Golden Retriever

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Offspring of PL. CH Hayjoy Signia to Araukarity (5/28/1993-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Joy Golden Araukarity:

Fredy Araukarity Gold Rebecca (6/25/2000-)
Sir Rebecca Araukarity (9/11/1999-) [2/2]
Pamela Golden Araukarity (2/15/1997-) [HDD 0/0]

Out of Nancy z Jivat:

Elie Golden Nandi (9/19/1996-) [HDD 0/0]

Out of Arina Bohemian Gold:

Aran od Kalneho vrchu (10/5/1995-) [HDD 2/2]

Out of CHampion CZ Aria Ru-Slan:

Diana od Bile brizy (6/4/1995-) [HDD 0/0]

Out of Betty z Tlukoce:

Bessy od Kolostuje (7/18/1997-) [HDD 1/1]

Out of Aradita Markamar Scheelit:

Ara - Luk z Jilniku (6/16/1996-) [HDD 0/0]

Out of Clea Ru-Slan:

Dita z Dekanske zahrady (5/27/1998-) [HDD 2/2]
Aron z Dekanske zahrady (11/13/1995-) [HDD 2/2]
Aram z Dekanske zahrady (11/13/1995-) [HDD 0/0]

Out of Carolina Markamar Scheelit:

Megany z Dracina (4/13/1999-) [HDD 2/1]

Out of Aisa od Ptaciho blata:

Brita od Podhurek (7/17/1996-) [HDD 1/1]

Out of Eta Golden Araukarity:

Akim Svitavsky Radlas (10/8/1995-) [HDD 0/0]
Agata Svitavsky Radlas (10/8/1995-12/22/2008) [0/0]
Adka Svitavsky Radlas (10/8/1995-) [HDD 2/1]


Aigy Aurea Rosa (12/10/1996-) [3/3]
Anny Aurea Rosa (12/10/1996-) [HDD 0/0]

Out of FAIRY Golden Araukarity:

Raf Golden Araukarity (4/18/1998-) [2/2]
Lilly Golden Araukarity (5/29/1995-) [HDD 0/0]
Lassie Golden Araukarity (5/29/1995-) [HDD 0/0]
Lovey Golden Araukarity (5/29/1995-) [HDD 1/0]
LOUISIANA Golden Araukarity [HD1/1]

Out of Bella Sonak:

Clea Marty (11/21/1996-) [HDD 0/0]
Carmen Marty (11/21/1996-) [0/0]

Out of Betty Luk:

Ch Lesan Luk (12/7/1995-) [0/0]
Lapka Luk (12/7/1995-) [HDD 2/0]

Out of Cyra Ru-Slan:

Baron Marty (6/17/1996-) [0/0]
Barsia Marty (6/17/1996-) [HDD 0/0]
Baccara Marty (6/17/1996-) [HDD 0/0]

Out of Champion CZ Elka Golden Araukarity:

Etien od Bile brizy (12/31/1995-) [0/0]
Elita od Bile brizy (12/31/1995-) [HDD 2/1]
Elba od Bile Brizy (12/31/1995-)

Out of Arabela Mirdan:

Bella Markamar Scheelit (1/28/1995-) [HDD 0/0]
Baryt Markamar Scheelit (1/28/1995-) [0/0]

Out of Erna z Jivat:

Diana Ostrazica (4/22/1995-1/8/2009) [0/0 ]
Dix Ostrazica

Out of CELINA Venusiny Luhy:

Bonny Vica z Leśnych Ostępów
Zw. Ml, NSwR BAZOOKA MONA z Lesnych Ostepow

Out of Henny z Dulnaku:

Dona ze Zavisniku (2/11/1996-) [HDD 0/0]

Out of Klea z Dulnaku:

Anita Cimarda

Out of Ch Aurora van Baldersheim:

Imp of Top Team

Out of Usvalaakson Campion:

Bella Scandinavia Finland (4/7/1995-) [HDD 0/0]
Britta Scandinavia Finland (4/7/1995-) [HDD 2/2]

Out of Belinda Luk:

Apac Elva Bohemia (1/7/1995-) [HDD 1/0]
CH CZ + SK, VCh CZ Baron Elva Bohemia U (5/2/1996-) [2/2]

Out of Ajsa od Ptaciho Blata:

Amarylis Slapska alej (5/10/1995-) [0/0]
Aplaus Slapska Alej (5/10/1995-)
JCH CZ Aura Slapska alej (5/10/1995-) [0/0]
Aramis Slapska Alej (5/10/1995-) [HDD 0/0]

Out of Palma z Vlcich Luk:

Mona Luk (5/20/1996-) [HDD 1/0]

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