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Offspring of FTCh Pocklington Glen (6/2/1978-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Carleyvale Eider of Birtenshaw:

SE JCH Drakeshead Peat (4/3/1988-)

Out of Tasco Ivy Of Brentwing:

Wilashot Skipper

Out of Strammers Time Of Cassmick:

Cassmick Harvey

Out of Gatefulford Becky:

Gatefulford Champers

Out of Samba Woodlands:

Polyana Bluebell

Out of Sparkler of Thistlecrown:

Bromley Bank Katie of Wighill

Out of FTW Kenstaff Annabel Of Gamemark:

Butlersarms Aston (1987-) [1/4]
Butlersarms Anchor of Linswell (3/2/1987-)
Butlersarms Anna (3/2/1987-) [BVA 31/17]

Out of Baranchine Vigour of Rasenfeld:

Rasenfield Arrowhead

Out of Broadwick Britt:

Solo Of Banwood
Murton Mallard

Out of Haretor Anna:

Haretor Theodora (1985-)
Haretor Tavy (1985-)

Out of Chamford Fieldhouse Maid:

Chamford Magpie

Out of Flightline Lillie:

Lee of Flightline

Out of Cassandra of Prideline:

Reedholme Trooper (5/18/1986-)
Knedlington Sara

Out of Edgerton Park Samba:

Shireoaks Falcon (6/10/1987-)

Out of Londesborough Wold Jess:

Emerald Green Goddess
Mick of Onetam

Out of Megandale Norground:

Norground Sammy

Out of Barber Shop Black Silk:

Gallister Girl

Out of Penny Lotty:

Stormcock of Kentoo
Gatcombepark Lark
Stubblefield Wren (1982-)

Out of Hatcliffe Belle:

Hatcliffe Dash of Whistleton

Out of Hiedi of Riverbell:

Purdy of Annsfarm

Out of Queendyke Meg:

Toisland Gwen (1983-)

Out of Tayarch Teal:

Archtay Tommy

Out of Mosshill Tessa:

Mosshill Penny

Out of Sandringham Gem:

Southburn Mayfly (3/20/1982-)
Benjamin of Woolas (3/20/1982-)
Wilbain Meg (3/20/1982-)

Out of Luckygem of Grangewater:

Bumble At Pechasi (6/26/1987-) [BVA 3:3]
Nordrue Scrap (6/26/1987-)
Holly at Pechasi (6/26/1987-) [BVA 4/2]

Out of Sarah of Sunnybanks:

Jan of Kenour

Out of Sandringham Curry:

Kirkailsa Don
Kirkailsa Teal (4/9/1982-)

Out of Hawieja Black Diamond:

Girnwood Hill Farmer

Out of Drakeshead Tessa:

Rosslea Sally

Out of Winning Chance:

Jay of Oakmeadow

Out of Anniesland Isla:

Crossgreen Nip
Crossgreen Reed [0]

Out of GB.Ft.Ch. Blakemere Mega of Garleton:

Garleton Aimee
Garlenton Anna of Pockela
Garleton Anna of Pocklea

Out of FT Ch Park Lane Jenny:

Wilton Sandy
Ft.Ch. Parkcliffe Sweep (4/19/1985-)

Out of Holdgate April:

Davidsboy Bracken of Tweedshot (1987-) [BVA 5-5]

Out of Barnavara Water Beetle:

Galleydown Jake
Galleydown Moss
Galleydown Tess [17/15]
Galleydown Bliss
Galleydown Belle [5/4]
Galleydown Fern

Out of Kelvinhead Megan:

Linksview Venom
Linksview Vogue

Out of Foveran Ness:

Bramham Black Velvet

Out of Mirstan Cherry:

Tan Cavalier (7/4/1982-)
Tess of Woodland's (7/22/1983-)
Woodlands Summertime Paula (7/4/1982-)
Black Diamond Dawn (7/4/1982-)
Sydaway Tasca of Rasenfeld (7/4/1982-)
FTCh Brook of Blakemere (7/22/1983-) [3-5]

Out of Sandringham Dipper:

Sandringham Gully (1982-)
Sandringham Gulf (1982-)
Sandringham Dell (1982-)
Sandringham Cove (1982-)
Sandringham Hill (2/24/1982-)
Sandringham Dimple (2/24/1982-)
Sandringham Bluff (2/24/1982-) [A]

Out of Greencloaks Gretal of Welston:

Welston Tuck (4/27/1988-)
Welston Toby (4/27/1988-)
Welston Tim (4/27/1988-)
Welston Tammy (4/27/1988-)
Welston Tanya (4/27/1988-)

Out of FTCh Kelvinhead Classic:

Pridelines Katebaloo
Prideline Lady Jane
Prideline Jobaloo
Brook Of Millbuies
FTW Prideline Golden Reef (6/26/1987-)
Mist of Millbuies

Out of FTCh Drakeshead Wisp:

Robin's Hill Pride
Fleensop Tick
Andywood Rob
Broadbank Laddie
Fleensop Rex
Fleensop Scamp
Fleensop Tess Of Brentwing
Osgodby Mist
Ciarog Dubh (7/13/1982-)

Out of FTCh Drakeshead Gypsy:

Pocklea Solo
Pocklea Fellow
FTW Pocklea Mark (1/31/1989-)
Pocklea Tinker

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