:

Dasty Chamomile (1/17/1996-)
Dasty Lily of the Valley (1/17/1996-) [UA (3/10/1997)]
Dasty Buttercup (1/17/1996-)
NUCH Dasty Golden Daffodil (1/17/1996-) [A (199?)]

Out of Hoyden Jezebel:

Hoyden Primrose (10/1/1992-) [B/A (1994)]
Fin CH Hoyden Piece Of Cake (10/1/1992-) [A2]

Out of Dinky Highlight Joy:

Fin Ch Dinky Piece Of Dinky (6/2/1990-) [A/A (1991)]
Dinky Early Bird (8/7/1994-) [B/B1]
C.I.B FIN CH EE CH EEW-00 Dinky Ever Green (8/7/1994-)

Out of Karvin Waltzing Amanda:

FIN CH Karvin Up O Hoppa (5/6/1994-) [A0/A0 (18.10.1995)]
Int.-HCH.-ÖCH-HjCH Karvin Ursulina (5/6/1994-) [0]

Out of Popcorn v.d. Beerse Hoeve:

Private Dancer v.d. Beerse Hoeve

Out of Air-Borne Image v.d. Beerse Hoeve:

Middle For Diddle v.d. Beerse Hoeve [B1B2]
Bull's Eye v.d. Beerse Hoeve JW'97 [HD B1B2]

Out of Melfricka Night of Stars:

Tyrnikarin Jonathan (5/30/1993-)
Tyrnikarin JellyBerry (5/30/1993-)
Tyrnikarin Joyboy (5/30/1993-)
Fin.Ch. Tyrnikarin Jesber (5/30/1993-) [A/A (9/16/1994)]

Out of Fin. CH. Kultatuulen Marie Brizard:

FIN & EST & INT CH Haamorin Mimosa (1/11/1993-) [A/A (1994)]
Haamorin Mesimarja (1/11/1993-) [Hip Score 3:4]

Out of Fin. Ch Karvin Joan Collins:

Karvin Imsse Wimsse (10/21/1992-)

Out of Fin Ch Usvalaakson Minttu:

Bellmint's Nice Moses (7/18/1991-)

Out of Dasty She's Got The Look:

Dasty Helan Gar (2/27/1996-) [OFA GR-60144F24M]

Out of Ferryside Fashion for Twinkle:

Gill's Glansbild (8/17/1993-1/16/2007) [HD D/D (1994)]
CH. Gill's Garfield (8/17/1993-2002) [A/A (1993)]

Out of Multi Ch .Dutch Ch. Fiveshill Full of Style GER, VDH. Ch, 9 CC's, 7 Res.CC's:

Follow Me Jeanton (7/1/1996-) [HD B1B2]

Out of FINUCH Chevanne Snow N'Ice:

Karvin Isis Shelley (4/23/1996-2009) [A1]

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