Golden Retriever

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Offspring of Can CH OTCH Val's Dolly Can *** OD Am WC (2/18/1973-1985)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

By Am/Can CH. High Farms Luxembourg WC:

Ambertrail's Tzar (8/14/1976-)
Ambertrail's Special Edition (8/14/1976-)
Ambertrail's Magda (8/14/1976-)
Ambertrail's Keep Sake (8/14/1976-)
Ambertrail's Katie of Stonewall (8/14/1976-)
Ambertrail's Spartan King (8/14/1976-)
Ambertrail's Spiral Band CDX WC (8/14/1976-)
CanCH Ambertrail's Carrie-On UD (8/14/1976-)
Ambertrail's Brandy Alexander Can CD (8/14/1976-)

By Am/Can Ch High Farms Jantze Of Curacao Can CD TDX Am CDX TD WC OS:

Ambertrail's Tanner (9/15/1979-)
Ambertrail's Golden Brick (9/15/1979-)
Ambertrail's Quickstep (6/23/1975-)
Ambertrail's Jessica (6/23/1975-)
Ambertrail's Autumn Contessa (6/23/1975-)
Can. CH OTCH Ambertrail's Caringorm (6/23/1975-)
CanCH Ambertrail's Maximum AmCD (6/23/1975-)
CanOTCH Ambertrail's The Rowdyman (9/15/1979-) [OFA GR-16140 ]
Ambertrail's Sunshine CanCD (9/15/1979-)
CanCH Ambertrail's Peaches 'N Cream (9/15/1979-)
Ambertrail's Obiwan Kenobi CanCD (9/15/1979-)
Ambertrail's Lord Waldenway Can WC CD (9/15/1979-) [OFA GR-12055-T]
Can OTCH CH Ambertrail's Kelsey (6/23/1975-)
Ambertrail's Shield Wolf Can WC (9/15/1979-)
Am./Can. CH. OTCH Ambertrail's Bargello Stitch Am./Can. UD TDX WCX Bda. UD TDX OD (6/23/1975-7/10/1989) [OFA GR-6121]
Can Ch Ambertrail's Honey Bee Can. *** CDX Am. WCX OD (6/23/1975-)

By Am./Can. CH. Captain Neil's Goldstorm CD WCX OS:

Ambertrail's Windy Storm (11/7/1977-)
Ambertrail's Chelsea (11/7/1977-)
Ambertrail's Tuborg (11/7/1977-)
Ambertrail's Mike (11/7/1977-)
Ambertrail's Paladon (11/7/1977-)
Ambertrail's Xiao Jin (11/7/1977-)
Ambertrail's Three Star General (11/7/1977-)
Ambertrail's Czar Nicholas (11/7/1977-)
CanOTCH Ambertrail's Soleil Golden Girl (11/7/1977-)

By Am./Can. CH. Ambertrail's Flatbush Flanagan Am./Can. CD OS:

Ambertrail's Rocket Robin (12/1/1980-)
Ambertrail's Cobush Toffy (12/1/1980-)
Ambertrail's Cobush Sable (12/1/1980-)
Ambertrail's Golden Nugget (12/1/1980-)
Ambertrail's The Happy Roofer CanCDX (12/1/1980-)
Can CH OTCH Ambertrail's Dreamweaver Can TDX WCX (12/1/1980-4/10/1992) [OFA GR-20510-T-G-58]
Ambertrail's Cash-On-Delivery CanCD (12/1/1980-)

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