Golden Retriever

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Offspring of OFTW Echobrook Dexster (8/19/2009-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Grace des Fields de Mauny:

Swallowcopse Ross Special

Out of Lowly Sapphire:

Belinda Bonnie Rubette [6:5]
Pioneer Teal of Yukon Gold (8/4/2015-)

Out of Höghedens Tissel:

Höghedens Zorba

Out of Dunmar Coulin Of Reivershiel:

Reivershiel Percy [4/7]

Out of Idonea Byway:

Cleesheall Camomile Of Drumgarland

Out of FTW Frizelwood Anisha:

Hanans Magpie Of Rookhollow [5:5]
Hanans Merlyn at Mistigri [5:6]
Hanans Rena (4/27/2017-) [FCI C]
FTW HANANS KERTIS (12/30/2015-) [BVA 5:2]
Hanans Last Man Standing (4/27/2017-) [FCI A]
Hanans Suzanne of VAMP (12/30/2015-)

Out of Chishillhyde Lisa:

Polihale Gin Sling [6/3]
OFTAW Polihale Vodka Surprise [4/4]
Polihale Grizzly Bear of Foxcote (2/28/2015-) [3/4]
Polihale Samuel Adams (2/28/2015-) [FCI B]

Out of Pepsanner Pride Of Laira:

Pepsanner Glendower (3/13/2015-)
Pepsanner Corall Queen
Pepsanner Queen of Scots [BVA 6:4]

Out of Souter Red Hot Chilli At Roughbeat:

Roughbeat Estelle
Roughbeat Hermione
Roughbeat Balthazarr (12/26/2014-)
Roughbeat Gabriella Of Goldenvine (12/26/2014-) [BVA 6/7]
FTW Roughbeat Serafina Of Philchris (12/26/2014-) [BVA 4/3]

Out of Angel Honey Pot:

Haulstone Stream Of Leeanchor (9/29/2014-)

Out of Whispering Oaks Gilly of Clancallum:

Clancallum Faith [D1/B2]

Out of Chackmoreton Homewood Lass:

Hanwoodgold Alice (3/30/2015-)
Hanwoodgold Archie (3/30/2015-)

Out of Sweetmay of Cuckoo Hall:

Autumnwillow Jasper (2013-) [9/4]

Out of Gortons Desert Angel Of Abbottshall:

Abbottshall Hawkeye Of Copperburn [8:4]
Abbottshall Pioneer of Higgscroft (2014-) [12/14]
Abbottshall Desert Opal (2014-) [17/18]
Abbottshall Red Devil Of Fyrish (2014-) [15/16]
Abbottshall Desert Jester (2014-) [5/14]
Abbottshall Jonagold (2/19/2014-) [FCI E]
Abbottshall Scotch (2/19/2014-) [BVA 7:8]

Out of Holway Olive:

Ardnacross Mull (2/24/2015-) [BVA 7/6]

Out of Meteora Silver Queen:

Silver Lord (5/10/2014-)
Silborne Lady (5/10/2014-)
Red King (5/10/2014-)
Queen Silver (5/10/2014-)
Green Earl (5/10/2014-) [5/6]
Lythe Bank Purple Duke (5/10/2014-) [3/2]

Out of Chieldmarc Countess:

Bell Oktave Cosmo (5/29/2016-) [FCI A/A]
Bell Oktave Clooney (5/29/2016-) [A2 bds]
Bell Oktave Cooper (5/29/2015-)

Out of Boltoncastle Portia:

Quernmore Stanley [5/7]
Waterfall Willow of Haventrent (2/19/2013-) [BVA 4/5]
Littledale Oak of Ruadth (2/19/2013-)
Arkholme Skylark of Haventrent (2/19/2013-) [5/5]

Out of Pepsanner Franconia at Millgreen:

Millgreen Capercaillie (4/26/2014-) [5/5 = 10 (26/11/2015)]
Millgreen Eider (4/26/2014-)
Millgreen Hobby (4/26/2014-)
Millgreen Robin (4/26/2014-)
Millgreen Sandpiper (4/26/2014-)
Millgreen Skylark For Ossau (4/26/2014-)
Millgreen Petrel (4/26/2014-) [D1 = (B1/D1)]
Millgreen Harrier (4/26/2014-) [E1/E1]
Millgreen Swift of Mapiya (4/26/2014-) [C/C]
Millgreen Linnet (4/26/2014-)

Out of FTW Tofts Love Her Madly at Thornmill:

thornmill rowan rascal (7/1/2018-) [FCI A]

Out of Diana's Twiggy von Bauernhirschtal:

Waterfriend Rhianna
Waterfriend Zucchero (3/17/2014-) [FCI B/A]

Out of FtCh Pixie Dixie and Jinks the Cat:

Think Twice KFC (9/20/2013-) [5/5]
Think Twice Knockin'on heaven's door (9/20/2013-) [BVA 5/6]
Think Twice Knickerbockers (9/20/2013-) [3/3]
FTW Think Twice Kindred Spirit (9/20/2013-) [12:14]

Out of TQ from heaven sent Piqua:

TQ Phil (10/3/2014-) [C1/C1]
TQ Picaciu (10/3/2014-) [FCI B2 / B2]
TQ Paisley [FCI B1/B1]
TQ P.D. (10/3/2014-)

Out of Bonniebrook's Cairn Shania:

Cairngold's Bonhill Ella (11/8/2017-) [A2/A2]
Cairngold's Bleanmore Lotty (11/8/2017-) [B1/B1]
Cairngold's Bluebell Bonny (11/8/2017-) [D1/C1]
Cairngold's Bettyhill Bailey (11/8/2017-) [A1/A1]
Cairngold's Banchory Hazel (11/8/2017-) [A2]
Cairngold's Braemore Abbey (11/8/2017-) [A2/A2]
Cairngold's Allington Cailin (3/2/2015-) [A1/A1]
Cairngold's Alness Tay (3/2/2015-) [A1/A2]
Cairngold's Aviemore Hermione (3/2/2015-) [B2/A2]
Cairngold's Arden Alice (3/2/2015-) [C1/C2]
Cairngold's Applecross Riley (3/2/2015-) [B2/B2]
Cairngold's Ardmore Booker (3/2/2015-) [D1/B2]
Cairngold's Aberdeen Fay (3/2/2015-) [A1/A1]

Out of Renssor Eclipse of my Heart Banshee:

Renssor I Field Joia (9/16/2014-) [B2]
Renssor Irish Coffee (9/16/2014-) [B2]
Renssor Ice Prince (9/16/2014-) [B/B]
Renssor Iced Diamond Mila (9/16/2014-) [A2/A2]

Out of Whispering Oaks Gilly:

Clancallum Freya Of Leeanchor [6/3 = 9 02/07/2015]
Clancallum Pepper (2/10/2014-) [B]



Out of Golden Shenandoah Famous Grouse:

Golden Shenandoah Jethro (5/19/2013-4/10/2015)
Golden Shenandoah Joules for Millcroft's (5/19/2013-) [D1/D2]
Golden Shenandoah Jo Oona (5/19/2013-) [A2]
Golden Shenandoah Jaz Yoomee (5/19/2013-) [C1/B2]

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