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Offspring of LU CH NL CH Lejie Royal Mail (12/7/1990-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Inky de Saint Urbain:

Little Big Man de Saint Urbain
Little Lady De Saint Urbain [A]

Out of Hug Me Puh's Faithful Noria:

Hug Me Black Jack (4/5/1995-) [B/B]

Out of Gipsy de la Croix d'Albatre:

Nephtys de la Croix d'Albatre (8/1997-)
Noisette de la Croix d'Albatre [A]

Out of Java de la Croix d'Albatre:

Opale de la Croix d'Albatre [B]

Out of Black Masai's Nymph:

Black Masai's Royalman [B]

Out of Hot Chocolate:

John's (Son of Lejie Royal Mail) (1994-)

Out of Bubbling Brown Sugar:

Fin. Ch. Bubbling Indira (1/13/1995-) [FCI C/C]

Out of Rocheby Oyster:

CH Kowalski Steffi-Copperfield

Out of Ch Perle Of Misty-Dreams:

Surprising of Misty-Dreams (1994-)

Out of Quelly of Misty-Dreams:

Tana´s of Angel's Head (3/28/1995-2/5/2010)

Out of Goody Goody de Saint Urbain:

Int. Ch Ivory-Coast Winds of Toul Diweon (1993-) [A]

Out of Heather Browny de Saint Urbain:

Joker Choc de Saint Urbain (9/19/1994-)

Out of CH Dance With Me de Saint Urbain:

Made in France de Saint Urbain (3/31/1996-)

Out of Girl de Saint Urbain:

Maya (du Champ de Chauffour) (1996-)

Out of Qay Of Misty-Dreams:

Shana of Angel's Head (1994-) [B]

Out of Dolly Brown Sugar De Saint Urbain:

Jaguar de Saint Urbain (1994-)

Out of Onka of Misty-Dreams:

Rascal of Clay Diggers (12/1993-)

Out of FI UCH Rosanan Summer Rose:

FI UCH Rosanan Garden Rose (3/15/1994-) [A/A]
SE VCH FI VCH FI UCH Rosanan Golden Rosebud (5/13/1994-) [B/B]

Out of Int. Ch. Lejie Goody Too Shoes:

Indeed de Saint Urbain
Just Do It de Saint Urbain (5/10/1994-)
Lux.Ch./ NL.Ch. Idee Fixe de Saint Urbain (10/31/1993-) [A ]

Out of FIUCH Loresho Oystercatcher:

Bubbling Chambermaid (4/2/1993-) [A2]
Fin.Ch. Bubbling Claire De Lune (4/2/1993-) [A2]
Int.Ch./Fin.Ch./Est.Ch. Bubbling Churchill (4/2/1993-9/9/2004) [A2]

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