Golden Retriever

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Offspring of CIE, Austrian CH, HSCH, Swiss Beauty+Show CH, German VDH+DRC CH Rossmix After Rain Comes Sunshine (4/21/2011-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Nele of Oh Carolina:

Astoria Sina vom Thunhaus (4/21/2017-)
Agnes Akyra vom Thunhaus (4/21/2017-)
Agatha Nikita vom Thunhaus (4/21/2017-)
Adam Bruno vom Thunhaus (4/21/2017-)
Aron vom Thunhaus (4/21/2017-)
Arosa vom Thunhaus (4/21/2017-)

Out of Fame of Golden Fairyland:

Kira of Golden Fairyland (4/4/2014-) [B/C]

Out of Hanna's Icons Caprice:

Hanna's Icons Engel (11/20/2017-)
Hanna's Icons Einstein (11/20/2017-)

Out of Happy-Go-Lucky Isha:

Happy-Go-Lucky Luna (6/25/2014-) [B/C]

Out of Lorraine's Unforgettable Invisible Iniko:

Here we go Almost Heaven (8/7/2014-) [A2/A2]

Out of Happy-Go-Lucky J.J. For Ever:

Balea-Felicia of Everlasting Goldendreams (5/27/2014-) [B/B]
Bailey of Everlasting Goldendreams (5/27/2014-) [A/A]
Banji of Everlasting Goldendreams (5/27/2014-) [A/A]
Bella Bianca of Everlasting Goldendreams (5/27/2014-)
Benji of Everlasting Goldendreams (5/27/2014-) [B/B]
Believe I can Fly of everlasting goldendreams (5/27/2014-) [A/A]

Out of Abadudas Golden Dream of Chocolate:

Abadudas Golden Fürst von Chaos (3/27/2016-) [B1/B1]
Abadudas Golden Finigan on tour (3/27/2016-) [C1/C1]
Abadudas Golden Friends will be friends (3/27/2016-) [A1/B1]
Abadudas Golden Ferrero Rocher (3/27/2016-) [A1/A1]
Abadudas Golden Follow me and smile (3/27/2016-) [A2/A1]
Abadudas Golden Faithful Forest (3/27/2016-) [A1/A1]
Abadudas Golden Five hundred miles and more (3/27/2016-) [B1/A1]
Abadudas Golden Forever and a day Holly Hope (3/27/2016-) [A1/A1]
Abadudas Golden Falkensteins Lale (3/27/2016-) [A1/A2]

Out of Graceful Koura of High Hopes:

Hook of High Hopes (9/23/2013-) [A/A]
Heaven's Outstanding Beauty of High Hopes (9/23/2013-)

Out of Swiss Beauty CH Bojangels It Must Have Been Love:

Jewelhope Penny Blue (2/1/2018-)
Jewelhope Pumpkin Face (2/1/2018-)
Jewelhope Pink Pigeon (2/1/2018-)
Jewelhope Pusser's (2/1/2018-)
Jewelhope Pyrat XO (2/1/2018-)

Out of Your Gift of High Hopes:

Jazzy Norah Jones Sunny Moon of Ice Pond (4/23/2013-) [A/A]
Jazzy Laia Genk Sunny Moon of Ice Pond (4/23/2013-) [A/A]
Jazzy Katie Melua Sunny Moon of Ice Pond (4/23/2013-) [A/A]

Out of Sideia Island Sunny Moon of Ice Pond:

Keep Cool Mister Robin Sunny Moon of Ice Pond (7/15/2014-) [A/A]
Keep Cool Miss Mina Sunny Moon of Ice Pond (7/15/2014-) [A/A]
Keep Cool Miss Nina Sunny Moon of Ice Pond (7/15/2014-) [A/A]
Keep Cool Miss Maschara Sunny Moon of Ice Pond (7/15/2014-) [B/C]
Keep Cool Miss Kiki-Paula Sunny Moon of Ice Pond (7/15/2014-) [A/A]

Out of Elly of Golden Dreamland:

Hyuna of Golden Dreamland (2/27/2013-)
Hyro of Golden Dreamland (2/27/2013-) [A/B]
Hayley-Ella of Golden Dreamland (2/27/2013-) [A/A]
Helios-Campino of Golden Dreamland (2/27/2013-) [A/A]
Hutch-Sam of Golden Dreamland (2/27/2013-) [A/A]
Henry of Golden Dreamland (2/27/2013-)

Out of Gianna vom Lenzental:

Highlands' Dream of Gold Bebhinn (11/1/2016-)
Highlands' Dream of Gold Blįithin (11/1/2016-)
Hgihlands' Dream of Gold Bonnee (11/1/2016-)
Highlands' Dream of Gold Buidhe (11/1/2016-)
Highlands' Dream of Gold Breandan (11/1/2016-) [FCI A1/A1]
Highlands' Dream of Gold Biorna (11/1/2016-)
Highlands' Dream of Gold Bale (11/1/2016-)
Highlands' Dream of Gold Brčagh (11/1/2016-)

Out of I'm Terra Antyda Hello Golden Go-Getters:

Golden Go-Getters Comedy Star (2/28/2013-) [B/B]
Golden Go-Getters Cool Cover (2/28/2013-) [A/A]
Golden Go-Getters Crunch Cake (2/28/2013-) [A/A]
Golden Go-Getters Champion of Hearts (2/28/2013-) [A/A]

Out of Meallan Beauly:

Here we go Crossing Borders (8/1/2016-) [FCI B1/A2]
Here we go Celebrate Youth (8/1/2016-) [A1/A1]
Here we go Changing Colours (8/1/2016-)
Here we go Catching Fire (8/1/2016-) [A1/A1]
Here we go Confidence (8/1/2016-) [A2/A2]
Here we go Calais (8/1/2016-)
Here we go Conquering Hearts (8/1/2016-) [FCI B1/A2]

Out of CAC, Res. CACIB Let's Live Forever Brdske zlato:

Amazing Angel Carissimi (2/3/2014-) [A/A]
Amazing Argo Carissimi (2/3/2014-) [A/A]
Amazing Aston Carissimi (3/2/2014-) [B/B]
BIS Amazing Aura Carissimi (2/3/2014-) [0/0 negative]

Out of About you Lindsey of Golden Motions:

Hello my lovely Ana of Golden Motions (6/10/2017-)

Out of CZ hunting CH I'm Your Heart Brdske zlato ''U'':

CZ JCH Power of Sol Brdske zlato (3/26/2015-) [FCI C/C]
Power of Hope Brdske zlato (3/26/2015-)
Grand CH SK, CH SK & HU Power of Gold Brdské zlato (3/26/2015-) [FCI HD A/A]
Power to Hunt Brdske zlato (3/26/2015-)
Power of Sunshine Brdske zlato (3/26/2015-) [BVA 4:4]
Power of Rain Brdske zlato (3/26/2015-) [A/A]
Power of Love Brdske zlato (3/26/2015-) [FCI A/A (BVA 4:4)]
Power of Heart Brdske zlato (3/26/2015-)

Out of Double Willow Piracanta:

Double Willow Yougurt al Ribes (5/10/2014-)

Out of Rischa vom Wylerhof:

Bakuna Biloxi Barsha from the Spirit Glade (3/16/2013-) [B/B]
Beothuk Buegon Balu from the Spirit Glade (3/16/2013-) [A/A]
Bannouck Benita Bilagaana from the Spirit Glade (3/16/2013-) [A/A]
Bah-Je-Kho Bemossed Baku from the Spirit Glade (3/16/2013-) [A/A]
Bodaway Bidziil Bode from the Spirit Glade (3/16/2013-)

Out of Never Forget Norma Jean vom Hochrheinufer:

You and Me Cleo vom Hochrheinufer (11/21/2014-) [B/B]

Out of Meallan A'Fivepenny:

Meallan Darvel (5/25/2014-) [A1/A1]
Meallan Dundavie (5/25/2014-)
Meallan Dorlin (5/25/2014-) [C2]
Meallan Dailly (5/25/2014-) [A1/A1]
Meallan Doune (5/25/2014-) [A2/A2]
Meallan Dusk of Skye (5/25/2014-) [B1/B2]
Meallan Durness Mo Ghrąidh (5/25/2014-) [A2/B1]
Meallan Dot The i (5/25/2014-) [B2/C1]

Out of Noel of Remy Martin Goldens:

My Magic Man Mr. Mylo of Wooden Bench (1/25/2014-) [A1/A1]
My Magic Man McMurphy of Wooden Bench (1/25/2014-) [C1/A2]
My Magic Miss Sunny Moon of Wooden Bench (1/25/2014-) [C/C]

Out of Crack a smile of Creme Puff:

Devoted chaperon for life Chico (11/2/2013-) [A1/A1]
Devoted chaperon for life Challenger (11/2/2013-) [A2/A2]
Devoted chaperon for life Candy Crush (11/2/2013-) [C1/B2]
Devoted chaperon for life Camelot (11/2/2013-) [B1/B2]

Out of Could it be magic of Creme Puff:

I have a dream of Creme Puff (6/9/2015-)
It's Magic of Creme Puff (6/9/2015-) [A1/A1]
I'm a Miracle of Creme Puff (6/9/2015-)
In the mood of Creme Puff (6/9/2015-) [A1/A1]
I am what i am of Creme Puff (6/9/2015-)
It's Showtime of Creme Puff (6/9/2015-) [A1 / A2]
I am so sweet of Creme Puff (6/9/2015-) [A1/A1]

Out of Betty Boop of High Hopes:

Swiss Junior CH Mister Paddington of High Hopes (6/13/2015-)
Volga of High Hopes (12/29/2012-) [A/A]
Jethro of High Hopes (5/10/2014-) [A/A]
Jalisca of High Hopes (5/10/2014-) [A/A]
Vermont of High Hopes (12/29/2012-) [A/A]
Virginia of High Hopes (12/29/2012-) [A/A]
Viceroy of High Hopes (12/29/2012-) [A/A]
Swiss CH Van Dave of High Hopes (12/29/2012-) [A/A]

Out of Pany of Goldenlove:

Byron of Goldenlove (5/27/2013-)

Out of Swiss CH, Swiss VetCH, VDH+DRC VetCH Windwhirl Emotion In Love Ebony:

Jewelhope Lord Lonsdale (10/3/2013-)
Jewelhope Lady Emily Peel (10/3/2013-) [C/E]

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