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Offspring of Fromeside Sharper Than Ever of Canina (1998-3/2009)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Chasegold Alpine Sunset:

Chasegold Mystique

Out of Buckfold Easter Roses:

Buckfold Forget Me Not [6:5]

Out of Chaesgold Alpine Sunset:

Chaesgold Mystique [3:5]

Out of Canina L'Air Du Temps:

Flintdown Fayette May [6:5]

Out of Kiteeno Tihemareeka:

Kiteeno Kotinga Marnee [9:9]

Out of Turn Of Season Jade With Kamalis:

Kamalis Magnavgat Treasure [10:8]
Kamalis Daylan Delight (11/22/2008-) [3:7]

Out of Fromeside Athene:

Fromeside Good As Gold (3/1/2007-) [BVA 9:3]

Out of Camrose Twinkle Star:

Thoueris du Hameau Isabel (6/15/2002-)

Out of Butterscotch New Dawn:

Mistletoe Of Lys (12/17/2004-) [2:3]

Out of Citrine Cal Cascade:

Petal Trent with Silynmonda [8:8]

Out of Lesleys Creamcracker of Cinderfield:

Cinderfield Pure Chance (3/21/2007-) [4:5]

Out of Woodsmoor Sea Breeze of Otterdawn:

Otterdawn Star Appeal [4:5]

Out of Siatham Georgiana:

Jalima Dancing Gabriella [Hip Score 5:5]

Out of Belle De Crecy of Winterknoll:

Winterknoll Golden Lady (6/4/2002-2/16/2017) [OFA GR-94120G64F-PI]

Out of Squirrelsmead Charlotte:

Squirrelsmead Foxglove Of Fernwyche (12/31/2003-) [6:6]

Out of Suntide Love-in-a-Mist of Tidelover:

Eng. SH. CH. Tidelover Oleander at Canina (6/27/2002-) [BVA 8:6]

Out of Thenford Jacqueline of Tidelover:

Tidelover Tuppence (1/4/2004-) [2:2]

Out of Canina Secret Fantasy:

Canina Ginger Bread (5/17/2001-1/3/2012)

Out of Camrose Just Jose At Hugentobler:

Hugentobler Teresa of Camrose

Out of Camrose Betony:

Camrose Xellent Teffie [17 BVA]
Camrose Xellent Tearose (12/10/2001-) [BVA 10]
Camrose Tartan (10/15/2001-12/31/2014)

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