Golden Retriever

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Offspring of Can Ch Ambertrail's Honey Bee Can. *** CDX Am. WCX OD (6/23/1975-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

By Ambertrail's Waterfowling Kaz:

Ambertrail's Ready-Willin-N-Able (9/8/1979-)
Ambertrail's Sally (9/8/1979-)
Ambertrail's Emile (9/8/1979-)
Ambertrail's Blind Luck (9/8/1979-)
Ambertrail's Legend Admira (9/8/1979-) [OFA GR-12307-T]
Ambertrail's Sybil CanCD (9/8/1979-)
Ambertrail's Candy CanCD (9/8/1979-)

By Can CH Bonnotay's Beau Barak Can WC:

Ambertrail's Gypsy Queen (3/7/1977-)
Ambertrail's Miss Muffin (3/7/1977-)
Ambertrail's Golden Topaz (3/7/1977-)
Ambertrail's McDuff (3/7/1977-)
Ambertrail's Fool's Gold (3/7/1977-)
Ambertrail's Maxim Joie De Vivre (3/7/1977-)
Ambertrail's A Taste Of Honey (3/7/1977-) [OFA GR-8157]
Ambertrail's RPM (3/7/1977-)
Ambertrail's MPH CanCD (3/7/1977-)
Ambertrail's Tana Belle CD *** (3/7/1977-) [OFA GR-8603-T]

By Can CH Topbrass Radar of Ambertrail:

Ambertrail's Elsa (3/21/1983-)
Ambertrail's Tamara (3/21/1983-)
Ambertrail's Tar-Bee Max (3/21/1983-)
Ambertrail's Kane (3/21/1983-)
Ambertrail's Tigger (3/21/1983-)
Ambertrail's Xanadu (3/21/1983-)
Ambertrail's Sunny (3/21/1983-)
Ambertrail's Apache Extra (3/21/1983-)
Ambertrail's Farley (3/21/1983-)

By Can CH Ambertrail's Golden Scarab Can CD SDHF:

Ambertrail's Brandon Jag (1/14/1982-)
Ambertrail's Rab-Bee Fame (1/14/1982-)
Ambertrail's Golden Aussie (1/14/1982-)
Ambertrail's Hug Me (1/14/1982-) [OFA GR-16676-T]
Ambertrail's Shady Lady (1/14/1982-)
CanOTCH Ambertrail's Boutch Rapporteur (1/14/1982-) [OFA GR-16943-T ]
Can CH Ambertrail's Southern Belle (1/14/1982-)

By Am./Can. CH. Captain Neil's Goldstorm CD WCX OS:

Ambertrail's Timberlea Lass (12/2/1980-)
Ambertrail's Sto-Bee Samantha (12/2/1980-)
Ambertrail's Sto-Bee Sunny (12/2/1980-)
Ambertrail's Sto-Bee Charlie (12/2/1980-)
Ambertrail's Buckwheat Charlie (11/29/1978-)
Ambertrail's Northern Sundance CanCDX (12/2/1980-)
Can CH Ambertrail's Maverick Can CD (12/2/1980-) [OFA GR-14391-T]
Can CH Ambertrail's Penny Arcade (11/29/1978-)
Am./Can. CH. Ambertrail's Flatbush Flanagan Am./Can. CD OS (11/29/1978-8/9/1989) [OFA GR-12743G24M-T]

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