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Offspring of OTCH Tanbark's True Grit UDX2 OS OBHF (4/18/2000-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Lindsey's Sally May:

Rocket 421 CGC CD (2/14/2006-)
Lindsey's Flaming Valentine CGC CD (2/14/2006-7/16/2018)

Out of UCDX High Roller's Tnt CDX WC OD:

Tanbark's Alexander The Great CD (2/12/2012-)
Tanbark's Walk This Way NA OAJ NF (2/12/2012-)
GMOTCH Tanbark's High Rolling Player UDX OM2 OBHF U-CDX (2/12/2012-)
Tanbark's Bada Bing Bada Boom CD (2/12/2012-) [OFA GR-111245G28F-VPI]
Tanbark's Cola Saranade UDX2 PCDX OM4 BN OBHF (2/12/2012-)
MACH3 Tanbark's Nobody Does It Better MXG PAD MJC XF T2B CGC ADHF (2/12/2012-)
Tanbark's Irish Creme II UDX PCDX OM1 BN RA JH (2/12/2012-)
Tanbark's Defying Gravity (2/12/2012-)

Out of HRCH Topbrass Rockin' Red Reign Of Fire CGC WCX CCA MH OD:

Tanbark's Red Mountain Shale UD BN (10/3/2011-)
OTCH Tanbark's Wynn-Dixie UD (10/3/2011-)
Tanbark's Ready Willing & Able SH WCX (10/3/2011-) [OFA GR-110948G31-VPI]
Tanbark's Shurshot Fireball JH (10/3/2011-)
Tanbark's To Infinity and Beyond GCG SAR-W (10/3/2011-)

Out of Firesides Believe 'N Dreams AX MXJ:

Dynamic's Honest Abe (9/20/2007-)
MACH2 ADCH Tanbark's Indulge Me Please MXF MXS MJS TQX (9/20/2007-7/10/2014)
Dynamic's Right Answer (9/20/2007-)

Out of Hideaway's Bold N Brilliant CDX AX AXJ OD:

MACH2 Trifecta's Snap Decision MXC MJC XF (2/9/2007-)
Trifecta's Winning Bet CDX (2/9/2007-)
OTCH Trifecta's Super Cooper UDX35 OGM OBHF (2/9/2007-) [OFA GR-101592G42M-VPI]
OTCH Trifecta's Easy Goer UDX2 OM2 MX MXJ MJB (2/9/2007-3/7/2019)
ADCH Trifecta's Betcha Can AX MXJ NAP AF MAD RM GM (2/9/2007-) [OFA GR-100483G36F-VPI]
Trifecta's Go Your Own Way UDX2 OM3 VER (2/9/2007-)

Out of Tanbark's Tahoe OD:

Tanbark's Tarquin of Bearcliff
Tanbark's Hawaiin Coaster Ride AX OAJ (11/1/2005-)
Tanbark's Edd Wood CDX (11/1/2005-) [OFA GR-94201G24M-VPI]
OTCH-H Tanbark's See Ya Later Alligator UD RN (6/14/2004-3/23/2020) [OFA Good]
Tanbark's Smokin' Gun CDX RA (6/14/2004-)
Tanbark's Celestial Hannah OA AXJ (6/14/2004-)
Tanbark's A Perfect Match CD RE (11/1/2005-)
MACH10 ADCH Tanbark's On Your Mark MXS3 MJG3 MXF MFG TQX T2B2 (11/1/2005-4/27/2013)
Tanbark's Pretty Woman (11/1/2005-) [OFA GR-94558E25F-VPI]
Tanbark's Chasing Liberty CD RN NJP OJP (6/14/2004-)
Tanbark's Can You Say Hemi (6/14/2004-1/27/2016)
MACH5 Tanbark's Run To Daylight CD RN MXS, MJC2, MXF, MFG, TQX, T2B3, FTC1, ADHF (6/14/2004-8/12/2017)

Out of SHR U-CDX Chasser's Pleasant Speaker CDX GO JH WCX CCA VC OD:

HighRoller Dutchess (4/16/2005-4/9/2015)
HighRoller Baron (4/16/2005-1/2019)
HighRoller Spare Change (4/16/2005-6/24/2018)
SHR UCD Highroller Gone With The Wind CDX JH NA NAJ WC OD (4/16/2005-5/30/2019) [OFA GR-97489F45F-VPI]
HighRoller Pick of the Pack (4/16/2005-4/2/2015)
HighRoller Full of Tricks (4/16/2005-5/16/2017)
U-CDX HighRoller Viva Las Vegas UD RA JH AX AXJ (4/16/2005-8/2/2013) [OFA GR-95720G37F-PI]
OTCH Highroller Black Jack JH UDX2 OM6 VER NA NAJ OS (4/16/2005-6/24/2017) [OFA GR-92665E24M-PI ]
HighRoller Shilo (4/16/2005-4/16/2018)

Out of Tanbark's English Rose OD:

Tanbark's Cyclone's Perfect Storm JH WC (7/25/2004-)
Tanbark Vincent Vega NA (7/25/2004-)
Tanbark's MVP Rockin Robin CDX RN SH WC (8/25/2004-) [OFA GR-90649G24F-PI]
OTCH Tanbark's Oak Grove Caesar UDX9,OGM,CGC,TDI,RE (7/25/2004-)
Tanbark's Full Circle (7/25/2004-9/17/2013)

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