Golden Retriever

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Offspring of Int & Fin Ch Pauclare Pot of Gold (10/3/1995-7/15/2008)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Wiikar's Sea Nyph:

Golsett's Queen Of Hearts (9/1/2004-)

Out of Tallygold More Brown Sugar Please:

Hot-News Miss. Madonna

Out of Boogie's Sweet Honey:

Skypiper's Katry To Rocbee (5/12/2002-) [B/B (2003)]

Out of Windalas Wonderful Weera:

Windalas Estee Lauder (8/3/1997-) [B/B (1999)]

Out of BH Greenhill's Golden Wind:

Greenhill's Tailormade (11/8/2004-) [B/B (2006)]
Greenhill's Touchdown (11/8/2004-6/12/2006)

Out of Flavens Liliana:

Flavens New Pot of Gold (3/29/2005-)

Out of DKCH Gembaek's Music Wonder Worker:

Whipcord's Snowy Wonder Boy (7/25/1999-) [OFA A1]

Out of C.I.B FIN CH EE CH EEW-00 Dinky Ever Green:

Wiikar`s Dee Dee (6/9/1997-) [B/B (1998)]
Wiikar's Do-Re-Mi [A/A (1998)]

Out of Fin Ch Golden Soul Design:

FIN CH Golden Soul Once My Love [B ( 2002 )]

Out of Roxanne Meggie Moonshine:

Roxanne Man On The Moon (8/21/1998-)

Out of Reflect Lady Laramia:

Makuuni Coronelia

Out of Floprym Primadonna:

Floprym Isolde (4/22/2000-) [Sweden B (2001)]
ChRus, Est, BY Floprym I Am Swedish (4/22/2000-8/13/2013)

Out of Golden Cub ZsaZsa:

Golden Cub Love Me Tender (11/30/2002-) [B/B (2004)]
Golden Cub Light My Fire (11/30/2004-) [B/B (2004)]
Golden Cub Love Me Do (11/30/2002-) [C/C (2004)]

Out of Karvin Viva Finlandia:

Karvin Xeena (8/26/1998-) [C/C (2000)]

Out of Fin Ch Cosmona's Dream of Class:

Cosmona's Flashdance
Fin Ch Cosmona's Fairy Tale (3/19/1997-) [A/A (1998)]

Out of FIN Ch Karvin Rio Ramanda:

Finngreen Ghost of Galaxy (11/6/2001-) [A/A (2003)]
Finngreen Gwyneth (11/6/2001-) [D/C (2003)]
Finngreen Galileo Galilei (11/6/2001-) [A1]
FI CH Finngreen Giulia (11/6/2001-) [A/A (2003)]
Finngreen Glowing Ghost (11/6/2001-) [A/A (2003)]

Out of Karvin Par Amour:

Goldensmile Joy Of Mine (8/4/1997-) [C0/B0 (1998)]

Out of Inassicas Sea Mayweed:

Inassicas Thimble Rose [B]
Inassicas Sea Chanter (9/19/1999-) [HD A (9/18/2000)]
FIN CH JW-2000 Inassicas Sea Pirate (9/19/1999-7/10/2014) [B/B (2001)]

Out of Friendship Merriwagga:

FIN CH Rossmix Save The Best For Last (7/5/2000-) [A/A (2001)]

Out of Karvin Chanel:

Karvin Status Quo (1/12/1998-12/22/2009) [Unknown B (1999)]

Out of Inassicas Water Lily:

Inassicas Water Carnation (3/10/1999-) [A/A (2000)]
Inassicas Musk Mallow (3/10/1999-) [B (03.2000)]

Out of Tallygold Hot and Sweet:

DK.CH Tallygold Quite the Image (12/16/1999-) [FCI B/A]

Out of Knegarens Ozo:

Knegarens Madam [C1]

Out of Karvin Casablanca:

Karvin Zamsara (11/24/2002-) [B/B (2004)]
Karvin Zakira (11/24/2002-) [A/A (2003)]
Karvin Zephyr (11/24/2002-) [B/A (2004)]
Karvin Zombrero (11/27/2002-) [A/A (2004)]
Karvin Zachary (11/24/2002-) [A/A (2004)]
Karvin Zilviana (11/24/2002-) [A0/A0 (10.12.2003)]
MCH, JCH Karvin Zeppelin (11/24/2002-) [0/0]

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