Golden Retriever

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Offspring of WW'01,EW'99,02, Multi & Int Ch, Ch Fr/Ger/Lux/Swi/VDH Paudell Pure Passion (7/18/1997-2/2011)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Ring a Bell of Glen sheallag:

Salsa de l'Hubac de Gaget [HD-A]

Out of High Endeavour's Regal of Duckinson:

Duckinson Topless Stratton (11/6/2002-)

Out of Aurora Av Vervik:

ICH Be My Rider of Gosh (2006-) [A/A]

Out of GCH Russia Miss Money Penny (dam of Grace Perl Jam):


Out of romanza del sogno antico:

Dancer (daughter of romanza del sogno antico)
Comet (daughter of romanza del sogno antico) (12/24/2003-) [B]
vixen (daughter of romanza del sogno antico)

Out of Ashbury Secret Dream:

Ashbury Betty Boop (7/27/2007-)


French Affair of Baywatch (6/21/2002-)

Out of News in brief of Glen Sheallag:

Voxanne de la Calinerie de Zoe Trialer (2/7/2004-)

Out of Isis Luna Star of Milky Way:

Magic Manja Katie Star of Milkyway (2/25/2004-)

Out of Royal Crest Gold-n Tidalwave:

Royal Crest Gold-N BabyLove

Out of Tess du Domaine des Rives de l'Erdre:

Epsilon Noroy du Plessy (4/19/2005-)

Out of Sunshine Mousse:

springtime sugar (2001-) [A/A 200?]

Out of puzzle des fields du real:

Tell Me Please Des Roches Du Mettey

Out of Music for you des vives:

Pistache colour des Vives
simple story des vives
Pollen des Vives
Sam des Vives (10/23/2001-) [B 200?]

Out of Nacarena des Fields du Real:

Rio Grande des Fields du Real
Seven des Fields du Real (2002-)
Rock'n Roll des Fields du Real [A1/A1]
Sunset Boulevard des Fields du Ral (12/11/2001-)

Out of PT CH Karvin Piedra Plata:

Kowalski Kournikova

Out of Trialer, INT/SPA CH, GBZ JCH Timanfaya de Ria Vela (Top Spanish Brood 2008'09'13):

Nana Supergirl de Ria Vela (6/18/2006-)
Super Doll de Ria Vela (6/18/2006-)
Shaman King de Ria Vela (6/18/2006-)
Kiss Me Licia de Ria Vela (6/18/2006-) [C1]
EST CH Magica Emi de Ria Vela (6/18/2006-) [A/A (2007)]
Lovely Sara de Ria Vela (6/18/2006-) [BVA 7:5]
Captain Harlock de Ria Vela (6/18/2006-)
SPA CH Sailor Moon de Ria Vela (6/18/2006-) [BVA 8-6]
INT CH, SPA/PT CH Dolce Candy de Ria Vela (6/18/2006-8/16/2018) [BVA 4-3]

Out of Jazzie of Yellow Happiness:

L'As of Yellow Happiness [B1]

Out of Lorette du P'tit Coin de Paradis:

shadow-tascha-paudell du p'tit coin de paradis
Sirius Paudell du P'tit Coin de Paradis (4/29/2001-)

Out of Labelle du P'tit Coin de Paradis:

CHIB Sunny-Paudell du P'tit Coin de Paradis

Out of Ashbury Secret Story:

Ashbury Up Side Down

Out of Pl. Ch. Especial Elaine of Quaxsus:

Dt.Ch.(VDH),Dt.Ch.Pl.Ch. Catch the Wind French Affair (8/17/2000-6/21/2011) [A2]

Out of Naomee of Golden Saga:

Redness du domaine des rives de l'erdre
Rhea du Domaine des Rives de l'Erdre (2000-)

Out of Pure Emotional Rescue de Champernoune:

Swan Song de la Tribu Doree (4/11/2001-) [A1B1]
Stand by Me de la Tribu Doree (4/11/2001-) [A1]

Out of Victoria of the Hellacious Acres:

Jacob of the Hellacious Acres (12/25/2005-) [HD B1]
German VDH Ch Jacquetta of the Hellacious Acres
Bailey of the Hellacious Acres (11/26/2004-)
UK Sh.Ch.Dutch.Ch. Barnum of the Hellacious Acres VDH.CH.Ger.Jun.Ch W'2008 (11/26/2004-) [FCI A]

Out of Lux.Ch/It.Ch/Ripr.Ch Lamier's Isabella:

all or nothing at all (3/15/2001-)
Italian CH, Stud dog CH Gamble in a tris Junior Italian CH (3/15/2001-) [BVA 10:4]

Out of Imperium Salonae Warm Smile:

Imperium Salonae Silba (6/10/2006-) [A]
Imperium Salonae Simon (10/6/2006-)
Imperium Salonae Scarlett (10/6/2006-) [FCI A]
Imperium Salonae Santos (6/10/2006-) [A HQ 0,95]
Imperium Salonae Salome (6/10/2006-) [FCI A]

Out of CHIB O'haras des Fields de Mauny:

Peace and Plenty Real Life (7/20/2000-)
FTCh, TRIALER Peace and Plenty Ready for Romance (7/20/2000-) [FCI A (0)]

Out of Stonedale Celestial Blue:

Ch Imperium Salonae Tom Ford (11/10/2005-) [FCI A]

Out of Miss Josie of the Morning Valley:

Gladword's Al Capone (12/10/2004-)
Gladword's Audrey Rose (12/10/2004-) [B1]

Out of SU(u)CH Never Mind Of Glen Sheallag:

Guldruschen's Rocksteady Love (9/15/2000-) [A/A]
Guldruschen's Mark My Step (9/15/2000-) [A/A 2001]

Out of Ashbury Sweet Summer Night:

Djalisco Blue Moon (3/24/2004-) [A2]

Out of Hiekkakankaan inen Las Vegas-Salli:

Janice vom Gehrenfeld (10/10/2000-) [D2]
Joy vom Gehrenfeld (10/10/2000-) [A1]

Out of De Na Mora Dolores O'Riodan:

Dakar de Lua Dos Celtas

Out of Daily Rays Snow Crystal:

German Vet Ch (VDH) Daily Rays Sun Crystal (6/29/2003-) [A2]
BiH & Lux CH Daily Rays Sun Shine (6/29/2003-)
HeVW-13 LtVW-14 LvVW-15 BaltVCh EeVCh LtVCh LvVCH Daily Rays Royal Sun Rise (6/29/2003-) [FCI A/A (2005)]
German Ch. VDH Daily Rays Touch of Sun (6/29/2003-5/27/2016) [A/A (01.07.2004)]
Daily Rays My Sun My Star (6/29/2003-)

Out of Sjakk Matt av Vervik:

Chaveni's Magic Passion (6/18/2005-)
Chavenis Sweet Passion
DKCH(U) Chaveni's Real Passion (6/18/2005-) [B1]

Out of VET CH Adora z Tvarozenskych haju:

Blossom of Passion Goldy Forever (8/17/2005-) [A/A (2008)]
Born for Passion Goldy Forever (8/17/2005-)
August Passion Goldy Forever (9/21/2003-) [2/2]
Amazing Passion Goldy Forever (9/21/2003-)
Amiable Passion Goldy Forever (9/21/2003-) [2/1]
Berry of Passion Goldy Forever (8/17/2005-) [A/A (2006)]
Beautiful Passion Goldy Forever (8/17/2005-) [DKK 0/0]
Angel Of Passion Goldy Forever (9/21/2003-) [A/A (2005)]
CZ Champion, SK Champion Attractive Passion Goldy Forever (9/21/2003-) [A/B (2004)]
PL JCH. / CZ JCH. / SK JCH. / CZ & PL Champion Astral Passion Goldy Forever (9/21/2003-) [A/B (2004)]
Amorous Passion Goldy Forever (9/21/2003-) [A/A (2004)]
Always Passion Goldy Forever (9/21/2003-) [A/B (2004)]

Out of Aphrodite von Bionda Ragazza:

Limaro's Golden Celestial Soul Constantino (1/31/2004-)
Limaro's Golden Classic Touch Cyrano
Limaro's Golden Comme Il Faut Celian (1/31/2004-)
Limaro's Golden Coeur Dr Camus (1/31/2004-)

Out of Gr.Ch. Pastille Of Glen Sheallag:

INT.CH.GR. Serendipity Takes Two To Tango (1/20/2003-) [FCI A]
Gr.Ch. Serendipity Treasured Goddess Artemis
Serendipity Tinker Bell
Serendipity Teddy Boy

Out of Woodlane Celtic Legend Dana:

Woodlane Ganja My Love (7/3/2002-) [A1/A1]
Woodlane Garou-Wubitt (7/3/2002-) [A 1]

Out of Castlewood Araba:

July Nubia of Alimas Castle (7/28/1999-)
July Nous of Alima's Castle (7/28/1999-10/27/2008) [Unknown E1]

Out of Elda Yavanna:

Ivee Yavanna (4/25/2002-) [HD-B1]
Ines Yavanna (4/25/2002-)
Irma Yavanna (4/25/2002-)
Isman Yavanna (4/25/2002-)
Itan Yavanna (4/25/2002-)
Ivan Yavanna (4/25/2002-) [HD-A1]
CH PL Imaginary Friend Yavanna (4/25/2002-) [Unknown A1]

Out of Frula de Cal Arana:

SPA, PT CH Cal Arana Ravel (4/4/2001-)
Onis de Cal Arana (3/29/1999-)
Cal Arana Romeo (4/4/2001-)
Cal Arana Raphia (4/4/2001-2/22/2014) [5/6]
SPA CH Oliver Twist de Cal Arana (3/29/1999-) [BVA 6.3]
SPA/PT CH Oran de Cal Arana (3/29/1999-)

Out of Nectarine of Glen Sheallag:

Rae of Glen Sheallag [A0/B0]

Out of SPA CH Quiver Of Glen Sheallag:

Penelope de Cal Arana
SPA CH Para Elisa de Cal Arana (9/26/1999-) [HD A/A (19??)]

Out of Gr Ch Ossien Of Glen Sheallag:

Road Runner Of Glen Sheallag [A/A ]
WW'02, AW'02 , Spanish Ch. Rumble Tumble of Glen Sheallag (8/29/2000-) [A/B]
Rhyme or Reason of glen sheallag
Recto Verso of Glen Sheallag [A/B]
V-EW'04, Mlt & IntCh,GrChUa,ChMol/Bye/Rus/Bul/Pol Robin Hood of Glen Sheallag All-ukrainian Winner'03, 05, Winner of RRC (8/29/2000-1/23/2011) [A1]

Out of december morning of the crow valley:

Alpha Sardegna (2/2/2002-)

Out of Trialer, INT CH, FR CH Ashbury Lovely Lisane:

Ashbury Summer Sun (8/20/2001-10/2011) [HD A (RCF) 200?]
Ashbury Peace and Love [A/A (200?)]
ICH, TRIALER Ashbury Please Tell Me (8/8/1999-) [A/B (2000?)]

Out of Ashbury Last Seduction:

Ashbury Seed of Love (6/30/2001-) [A1]
Ashbury Stairway To Heaven (6/30/2001-) [0/0]

Out of Ashbury Oh Pretty Girl:

Ashbury Time After Time
Ashbury The Sweet Temptation
Ashbury Rhythm and Blues [A0]
Ashbury Robbers Rumbling Rose [E1]
CH IB, Lux, Suisse Ashbury Real Pleasure (9/20/2000-11/2011) [Unknown A/A (200?)]
Ashbury Ray Of Hope (9/20/2000-)

Out of Moonlight des Berberis:

Ulline of Far And Away (2/22/2003-) [FCI A/B]
Ch Monaco Under The Blue Dream of Far and Away (2/24/2003-) [A/B (2004)]
Solenne of Far And Away (1/3/2001-)
Int, France, German, Lux Ch Sweetness of Far and Away (3/1/2001-)
Sunlight of Far and Away (3/1/2001-)
Sunshine of Far and Away (1/3/2001-) [A/A 200?]
Sotheby's Chelsea of Far and Away (1/3/2001-)

Out of IntCh,ChFr Guldruschen's Up Side Down:

Swedish-Spanish-Lux-Gibraltar CH. Prime Time of Glen Sheallag (4/28/1999-) [6-4]

Out of German Ch, Lux. Ch Ritzilyn Chelsea Blue:

Spencheal Zizitop (2000-)
MCH, Austrian Double Ch, Ger, VDH, Swe, A Ch, JCh Spencheal Ziggystar Brussels Winner (10/14/2000-) [1]

Out of DKCH Gembaek's Joy of Music:

JWW'02 Gembaek's Pure Passion of Music (9/7/2001-) [B1B2]

Out of Kapplandet's Arctic-Rose:

Aurens Ice Diamond (7/21/2002-)
Aurens Instant Attraction (7/21/2002-) [5:3]
Aurens Ivory Rose (7/21/2002-) [3:3]

Out of ICH, JCH CZ+SK, CH CZ+SK+PL+A+HU Karvin Kind of Magic Qualified for Crufts 2006, Top winning bitch 2002:

C Who's Magic Is Friendly (6/1/2003-) [C/C (2005)]
CH CZ Catkin Magic Is Friendly (6/1/2003-) [C/C (2004)]
C I'm Magic Is Friendly (6/1/2003-) [A/A (2004)]

Out of Europajugendsieger 2001 Zohra Of Lyndiewood:

Int. Ch Bremington Of Lyndiewood CCA CGC (7/5/2002-9/23/2016) [OFA GR-83749G26F-PI]
Britt of Lyndiewood
Bella Of Lyndiewood (7/5/2002-) [OFC 0027300]

Out of Woodsmoor Enchanted Love At Canina:

INT CH Stonedale Whispers of Love (12/4/2003-)
Croatian CH Stonedale Weekend Lover (12/4/2003-)

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