Golden Retriever

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Offspring of EW'15, Multi Ch. Majik Truth Or Dare NL/D/VDH/LUX/INT/SE/DK BDSG '10, Am.Winner '10 (3/18/2009-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of True Beauty v.d Gouden Spetters:

Follow Rivers A New Beginning (9/1/2014-) [FCI A]

Out of Jabbering Joy Aya:

Touch of Magic Enjoy The Moment
Touch of Magic Enjoy The Game

Out of Joy and Devotion's English Heritage:

Joy and Devotion's Great News (1/8/2013-) [FCI C]

Out of Ch Dutch Consolidation After All:

Dutch Consolidation All Trades (10/14/2015-) [OFA GR-120609E24M-VPI]

Out of Cloud Catcher of faithful Goldendreams:

Delightful Polly of faithful Goldendreams (1/4/2016-)

Out of Dutch CH Herwildy's Vera-Lynn BLX JCH, Lux JCH, Benelux Junior Winner 2014 + 2015:

Xanthous Silver Spring (3/27/2017-) [FCI HD-A]

Out of Skylock Brilliant Disguise:

Dooly Dog's Hot Box (10/18/2012-)

Out of BE, Lux JCH Thevenet Enamorada:


Out of Dt.Ch./Hr.Ch Princess of Wales Happy Company:

Golden Island of Love Espresso (4/11/2016-)

Out of Steal A Glance v.d. Golden Angels:

Phidelity v.d. Golden Angels (2/21/2011-) [A]

Out of Aust CH Montego Dream A Little Dream:

Montego Dare to be True (A.I) (9/13/2014-)
Montego Nigella (A.I) (9/13/2014-)
Montego Absolute Truth (9/13/2014-) [BVA 3:4/7]
UCI Int CH Montego Double Majik (9/13/2014-)

Out of NL CH, NL/DE JCH Landking Here Comes The Sun:

JCH Dutch Consolidation Sunbird
Dutch & German J CH Dutch Consolidation Sun Screen (6/13/2015-) [AA]
Dutch Consolidation Sunray (6/13/2015-) [FCI A1/A2]
Dutch Consolidation Sunrise (6/13/2015-)

Out of Jollygold sweet sacrifice:

Golden Mermaid's Truth Of Aruba (4/21/2013-) [FCI A - A]
Golden Mermaid´s Dare for Saba (4/21/2013-) [FCI A - A]

Out of Sheldrick Bonjour Penelope:

Sheldrick Jar Jar Binks (7/18/2012-) [A2/A2]

Out of Golden Rose-Bay's Jättefin:

Golden Rose Bay's Northern Mystery Light
C.I.B., Blr, Rus, Pl, Ukr Ch Golden Rose-Bay's Nordic Magical Mystery (4/5/2014-) [ HD A]

Out of Messano Expialidocious JW:

Messano All or Nothing [4:6]
Messano Yin or Yang (7/18/2013-) [FCI HD A]
Messano Double Or Quits (7/18/2013-) [7:3]

Out of Zirkonia v.d. Tender Bende:

Hurry Up v.d. Tender Bende (10/10/2016-)
Happy Heart v.d. Tender Bende (10/10/2016-)
Hotpants v.d. Tender Bende (10/10/2016-) [FCI A]
Hit and Run v.d. Tender Bende (10/10/2016-)
Highlight Hunter v.d. Tender Bende (10/10/2016-)
High Quality v.d. Tender Bende (10/10/2016-)
High Five v.d. Tender Bende (10/10/2016-)

Out of Jobeka Jemima Puddleduck:

INT.Ch Ö.CH Elkarima‘s Golden Huckleberry Finn (2/5/2014-) [FCI C]
Elkarima's Golden Harlequin Knight [10:15]
Elkarima's Golden Harlequin Knight At Gemasu

Out of CH. Ramchaine Monkeynut:

Ramchaine Hidden Truth (7/8/2012-) [FCI A/A]
UK Sh. Ch./Int/Dutch/Ger/VDH/DK(U)/Swe.CH/ Lux. Ch. Ramchaine Moment of Truth Est/LatCH. Dutch/GerJCH (7/7/2012-) [AA]
Ramchaine Truly Scrumptious (9/7/2012-) [OFA GR-111721G24F-VPI]

Out of Debby von der Ivangsheide:

Dt. Jgd. Ch. Hummel von der Ivangsheide (5/25/2011-) [FCI A2 / A2]
Dt. Ch. VDH Henry von der Ivangsheide (5/25/2011-) [A2 / A2]
Helly von der Ivangsheide (5/25/2011-) [A2]

Out of Oh La La v.d. Tender Bende:

Untamed Beauty v.d. Tender Bende (10/28/2010-)
Uptown Girl v.d. Tender Bende (10/28/2010-)
Uptodate v.d. Tender Bende (10/28/2010-)
Upsadaisy v.d. Tender Bende (10/28/2010-)
Universe Miss v.d. Tender Bende (10/28/2010-) [HD A]
Upper Class v.d. Tender Bende (10/28/2010-)
Ultimate Choice v.d. Tender Bende (10/28/2010-)
Utopia Walhalla v.d. Tender Bende (10/28/2010-)

Out of Zampanzar I Love Paris:

Elysian Blonds Fleur de Lys (6/21/2013-) [FCI A2/A2]
Elysian Blonds Fatal Attraction (6/21/2013-) [D2 / D2]

Out of Fame Of Sunshine's Valley (Selection2010):

Multi Ch / Trialer Legendary Of Sunshine's Valley JW (3/30/2012-) [B1 ( 4-4 BVA)]

Out of Multi.Ch.,C.I.E.,Dt.Ch.GRC+DRC,VDH,San Marino Ch. Shyra's Golden Fine:

Cross Meadows Golden Bosko (11/30/2016-)
Cross Meadows Golden Buddy (11/30/2016-)
Cross Meadows Golden Benno (11/30/2016-)
Cross Meadows Golden Bondgirl Rosalie (11/30/2016-)
Cross Meadows Golden Betsy (11/30/2016-)
Cross Meadows Golden Bella Emma (11/30/2016-)
Cross Meadows Golden Balti (11/30/2016-)
Cross Meadows Golden Betty (11/30/2016-)


BUTTERFLY OLIMPIA z Karczewskich Szuwarów

Out of JP11 Ira da Quinta da Cavada:

Landking Ready or Not (1/12/2016-) [A / A1]

Out of Int.Sh.Ch. Forever Yours My Love Of Splendour:

Int Sh Ch Dash to Class of the Morning Valley (10/8/2013-) [C/B]

Out of Linirgor Oops I Did It Again at Millanza 2 CC, 1 RCC:

Millanza Bedtime Story [5:6]
UK Sh Ch Millanza Take A Bow [BVA 6:12]

Out of CIE & POR. CH. Costa Artabra Seabreeze LPW 2011:

Costa Artabra Thaumas (3/9/2013-)
Costa Artabra Proteus (3/9/2013-)
Costa Artabra Poseidon (3/9/2013-) [BVA B/C]
Costa Artabra Eurybia to Lilliegarden (3/9/2013-5/15/2014) [BVA 5:15]

Out of CH Miss Tiggy-Winkle v/d Corner Brook:

Led Zeppelin V/D Corner Brook (5/19/2017-) [FCI A/A]
JCH Queen v.d. Corner Brook (5/19/2017-)

Out of Freja's Fairy Tale at Thuaidh:

Thuaidh Walk on By (9/23/2013-) [A]

Out of Can. Ch. Tashora I Believe:

Can Ch Tashora Dare to Be Cool CDX, RE, WC, CGN (6/24/2013-) [OFA GR-11396G24F-VPI]

Out of Milbu Nadina C.I.E., C.I.B., LV,LT,UA,RU,EE,PL,BY,MD,CY,AZ, BALT Ch:

Lissandra Sidus Aureum
INT, LV, EE, LT, RU, BY, UA, PL, CZ, BALT Ch Lissandra Siduss Aureum (4/5/2013-) [AA]
Lorenza Siduss Aureum (4/5/2013-) [FCI A]

Out of Can CH Dutch Consolidation Sunday Mirror WC:

Braefield Now or Never (8/9/2015-)
Braefield Love or Money (8/9/2015-)
Braefield Believe It or Not (8/9/2015-)
Braefield Rain or Shine (8/9/2015-)
Braefield Trix or Treat (8/9/2015-)
CanCH Braefield Deal or No Deal (8/9/2015-) [OFA GR-119953E24M-VPI]
Braefield Fact or Fiction (8/9/2015-)
CanCH Braefield A Dove For Brevmac (8/9/2015-) [OFA GR-120065E24F-VPI]
Can Ch Braefield Ready Or Elsa (8/9/2015-) [OFA GR-120175G26F-VPI]

Out of Maybe Forever Sea The Stars:

INT CH, PT CH, SPA JCH Maybe Forever Only You (10/14/2011-) [BVA 6-7]

Out of Can GRCH, U-CH, Int'l CH, Nat'l JCH Tea Rose Of The Morning Valley CCA:

Goldensglen First and Goal (11/24/2012-) [BVA 4:3/OFA GR-112440G25M-VPI]
AM CH/Can GCH Goldensglen First Prize CGC, THD, BISS (11/24/2012-) [OFA GR-114233G32M-VPI]
Int'l/Nat'l JCH Goldensglen First Kiss CCA (11/24/2012-) [BVA 7:5]

Out of Cathy von der Suedermarsch:

Autumn's Golden Amber vom Domaenental (9/15/2012-)

Out of Dt.Ch.(VDH),Poln.Ch.Poln.Jug.Ch.Dt.Vet.Ch(VDH) Catch the Wind Pebbles:

Catch the Wind Yessie (3/19/2011-) [A2 / A2]
Catch the Wind Yara (3/19/2011-) [B1 / B2]
Pol. Ch. Catch the Wind Yukon (3/19/2011-)
Dt.Ch.(VDH),Dt.Ch.Club,Poln.Ch.,Poln.Jug.Ch. Catch the Wind Yoyo (3/19/2011-) [FCI B1/ B2]

Out of Vive la Vie Béarnice:

Dt.Ch.VDH, DRC Dolce Compagno Alessio l'homme libre (9/12/2012-) [FCI A2/A2]
Dt.JCh., CJS'13 Dolce Compagno Aura Euphoria (9/12/2012-) [A2/A2]

Out of Never Leaving My Love of Splendour:

Crossly Golden's Beverly (6/3/2014-) [FCI A ]

Out of Ask for Naomi of Carolin's Cottage:

Pink Elephant's Chanel N°5 [FCI A/A]
Pink Elephant's Campino Royal (4/21/2011-) [A/A]
Pink Elephant's Campari Rouge (4/21/2011-) [A/B]

Out of ÖJCH Infinity of Schloss Windsor:

Pink Elephant's Dragon Fighter (4/28/2011-) [A/A]
Pink Elephant's Diamond Ruby (4/28/2011-) [FCI A/A]

Out of Broadway of The Morning Valley:

Moondust Tarquin (4/2/2014-) [OFA GR-116128G24M-VPI]
JChRus,ChRus,JChNGRC,ChNGRC,ChRKF Moondust Delmoss (4/2/2014-) [A/A]
Multi BIS.Ina.Ch. Moondust Scappa (4/6/2012-)
JCH Moondust Estacy (2/4/2014-) [FCI HD A]
RoJCh, RoCH, SrbCH Moondust Highlander (2/4/2014-) [FCI HD A]
JchUa, Mol, Breed, Ch UA, Mol, Bir, Bes Moondust Faberge (4/2/2014-)
Moondust Talisker (6/4/2012-) [A (AVEPA)]
Moondust Abelour (4/6/2012-) [BVA 4:5]
Aust Ch Moondust Glenlivit
Moondust Aberfeldy (4/6/2012-)
Moondust Caol Ila (4/6/2012-)
Mondust Talisker (4/6/2012-)
Moondust Scapa (4/6/2012-)

Out of SE U(U)CH, JWW-10 Dewmist Glitterinda:

Dewmist Globetrotter (7/12/2015-10/26/2017)
IL.JCH, IL.CH Dewmist Globalizer (7/12/2015-) [FCI C]

Out of Lady Apple of the Morning Valley:

Polar Express Of The Morning Valley (12/23/2012-) [OFA GR-115357G37M-VPI]
President Of The Morning Valley (12/23/2012-) [OFA GR-113131G27M-VPI]
Pamberly of the morning valley (2012-) [A]
Papermoon of the Morning Valley (12/23/2012-) [FCI A]
ÖCH. HRSHCH. SLOSHCH. ÖJCH. SLOJCH. HRJCH. Prerogative of the Morning Valley Bundesjugendsieger'13 (12/23/2012-) [FCI A]
Preston of the Morning Valley (12/23/2012-)
DTS. CH Passionate of the Morning Valley (12/23/2012-) [HD A]
Priority of the Morning Valley (12/23/2012-) [BVA 6:4]
Peaches of the Morning Valley (12/23/2012-)

Out of Montego Kiwi Connection:

Montego Dare to be Majik
Montego Ima Majik Dutch Boy (10/22/2012-)

Out of CIB,CIE,Rus,Cz,Lt,Lv,Ukr,Blr,RKF,Club,Grand Ch Riera Buena Vista:

Rus,Club,2*RKF,Grand Ch, Rus J.Ch Riera Adjani Bukerosh (7/28/2012-) [FCI A]
Rus J.Ch Riera Amber Charm (7/28/2012-)
Eurasia Winner'14'15, CH RUS/BY/CZ/RKF, INT CH Riera Amore Mia Dolina Solnca (7/28/2012-) [FCI A]
Rus,Club,RKF,Grand Ch, Rus,Club J.Ch Riera Art Vittorio (7/28/2012-)
Riera Amato Vincetore (7/28/2012-)
Riera Andare Avanti (7/28/2012-)
Club J.Ch Riera Antey for Almazot (7/28/2012-)
Rus,Club,Grand Ch, Rus J.Ch Riera Adrian Mateo (7/28/2012-)

Out of NO V-07 NO UCH Jako's Octavia:

ChRus, NRC, RKF, JChRus, NRC Jako's Kings Copy (4/29/2011-) [A/A]

Out of Belg & Swe Sh Ch, Lux Ch. Fenwood Libertine Glitters Jugendsieger Saarbrücken 2010, Giessen 2010:

Glitters Mister Maximilianus
GrChRom, ChUa, Bye, Rom, Bul, Bal Glitters Miss Salandaterra JGrChUa, JChUa, Bul, Mol, Sal, Bal (2/9/2013-) [FCI A\A]
Glitters Magic Moment (2/9/2013-) [BVA 4:5]
German clubchampion, Danish showchampion Glitters Much of Muchness (9/2/2013-) [A/A]

Out of DKVECH KBHVV16 17 NORDVV16 RGCVW18 Dewmist Kimberley:

Hohrmann's Bring It On (5/27/2011-) [FCI A-A]

Out of Inter,Rus,Club,RKF,Lt,Cz Ch. Riera Nikol' Grande:

Riera Centurion (6/10/2012-)
Riera Cesariy (6/10/2012-)
Rus,Mda,Me,Ph Ch Riera Certero Salvador (6/10/2012-) [FCI A1/A1]
InterSh/Rus/Cz/Fi/Club,Blr Ch Riera Celestina (6/10/2012-) [FCI A]
JCHRus,JChClub,ChRus, ChClub, RKF,Grand Ch Riera Cezarina (6/10/2012-) [FCI A/A]

Out of Baby Muffin Rusty Love:


Out of CIE, German CH, German CH VDH, DK(u)CH Snowjar's Chelles EJS'10:

German CH, German CH VDH, DK(u)CH Tanishtagh Keep on Walking (2/16/2011-) [FCI A ]

Out of Ch. Dutch Consolidation Londonderry Dutch/German Champion, CW '11:

Dutch Consolidation Trendwatcher

Out of Dutch Consolidation Cup of Tea:

Jillion's Baby I did it again (3/9/2012-)

Out of Ashbury Deep Temptation:

EW-14, Ch, INT CH, JCh, Club Ch Ashbury Highlander Helsinki winner 2013 (2/15/2012-) [A]
Ashbury Heart Breaker (2/15/2012-) [D\D]
Int'l Junior CH Ashbury Hot Off The Press (2/15/2012-) [Unknown prelim mild]

Out of Eres Mia del Atrapasueños "U":

Bailar en Cielo Touch of Heaven (11/24/2011-)
Bailar con Estrellas Touch of Heaven (11/24/2011-)
Bailar con la Vida Touch of Heaven (11/24/2011-) [FCI C/D]
Bailar con Amor Touch of Heaven (11/24/2011-) [FCI A/A]
Bailar con la Noche Touch of Heaven (11/24/2011-)
Bailar en Alma Touch of Heaven (11/24/2011-) [FCI A/A]
CZ Working CH & CH FTR CZ Bailar con Pasion Touch of Heaven (11/24/2011-) [A/A]
Bailar El Corazon Touch of Heaven (11/24/2011-) [E/E]
Bailar el Destino Touch of Heaven (11/24/2011-) [FCI A/B]

Out of CH. Tinkerbell of the Morning Valley:

Miamor of the Morningvalley (11/12/2014-) [B2/B2]
Dts Junior Champion VDH, Magavin Of The Morning Valley (12/11/2014-)
Miss Fortune of the Morning Valley (11/12/2014-) [FCI A]
Midnight Star of the Morning Valley (6/12/2011-)
Royal Star of the Morning Valley
Wildstar of the Morning Valley

Out of NUCH NV-09 Ashbury Back With Love to Jako's:

Jako's No One Else (6/19/2012-)

Out of Darjeeling du Bois de la Rayère:

Yukley's Ardsley Cooler (12/14/2011-)
Yukley's Alamo Splash (12/14/2011-)
Yukley's Alabama Slammer (12/14/2011-)
Yukley's Acapulco Dream (12/14/2011-)
Yukley's Admiral Highball (12/14/2011-)
Yukley's Arctic Velvet (12/14/2011-)
Yukley's After Midnight (12/14/2011-)

Out of Herwildy's Ice Cream:

Sage Moonbloom van de Corner Brook (4/27/2012-)
Pixie Frou-Frou van de Corner Brook (4/27/2012-)
Fifi Trixibelle van de Corner Brook (4/27/2012-)
Poppy Honey van de Corner Brook (4/27/2012-)
William-Alexander van de Corner Brook (4/27/2012-)

Out of Ch. Pl. PLW-2010, PLCLW & BOB-2010 Your Highness Oligarchia:

Tropheus Lord Of Spain of Milowy Krok
Tropheus Lady Of Spain of Milowy Krok (1/29/2011-)
PL JCH, PL JCL W '12, LT JCL W '12 TROPHEUS KASANGA Milowy Krok (10/25/2011-) [HD A (12.2014)]
C.I.E.,NL,DE VDH,PL,LT,LV,LT CLUB CH, PL LT JCH TROPHEUS Milowy Krok LT Club Winner'15, Berlin&Brandenburger Sieger'14 (1/29/2011-) [HD A]

Out of String of Pearls Crepes Suzette:

String of Pearls One Sweet Whirled (2/21/2011-)
String of Pearls Chocolate Therapy (2/21/2011-)
String of Pearls Peace of Cake (2/21/2011-)
String of Pearls Oh My Apple Pie (2/21/2011-9/6/2017) [FCI HD A]
String of Pearls Berry Voluntary (2/21/2011-)
String of Pearls Caramel Chew Chew (2/21/2011-)
String of Pearls Jamaican Me Crazy (2/21/2011-12/31/2016) [A (2012)]

Out of Int. Sh. Ch. Srb. Ch. Mne Ch. JCh. Zampanzar Lolly Pops:

Ch. Srb. Roses For The Lady of Sunflower Valley (5/10/2013-) [A]
Jr Nat'l & Int'l Ch/Int'l Ch Rock 'N Roll Of Sunflower Valley (5/10/2013-) [OFA GR-113913F25M-VPI]
Ravishing Hannah of Sunflower Valley (5/10/2013-) [OFA GR-114739G29F-VPI]

Out of Linoaks Winter Fling:

Linoaks Trouble Maker [3:3]

Out of Sheer Magic of the Morning Valley:

Most Wanted of the Morning Valley (10/8/2013-)
Mae Lynn of the Morning Valley (10/8/2013-)
DTS.CH. Midnight Sun of the Morning Valley (8/10/2013-) [FCI A]
CH. Maple Syrup of the Morning Valley (10/8/2013-) [FCI A]

Out of Ch Linirgor Mimi JW:

Linirgor Fact Or Fiction
Linirgor Lets Play JW [BVA 8:10]
Can Ch Linirgor Spin The Bottle JW (5/10/2013-) [BVA 5:7]

Out of Multi Ch.,VCh.VDH u.Club,VCh.Österr. u.Luxembourg Timeless Golden Especial Event:

C.I.E. Dt. Jgd. Ch. VDH u. Club, Multi.Ch. Barrier's Golden Best Fellow Brooke (6/14/2012-) [B2/A2]

Out of Eyop's GoingForUs DRC Clubjugendsieg 2008 Brandenburgsiegerin 2009:

Djalisco Heidi Klum (2/5/2012-) [FCI B/C]
Djalisco Hugo Boss (2/5/2012-)

Out of String of Pearls Frou-Frou:

CH, VDH JCH Goldstrike Wild Cherry (4/12/2010-) [A1]

Out of Royston Sport Victoria:

Royston Sport Gabriela (10/7/2011-) [A/B]

Out of Joyous Sunday Mirror:

Dutch Champion Joyous Straddle JW'13 BeneluxW'14 (1/7/2012-) [FCI A]

Out of Dts.CH & VDH CH Bliss of the Morning Valley:

C.I.B, C.I.E,ÖCH, Cro.Ch, Slo.Ch, Cr.J.Ch, Slo.J.Ch Buck A Roo of the Morning Valley (Club Winner '12) (10/30/2010-) [A]

Out of Dt.Ch(VDH),Dt.Ch.Poln.Ch.Vet.Ch.Poln.Jug.Ch. Catch the Wind Kir Royal:

Catch the Wind Angie
Dt.Ch.(VDH),Dt.Ch.(Club),Poln.Ch. Catch the Wind Acy (6/13/2011-) [FCI C1/C1]

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