Golden Retriever

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Offspring of Ch. Dorion Belaja (11/12/1988-5/11/2003)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Neli Z Vlčich Luk:

Upa Z Vlčich Luk

Out of Gabi ze Slunecne Strane CS:

Sibrina Diabolo CS [HD A1]

Out of Fara z Vlcich luk:

Gina od Kletecke hraze (1/2/1996-) [HDD 0/0]

Out of Illinois Golden Araukarity:

Cyntha Golden Nandi (3/13/1996-) [HDD 0/2]
Carmen Golden Nandi (3/13/1996-) [HDD 1/1]

Out of Rita Diabolo:

Fati z Mlynarovy pece

Out of Petra z Vlcich luk:

Alma z Vlci stepi
Bonnie z Jezerni louky (6/10/1994-) [HDD 2/1]

Out of Nina z Vlcich luk:

Dor Zlata Vysocina (7/28/1996-6/11/2009)
Cilka Zlata Vysocina (4/30/1995-) [HDD 0/0]
Brenda Zlata Vysocina (8/7/1994-) [HDD 0/0]
Bona Zlata Vysocina (8/7/1994-) [HDD 1/0]
Betty Zlata Vysocina (8/7/1994-) [HDD 0/0]
Bella Zlata Vysocina (8/7/1994-7/9/2005) [HDD 0/0]

Out of Hany od Roudenskeho rybnika:

Jina od Roudenskeho rybnika (3/22/1994-) [HDD 2/2]

Out of Elsa Z Jivat:

Nancy z Jivat (12/11/1992-) [HDD 0/0]

Out of Rita z Vlcich luk:

Bora z Vlci stepi (4/6/1995-) [HDD 0/0]

Out of Edna z Jivat:

Ch CZ Aida z Tlukoce (3/17/1992-2/6/2005) [0/0]

Out of Borka Dunajsky mlyn:

Nada z Vlci stepi
Ola z Vlci Stepi

Out of Laura z Vlci stepi:

Bara od Kletecke hraze

Out of Nora z Vlcich Luk:

Dina od Karla IV
Gita od Karla IV
Gabi od Karla IV (12/10/1992-) [HDD 1/1]
Dora od Karla IV

Out of Lizz z Vlci stepi:

Cita z Vlcich luk (CLP/GR/2935/95) (4/10/1993-) [HDD 0/0]
Clea z Vlcich luk

Out of Dyce Belaja:

Gara z Vlcich luk (3/22/1994-) [HDD 0/2]
Sona z Vlcich luk (1993-)
Gora z Vlcich luk (3/22/1994-) [HDD 1/0]

Out of Corina Golden Araukarity:

Arina Bohemian Gold
Agie Bohemian Gold/Aige Bohemian Gold [1/2]
Art Bohemian Gold (7/24/1991-)

Out of Enny z Jivat:

Brent Mirdan (11/10/1992-) [0/0]
Aneta Mirdan
Bonanza Mirdan
Arabela Mirdan

Out of Cedra Golden Araukarity:

Axa Ru-Slan (8/16/1991-)
CHampion CZ Aria Ru-Slan (1991-2005)
Aisa Ru-Slan (8/16/1991-) [0/1]

Out of Hana z Vlcich Luk:

Galanty z Vlci Stepi (11/19/1995-) [HDD 1/0]

Out of Ch CZ Alka Golden Araukarity:

ENY Venušiny luhy
Eliada Venusiny Luhy
Cira Venusiny Luhy
Any Venusiny luhy
Alpaka Venusiny luhy (6/22/1991-)
Alma Venusiny luhy
Aero Venusiny luhy (6/22/1991-)
Brina Venusiny Luhy
Atika Venusine Luhy
CELINA Venusiny Luhy
Ala Venusiny Luhy (1991-)

Out of Ala Venusiny Luhy:

Anka od Ptaciho blata
Aisa od Ptaciho blata (7/10/1993-) [HDD 0/0]
Ajsa od Ptaciho Blata (7/10/1993-) [0/0]

Out of Haja z Vlcich Luk:

Nikola z Vlcich luk (7/23/1996-) [HDD 0/0]
Basra z Vlcich Luk (10/14/1995-) [HDD 2/0]

Out of Aike Golden Araukarity:

Meda z Vlcich luk (10/23/1994-) [HDD 0/0]

Out of Palma z Vlcich Luk:

Erika Luk
Inka Luk (5/10/1994-) [HDD 0/0]
Ida Luk (5/10/1994-) [HDD 0/0]
Ina Luk (5/10/1994-) [HDD 2/2]
Gaja Luk
Betty Luk (9/27/1991-)
Endy Luk (Dorion Belaja x Palma z Vlcich Luk)
Elsa Luk (10/29/1992-) [0/0]
Belinda Luk
Gita Luk

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