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Offspring of GBFTCh Glencoin Digger of Saddleworth (3/9/1978-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Pagetslea Dianna:

Pagetslea Yellow Major

Out of Great Alne Tinker:

Greatalne Bracken

Out of Farro Unique Wedding:

Farro Adelle (1985-)

Out of Valantina Saffron:

Black Bess Of Annapurna

Out of Veraton Black Cherry:

Tedsmore Toby

Out of Canwell Chantry Jess:

Tango Of Saddleworth

Out of Helsarfon Bryfen:

Peplow Prospector

Out of Brenjon Emma:

Brenjon Jasmine

Out of Sol Saddleworth:

Saddleworth Tessa
Bella Of Talibeth
Shot Scott

Out of Japhil Honey:

Melodius Sarah

Out of Beth of Stafford:

Wogan of Hinderton (1984-)
Kenour Ziggy (1984-)
Kenour Quill (1984-)
Kenour Quest (1984-)
Kenour Nelson (1984-)
Zola of Tixall (1984-)

Out of Sally Lyle:

Just Clyde

Out of Cyffredyn Tark:

Windmill Lad

Out of Halkmoor Slipper:

Hopelevel Prince

Out of Brenjon Fay:

Pittville's Lady Sadie

Out of Trentfields Angela:

Magnolia of Mossland

Out of Teal's Blackshadow:

Jet of Lesburn

Out of Aristocratic Lady:

Buryhill Babour Girl (3/21/1989-) [BVA 5/12]

Out of bumyhill artstocrat lady:

buryhill bourbour girl

Out of Beryn Black Pepper:

Beryn Golden Star of Pinchbeck

Out of Whitacre Nightglow:

Mandacre Skylark

Out of Hudwick Sindy:

Oakleaf Susie

Out of Brenjon Dana of Saddleworth:

Dixon's Digger Of Reabrook
Stanthorne Meg
Saddleworth Dipper
Saddleworth Beech (1984-)
Karenmore Dagger (1984-)
Hattonburn Scott (1984-)
Amazing Wonder Glen (1984-)
Saddleworth Clint
Ingae of Valkery
Saddleworth Edan of Birchstone (1983-)
Cynhinfa Tessa (1984-)

Out of Tammy of Glebespray:

Baxter Of Saddleworth
Glebespray Angel

Out of Yarwood Tess:

Mallardy Fetchit of Pickforal (12/30/1985-) [3-3 (06/18/1987)]

Out of Sandbrook Bella:

Sandbrook Meg (4/3/1983-)

Out of Run Around Sheba:

Meadow View Sadie
Drakeley Heath Holly (1983-)
Calcuta Rose

Out of FTAW Drumnagally Bess:

Glenbriar Tweed

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