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Offspring of FTCh Swift of Swinbrook (4/8/1974-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Hollyberry Pheasant:

Swingate Otter (8/14/1979-)

Out of Fosse Down Jess:

Meg of Valan

Out of Kawarika Abba Of Willreyan:

Willreyan Meteor

Out of Tamara Bali:

Shipton Torrish

Out of Westcote Wagtail:

Overy Rum

Out of Night Ebony:

King Of Spades

Out of Larkspur Elle:

Miss Chloe of Elle

Out of Seanbaile / Sean Baile Swinbrook Midge:

Swinbrook Match

Out of Shinshail Acclaim:

Shinshail Duster (1983-)
Shinshail Dynamite (8/6/1983-)
Shinshail Ember (3/15/1984-)

Out of Castlemore Bride:

Girl Friday (1979-)
Sally of Langcliff

Out of Chrisma of Kenstaff:

Cheri of Newton (3/5/1979-)

Out of Dolycoed Bonnie:

Black Bess Of Fronwen

Out of Clunvalley Sancha:

Slipper Onny

Out of Walewood Philippa:

Nympton Quest

Out of Veraton Veronique:

Veraton Video

Out of Templedown Treasure:

Hollies Jets Star (9/30/1983-)

Out of Bickerton Beattie:

Raybank Tyke

Out of Hambrook Halleluja:

Hambrook Taurus (4/28/1981-)
Hambrook Toilful (4/28/1981-)

Out of FTCh Beinnmhor Tithe:

Scot Of Swinbrook

Out of Ch Rabizer Beauty:

Anna of Rabizer
Bradley Mack

Out of Haretor Bee:

Haretor Ling

Out of Treherne Swallow of Haretor:

Haretor Teal (3/17/1981-)
Haretor Snipe (3/17/1981-)

Out of FTCh Barnavara Mayfly:

FTCh Barnavara Minnow (5/8/1979-)
Barnavara Ryan of Welston

Out of Haretor Smiler:

Haretor Emma (7/2/1981-) [0/0]

Out of Hoodhill Tweed of Haretor:

Haretor Finch of Craigfelin (2/20/1982-)

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