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Offspring of Flightline Jackpot (5/19/1990-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Luzy vom Alten Postweg:

Annabell vom Disternicher Auel (5/23/1997-10/24/2007) [Unknown A2]

Out of Werdandi Bliss:

Werdandi Fabio (11/29/1998-2/2012) [D1]

Out of Birdbrook Charm Of Birchams:

Birchams Thunderstreak of Flightline

Out of Juventas Myra:

Juventas Skip To My Lou [A2]

Out of Townfield's Brenda Walsh:

Light and Shadow's Andira [B2]
Light and Shadow's Azara (6/6/1996-) [B1]

Out of Thornproof Rajill:

Thornproof Ultimate (7/15/1996-) [A0]
Thornproof Uppish (7/15/1996-) [A0]
Trialer Thornproof Unlimited (7/15/1996-2011) [A0]

Out of Juventas Ofir:

Werdandi Esra
Werdandi Enya
Werdandi Enjoy (5/8/1998-10/14/2010)
Werdandi Easy
Werdandi Eros [D1]
Werdandi Elwood [A2]
Werdandi Enny (5/8/1998-8/12/2011) [A2]

Out of Birdbrook Crystal of Sulleyshill:

Groll vom Angelfeld
Guido vom Angelfeld (3/26/1995-3/25/2011) [A2]
Gesa vom Angelfeld
Gunda vom Angelfeld [A1/A1]
Jack vom Angelfeld
Joy vom Angelfeld
Julie vom Angelfeld
Jean vom Angelfeld
Jenny vom Angelfeld (3/10/1996-4/26/2010) [B2]
FTW Gero vom Angelfeld (3/26/1995-) [A1]

Out of Jule of Hunters Heide:

Artos vom Osterbachtal (4/21/1996-) [A2]
Apollo vom Osterbachtal (4/21/1996-) [A2]
Anton vom Osterbachtal (4/21/1996-) [B1]
Aljoscha vom Osterbachtal (4/21/1996-) [A1]
Aika vom Osterbachtal (4/21/1996-) [A2]
Abigail vom Osterbachtal (4/21/1996-) [A2]
Akira vom Osterbachtal (4/21/1996-) [A1]
Alia vom Osterbachtal (4/21/1996-11/22/2009) [A1]
Alex vom Osterbachtal (4/21/1996-3/10/2010) [A1]

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