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Offspring of FTW Oakleaf Bozo (10/7/2009-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Sunny Honey Brook Of Drumnamoe:

Countryways Wesley (2019-)

Out of Lansdownpark Heather Of Hestmoor:

Hestmoor Hermione (9/7/2019-)

Out of Rossculban Lass:

Thorntacker Donna Of Clearmeadow (2013-) [2/0]

Out of Ballyoglagh Cindy:

Mountdavys Breeze Of Clearmeadow (2012-) [2/5]
Mountdavys Buster (2012-) [4/7]
Mountdavys Bella Of Roeglen (2012-) [6/4]
Mountdavys Bursford (2012-)

Out of Glenbryn Capri of Clearmeadow:

Clearmeadow Raggs (2016-)
Clearmeadow Santo (2015-) [5/2]
Clearmeadow Lucia (2015-)
Clearmeadow Havana (2015-)
Clearmeadow Cuba (2015-)
Clearmeadow Clara (2015-)
Clearmeadow Cayo (2015-)

Out of Addlough Licorice:

Swift Desert Strike (2/7/2013-)
Royal Penny (2/7/2013-)
Posh Emily (2/7/2013-)
Lady Bluebell Sky (2/7/2013-)
Free Black Spirit (2/7/2013-)
Dusty Bob (2/7/2013-)
Deepstown Tess (2/7/2013-)
Ballymore Shadow (2/7/2013-)
GB & IR FTCh Miller Mcduff (2/7/2013-) [BVA 3/6]

Out of Portkelfin Amber Of Ernevale:

Ernevale Ruby (9/20/2013-)
Ernevale Oakwood (9/20/2013-)
Ernevale Nell Of Clearmeadow (9/20/2013-)
Ernevale Hazel Dream (9/20/2013-)
Ernevale Fergie (9/20/2013-)
Ernevale Briar (9/20/2013-)
FTW Ernevale Solo (9/20/2013-) [BVA 3/5]

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