Golden Retriever

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Offspring of Ch CZ, Ch Pl Power of Love Brdske zlato (3/26/2015-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Kiara Sneh Tatier:

Bonie Bohemian Gold Pearl (11/12/2018-)
Bety Bohemian Gold Pearl (11/12/2018-)
Berry Bohemian Gold Pearl (11/12/2018-)
Babu Bohemian Gold Pearl (11/12/2018-)
Babeta Bohemian Gold Pearl (11/12/2018-)
Bruno Bohemian Gold Pearl (11/12/2018-)
Boss Bohemian Gold Pearl (11/12/2018-)
Bond Bohemian Gold Pearl (11/12/2018-)
Bingo Bohemian Gold Pearl (11/12/2018-)
Barny Bohemian Gold Pearl (11/12/2018-)

Out of Beautiful Lady Kingliness:

Angela Oro Amalia (11/6/2019-)
Amy Oro Amalia (11/6/2019-)
Adelia Oro Amalia (11/6/2019-)
Abigail Oro Amalia (11/6/2019-)
Aston Oro Amalia (11/6/2019-)
Archi Oro Amalia (11/6/2019-)
Angelico Chan Oro Amalia (11/6/2019-)
Annie Oro Amalia (11/6/2019-)

Out of Heart Gold z Kralovskych teras:

Aura della Primadonna Masha (2/17/2018-)
Aurora della Primadonna Masha (2/17/2018-)

Out of GONIACA RADOSC z Tarninowego Wzgorza:

HARCUJĄCY FARCIARZ z Tarninowego Wzgórza FCI (10/4/2018-)
HARCUJĄCY ZACHWYT z Tarninowego Wzgórza FCI (10/4/2018-)
HARCUJĄCY ZAPAŁ z Tarninowego Wzgórza FCI (10/4/2018-)
HARCUJĄCY PASJONAT z Tarninowego Wzgórza FCI (10/4/2018-)
HARCUJĄCA RADOŚĆ z Tarninowego Wzgórza FCI (10/4/2018-) [A/A]

Out of Alisa od Upati Spaleniku:

Calvin Gold Kajpeto (5/23/2019-)
Casper Gold Kajpeto (5/23/2019-)
Cookie Gold Kajpeto (5/23/2019-)
Coody Gold Kajpeto (5/23/2019-)
Colin Gold Gold Kajpeto (5/23/2019-)
Clare Gold Kajpeto (5/23/2019-) [A/A]
Casey Gold Kajpeto (5/23/2019-) [A/A]
Baxter Gold Kajpeto (1/21/2018-)
Berry Gold Kajpeto (1/21/2018-)
Benny Gold Kajpeto (1/21/2018-)
Baddy Gold Kajpeto (1/21/2018-)
Basty Gold Kajpeto (1/21/2018-)
Bee Bee Gold Kajpeto (1/21/2018-)
Bonnie Gold Kajpeto (1/21/2018-) [A/A]
Beckie Gold Kajpeto (1/21/2018-) [C/C]

Out of CH Ro Lemon Rose Famous Gold:

Xmas Carol od Kamenné hradby (12/20/2017-)
Xmas Sky od Kamenné hradby (12/20/2017-)
Xmas Rose od Kamenné hradby (12/20/2017-)
Xmas Flake od Kamenné hradby (12/20/2017-)
Xmas Time od Kamenné hradby (12/20/2017-)
Xmas Gift od Kamenné hradby (12/20/2017-)
Xmas Angel od Kamenné hradby (12/20/2017-) [A/A]

Out of Galaxy Dorado Blanco:

Cassidy Gracious Golden (6/3/2019-)
Cindy Gracious Golden (6/3/2019-)
Cliff Gracious Golden (6/3/2019-)
Carrie Gracious Golden (6/3/2019-)
Cloudy Gracious Golden (6/3/2019-)

Out of Swiftwit Jungle Fever:

Q Swiftwit (5/29/2018-)

Out of Nala my Golden Passion:

Vivi my Golden Passion (3/3/2017-) [A2]
Versace my Golden Passion (3/3/2017-)
Vitali my Golden Passion (3/3/2017-)
Valentino my Golden Passion (3/3/2017-)
Vino my Golden Passion (3/3/2017-)
Vico my Golden Passion (3/3/2017-)

Out of BELLAMIE of the Magic Darea:

Work of Art FCI J. S. Bach (8/8/2017-)
Work of Art Jelly (8/8/2017-)
Work of Art Junior (8/8/2017-)
Work of Art Josephine (8/8/2017-)

Out of Athylla Dori's golden miracle:

Attila Tutto Bella (8/12/2018-)

Out of PL Ch. Ro Ch. COCO CHANEL Gate of east:

KASHMIR Gate of East (4/2018-)
KASSANDRA Gate of East (4/2018-)
KELLY Gate of East (4/2018-)
KIMBERLY Gate of East (4/2018-)
KEIRA Gate of East (4/2018-)
KENNETH Gate of East (4/2018-)
KENNY Gate of East (4/2018-)

Out of Quantum of Gold Brdske zlato:

Benson Golden Elianne (4/18/2018-)
Bruno Golden Elianne (4/18/2018-) [A/A]
Brook Golden Elianne (4/18/2018-) [A/A]
Brandy Golden Elianne (4/18/2018-)
Berris Golden Elianne (4/18/2018-) [A/A]

Out of Ayrin From Bohemian Starlight:

Benjamin Aurum Lutra (6/3/2019-)
Be Pinocchio Aurum Lutra (6/3/2019-)
Beatrice Aurum Lutra (6/3/2019-)
Bastien Aurum Lutra (6/3/2019-)
Bailey Aurum Lutra (6/3/2019-)
Broxy Aurum Lutra (6/3/2019-)

Out of Freya z Boticskych Meandru:

Hortenzie z Boticskych Meandru (4/28/2018-)
Heidy z Boticskych Meandru (4/28/2018-) [A/A]
Hvezda z Boticskych Meandru (4/28/2018-)
Henrieta z Boticskych Meandru (4/28/2018-) [A/A]
Hector z Boticskych Meandru (4/28/2018-) [B/A]
Herold z Boticskych Meandru (4/28/2018-) [A/A]

Out of Chwork CZ Beau Rose Prema Shanti Navaro ''U'':

Belissa Ebellini (11/28/2017-) [FCI A/A]
Beauty of Ebellini (11/28/2017-) [FCI A/A]
Bazalca Ebellini (11/28/2017-) [FCI B/B]
Badyan Ebellini (11/28/2017-)
Belcanto Ebellini (11/28/2017-) [FCI A/A]

Out of C.I.E. & Multi CH. Florisa Gold Heart:

Leo Sneh Tatier (6/2/2018-)
Lucas Sneh Tatier (6/2/2018-)
Lara Cora Sneh Tatier (6/2/2018-) [A/A]
Lea Dina Sneh Tatier (6/2/2018-) [A/A]


Alius R (orange) (3/20/2018-)
Alius R (pink) (3/20/2018-)
Alius R (yellow) (3/20/2018-)
Alius R (red) (3/20/2018-)
Alius Rubiszon
Alius RIVER HOPPU (3/20/2018-)
Alius Rico (3/20/2018-)
Alius RINA SUENO (3/20/2018-) [A/A]

Out of Fleur du Bois de la Rayere:

Xenia my Golden Passion (3/30/2018-)
Xeratina my Golden Passion (3/30/2018-)
Xhera my Golden Passion (3/30/2018-)
Xara my Golden Passion (3/30/2018-) [A2]
Xabu my Golden Passion (3/30/2018-)
Xanthos my Golden Passion (3/30/2018-) [A2]

Out of Zuzanna Wi-An-Wa:

THIS IS CATALEYA Wi-An-Wa (8/19/2019-)
TAVRIA Wi-An-Wa (8/19/2019-)
TESLAa Wi-An-Wa (8/19/2019-)
TOYOTA Wi-An-Wa (8/19/2019-)
TAMIR Wi-An-Wa (8/19/2019-)
TITO Wi-An-Wa (8/19/2019-)
TOBEN Wi-An-Wa (8/19/2019-)
TRAVIS Wi-An-Wa (8/19/2019-)

Out of DASZA Zlota Druzyna:

PASJA Gold Silesia FCI (7/8/2019-)

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