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Offspring of Dual CH AFC Ronakers Novato Cain CD OS DDHF FDHF (4/2/1966-7/6/1978)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Golden Crescent's Star:

Holly Of Chapelnoll (11/7/1974-) [OFA GR-9794]

Out of Colin's Amber Glow:

Amber Glow's Brandy D'Cain (1/15/1970-)

Out of Nubins Tawny Lady Of Gold Leaf CD:

Donnor's All Helsapoppin (2/27/1977-)

Out of Dusty's Treasure Taffy:

Gary's Golden Geye (7/10/1975-) [OFA GR-6654-T]

Out of Debbie of Ruboe:

Russet of Novato Cain ** (9/12/1969-)

Out of Sungold Sonnet:

Tolman's Sungold Taffy (4/22/1975-) [OFA GR-6007 ]
Tobi III (4/22/1975-)
Willow Run Robin (4/22/1975-)

Out of Topbrass Sugar Tonic CD:

Topbrass Autumn Gold CD (9/28/1973-) [OFA GR-3427]

Out of Am. CH. Kazak's Annastasia:

Kazak's Golden Shot-C (3/11/1974-)
Kazak's Chile Pepper Rose (3/11/1974-)
Woodruff's Gold Dust (3/11/1974-)

Out of Am Ch Wendy VIII UD WCX OD:

Dasu's Candy Cain UD WCX (5/31/1976-)

Out of Misty Marshes Mischief:

Midastouch's Unbearably Bow (8/27/1974-)
Misty Marshes Pot Of Gold (2/21/1973-) [OFA GR-3061]
Misty Rainbow of Novato Cain *** (2/21/1973-) [OFA GR-3055 Normal]

Out of Ronakers Tara Queen:

Wilaco's Eclipse of Emberain UD WCX OD (10/25/1976-4/13/1988) [OFA GR-07666]

Out of Tigathoe's Hot Topic * OD:

Tiny Trace Of Cain (1/2/1970-)
Tigathoe's Buie ** (1/2/1970-) [OFA GR-1060]
Lakwoia's Hop'n Gator (1/2/1970-)
Lakwoia Gold Dandee *** (1/2/1970-)

Out of Am. CH. Bonnie Island Heather Am./Can. UDT OD Am. WC:

Bonnie Island Golden Flyer CD (2/9/1972-)
Bonnie Island's Gold Afloat UDT,WC (2/9/1972-)
Bonnie Island Starr Border CanCD
Bonnie Island Antique Bronze Am/Can CDX TDX WC (2/9/1972-4/17/1987)
Bonnie Island Angustoro UD TD Can TD CDX (2/9/1972-)
Bonnie Island Harvest CDX WC (2/9/1972-10/17/1974)

Out of Tigathoes Hot Chili WC:

Tigathoe's Coquelicot (4/1/1970-)
Tigathoe's Chili Pepper (4/1/1970-)
Tigathoe's Hothead * (4/1/1970-) [OFA GR1088]

Out of Ronakers Gay Campaigner:

Ronakers Sir Echo (8/11/1973-) [OFA GR-3622]

Out of Am. CH. Honor's Hot Cargo CDX:

Honor's Pekay Kiss Me Kate CDX TD * OD (7/14/1972-10/22/1983) [OFA Gr-02935]

Out of Mex. CH. HGL Tomlin's Happy Together UD WC:

Goldcoast Cavalier Chance CD (9/22/1977-)

Out of Am. CH. Beckwith's Christmas Holly CD WC:

Birnam Wood's Hot Shot
Birnam Wood's Homeward Bound (8/25/1975-)

Out of Am CH Honor's Chances Are CD OD:

Honor's Lighthearted Josh ** (5/29/1972-)
Honor's Hurry-Zap (7/24/1970-)
Honor's Lyric (5/29/1972-)
Honors Hawaiian Reef CD (7/24/1970-) [OFA GR-1142]
Am. CH. Honor's Kickback UDT WCX (10/27/1971-)
Honor's High Stakes OD (7/24/1970-) [GRC?-1202]
Am. CH. Honor's Let Em' Have It CD WC OS (5/29/1972-12/8/1983) [OFA GR-2967]

Out of FC AFC Sungold Sprite CD OD FDHF:

Sungold Shauna Of Green Acre (11/3/1971-)
Ribbon Of Novato Cain *** (11/3/1971-)
Sungold Nota Bene Belle (11/3/1971-)
Goldshores Sungold Spirit (11/3/1971-) [OFA GR-3415]
Sprite Of Novato Cain (11/3/1971-) [OFA GR-03768]

Out of Riverview's Gold Heather CD:

Riverview's Nettles CDX OD (6/10/1971-) [OFA GR-3125 Normal]

Out of Shenandoah of Stilrovin CD *** OD:

Kinike's Tick Tock (10/23/1971-)
Riverview's Kinike Raider *** (10/23/1971-) [OFA GR-2034 Normal]
Riverview's Kinike Flambeau (10/23/1971-)
Kinike Questress ** (10/23/1971-) [OFA GR-1797]

Out of Valentine Torch of Topbrass WC OD:

Topbrass Tam O'Paisley CD (1/11/1972-) [OFA GR-1989]
Am. CH. Topbrass San Francisco Flame OD (1/11/1972-6/14/1980) [OFA GR-2336]
Am./Can. CH. Topbrass Durango Brave CDX WC OS Can. CD (1/11/1972-) [OFA GR-2705]
Am CH Topbrass Ad-Lib's Bangor CD *** OD (1/11/1972-1/10/1987) [OFA GR-1885G33F]
Topbrass Beckwiths Frisco CD (1/11/1972-) [OFA GR-2507G39M]
Am./Can. CH. Topbrass Topeka of Sunstream CD WC OD (1/11/1972-1981) [OFA GR-2000]

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