Golden Retriever

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Offspring of Beck's Princess Belle of Floden (3/2/2011-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

By Floden's Scout of Honor:

Floden's SS03810705 (8/21/2017-)
Sieckert's Bo Golden Dream (8/21/2017-)
Floden's Cosmic Adventurer of the Skyy (8/21/2017-)
Scout Riley Qimukta (8/21/2017-)
Floden's Mosey Up North (8/21/2017-)
Floden's Luna (8/21/2017-)
Murphy Sundquist (8/21/2017-)
Floden's Pride of the Prairie (8/21/2017-)

By FC Thistle Rocks Red Ike MH QA2 WCX:

Floden's Sky Blue Girl (4/5/2018-)
Floden's Peach Girl (4/5/2018-)
Choctaw's Power Play (4/5/2018-)
Johnson's Gotta Wear Shades of Floden (4/5/2018-)
Folz's Scottish Sally of Floden (4/5/2018-)
Toby Of Floden's Tartan (4/5/2018-)
Floden's Lion Rampant of Scotland (4/5/2018-)
Wheeler's Goldens Sir Griffin of Flodens (4/5/2018-)
Floden's Allegra Jaina Fable (4/5/2018-)
Floden's Waylon (4/5/2018-)
Pheasant Haven's Tall Pines Django (4/5/2018-)
Thistle Rocks Tailor Made (4/5/2018-)

By Rippling Run Floden's Teutorix:

Floden's Lucky Penny (10/22/2018-)
Floden's Lexi (10/22/2018-)
Twenty-Four Karat Frankie of Floden (10/22/2018-)
Clyde of Floden (10/22/2018-)
Floden's All Aboard (10/22/2018-)
Luna Holmes the May-den of Floden Farm (10/22/2018-)
Floden's Odin (10/22/2018-)
Floden's Orange Julius (10/5/2014-)
Floden's Solar Eclipse Autumn Red Light Of Bella (8/21/2017-)
Floden's God of the Skyy (8/21/2017-)
Floden's Garden of Daisies (8/21/2017-)
Trifecta's Daze Of Glory QAA (12/11/2015-) [OFA GR-123086G31F-PI]
Floden's SR90659308 (12/11/2015-)
Floden's SR90659307 (12/11/2015-)
Lion Hearted Lev (12/11/2015-)
Floden's Merlins Magic (12/11/2015-)
Jessica's Yuki Pooki (12/11/2015-)
Floden's Olivia (12/11/2015-)
Reno's Rippling Run Diva (12/11/2015-) [OFA GR-121357G25F-VPI]
Floden's Charley Byrd Barker (10/5/2014-)
Flodenís SR84899010 (10/5/2014-)
Floden's Sweet Cinnamon Bun CGC, WCX (10/5/2014-) [OFA GR-123252G46F-VPI ]
Flodenís SR84899008 (10/5/2014-)
Wilson Lutton (10/5/2014-)
Flodenís SR84899006 (10/5/2014-)
Flodenís SR84899005 (10/5/2014-)
Susan Q of Dakota Floden (10/5/2014-)
Floden Sharptail's Molly (10/5/2014-)
Flodenís SR84899002 (10/5/2014-)
Floden's Henry Helmer (10/5/2014-)

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