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Offspring of Boothgates Headliner (3/21/1985-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Elmsmere Smarset At Winterslow:

Winterslow Willow Over Elmsmere

Out of Kirsty Bronze Bracken:

Packhorse Bracken

Out of Copper Dolly of Ravenshall:

Stonecliffe Copper Beech of Lodgemoor

Out of Elsham Margo:

Nutmeg Nightowl at Elsham

Out of Glebe Holly:

Beechnut Anastasia of Dumbledale (8/19/1989-)

Out of Boothgates Fortunes Favour of Pendorric:

Pendorric Allspice
Pendorric Nutmeg

Out of Enchanting Lady Megan:

Tyegatesway Kopper Kandy of Keiland (5/27/1992-) [BVA 6:3]

Out of Mardas Shot Silk At Crossington:

Crossington High Flyer Of Janakin
Crossington Harlequin

Out of Rangeways Katrinka:

Rangeways Turmeric Of Glosmere (5/14/1991-) [BVA 7:7]

Out of Follybreeze Daisy:

Follybreeze Ivy (1992-)
Follybreeze Ivor (1992-)
Follybreeze Ivan (1992-)
Follybreeze Inca (1992-)
Follybreeze Imp (1992-)
Follybreeze Icky (1992-)

Out of Boothgates Liberated Lady at Birchley:

Boothgates Kountry Kostume

Out of Bonnie of Follybreeze:

Follybreeze Gwen (1991-)
Follybreeze Greta (1991-)
Follybreeze Grant (1991-)
Follybreeze Gorse (1991-)
Follybreeze Gipsy (1991-)
Follybreeze Ginny (1991-)
Follybreeze Galaxy (1991-)
Follybreeze Gail at Stoneavon (1991-)

Out of Nunneywood Day Dream of Annakay:

Annakay Fairy Story (6/28/1992-) [BVA 4:4]

Out of Brightwalton Black Beauty:

Brightwalton Bluebell (1989-) [6/4]
Brightwalton Bajan Beauty (8/14/1989-)

Out of Anwyl of Lawgate:

Cornardwood Laurel Lady

Out of Tyton Casca:

Tyton Lord Hastings (10/7/1989-) [BVA 0:0]

Out of Allderhill's Full of Fashion:

Allderhill's Jafar

Out of On A Prayer Of Oakhouse:

Oakhouse Once In'a While at Vannelmead
C.C.W. Oakhouse in the Offing (11/10/1992-)

Out of Tsarodej Scandal:

Tsarodej Sweet Velvet (8/2/2000-)

Out of Warringah's One Day Late:

Warringah's Tweedledee (10/5/1994-) [BVA 8:7]

Out of Aelwen Dark Crystal:

Lawhouse Ffiona of Nibbracken
Lawhouse Cari
Lawhouse Ceriog (4/24/1993-)
Lawhouse Catrin (4/24/1993-) [BVA 5:7]

Out of Nunneyswood Day Dream of Annakay:

Annakay Fairy Tale

Out of Bracken Once Again at Stormley:

Stormly Sally Brown At Shandalmar
Stormley Sally Brown at Shandalmar (10/26/1990-) [BVA 0-0 (11/12/1991)]
Stormley Rolo of Jamberet (10/26/1990-) [BVA 6-8 (06/23/1992)]

Out of Jamberet Kount On You At Daleabbey:

Daleabbey Best Seller (12/1/1994-) [BVA 7-8 (14/12/1995)]

Out of Farringford Mariana:

Go Gerry Go Farringford
Farringford Go Gerry Go (8/5/1989-) [3:4]

Out of Brandhams Hold Me Close:

Brandhams Stars at Barolo (1994-)

Out of Mist of Shantellow at Elmsmere:

Ch Elsmere Magic Box (6/14/1987-)
Elmsmere Magic Man (6/14/1987-) [BVA 7:7]
Ch Elmsmere Magic Moment (6/14/1987-)

Out of Dedra Lady:

Midas Miss

Out of Chocolate Gemini of Baltaw:

Baltaw Billet Doux (1990-) [C]

Out of C.C.W. Lougin Lucy Locket:

Lougin Lucille Kamrats (9/7/1992-) [A/A]
Lougin Lennox Kamrats (9/7/1992-)
Lougin Lyme (4/24/1993-) [BVA 8:7]

Out of Lougin Nut Cluster:

Lougin Lewis

Out of Balnova Mint Julep:

Balnova Just for Laughs (11/3/1989-)

Out of Wetherlam Willow Warbler of Balnova:

VDH CH DE CH NL CH Balnova Sultan (10/13/1987-2002)

Out of Loxdale Georgie Girl of Tisketh:

Tisketh Rough Quest (3/30/1996-) [FCI A]
Tisketh Martell of Brambleridge (3/30/1996-) [BVA 4/5]

Out of Naiken Adisi:

Naiken Dusty Drover (8/6/1989-)
Naiken Dazzling Daisi (8/6/1989-) [9-10]

Out of Lindall Brioche:

Lindall Hannah Brown (1/16/1988-) [FCI 8:6]

Out of Follytower Blythe C.C.W.:

Boothgates Hi-Fidelity

Out of Boothgates Scene Stealer:

Boothgates Lyrical Letter (10/25/1994-) [21:20]
Boothgates Letter Writer (10/25/1994-) [A/A]

Out of Fin. Ch. Rosanan Imperial Rose:

Fin. Ch. Rosanan Chelsea Bun (6/25/1997-) [B/A]

Out of Boothgates Much More Music:

Cut the Cackle from Jadz at Boothgate
Jadz Mail Order Madge (7/21/1986-) [8:7]

Out of Brodiebrack Brown Encore at Stormley:

Stormley Elite at Geanco (8/13/1992-) [BVA 8:8]
Stormley Stormette of Levenside (1/30/1992-) [BVA 6:8]
C.C.W. Stormley Craftsman at Ludzska (8/13/1992-) [BVA 3:5]
Stormley Chocolate Drop/Stormley Choc Drop (12/1/1993-) [BVA 5:7]
C.C.W. Stormley Chocolate Soldier (8/13/1992-) [BVA 5:6]

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