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Offspring of FTCh Birdbrook Aston of Bellever (1/20/1989-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of mellowdale giddy of Staftly:

glencool grace of trioks

Out of Westcote Teasel:

Gittisham Kite Of Minilee

Out of Velvet Lady In Black:

Ebony Twinkle Toes

Out of Ulstare Jay:

Saintcyres Crusader
Saintcyres George Of Wivenwood

Out of Bellever Ella Of Highdunscott:

Highdunscott Breeze

Out of Medland Chloe:

Medland Colombine (1/27/1994-) [BVA 3/3]

Out of Hatch warren Kim:

Tawesmead thatcher

Out of Drakeshead Gala:

Gunwennap Haggis

Out of Camhayle Breeze:

Camhayle Freya [2/5]

Out of Bess of Queni at Dealminster:

Dealminster Georgie Girl [7/6]
Dealminster Waterfan's Adam [B/B]

Out of Tibea Daisy:

Popliteal Thorax [5/8]

Out of FW Wish of Ardwall:

Spioncop Wren
Spioncop Lance (4/23/1992-)
Spioncop Heide [5/3]

Out of Meadowlands duchess of Elterwater:

Elterwater intrepid

Out of FTCh Beeholme Georgia:

Powenargrof Angela (1995-) [14/4]
Powenargrof Alled (1995-) [6/4]
Powenargrof After Eight (1995-) [5/5]
Powenargrof Ann Wynn (1/31/1995-) [BVA 5/5]

Out of Sweet Georgia:

Middlebere Rowena
Middlebere Rio [5/5]
Middlebere Roberta [3/5]
Middlebere Rory [6/3]
Middlebere Ronnie [3/3]
Middlebere Raban Of Gospelash
Middlebere Regal Of Gospelash
FTW Middlebere Ruby of Gospelash (1/17/1995-) [BVA 2/7]

Out of Toadwood Beechnut:

Cadover Indiana (12/15/1997-) [BVA 0/0]

Out of Trevale Twist:

Ladycall Bashful (4/19/1999-)
Treovis Blameless (4/19/1999-)
Beaulieu Samson (4/19/1999-)
Greenscombe Bluster (4/19/1999-)
DRC-Arbeitschampion Barnlight Sappo (4/19/1999-7/8/2014) [FCI A1]

Out of Walkabout Dipper:

Walkabout Annie Get Your Gun
Walkabout Chough
Walkabout Grebe
Walkabout Jay For Jonah
Walkabout Knot
Walkabout Blackthorn [A/A]

Out of FTW Flightline Sian of Hamford:

Hamford Pandora [5/6]
Hamford Peanut [6/6]
Hamford Patsy
Hamford Poker Of Pinedale
Hamford Piper
Hamford Puffin [6/4]

Out of FTCh Mallowdale Giddy of Staftly:

Staftly Avenger of Waveshot
Ft.Ch. Staftly Ambassador of Bellever (3/14/1995-7/4/2006)
Staftly Almond Of Abney
Staftly Avenger of Wadeshot (3/14/1995-) [BVA 4/4]
Staftly Ashe of Wadeshot (3/14/1995-) [BVA 2/3]
Staftly Arrow (3/14/1995-) [BVA 3/3]
Staftly Angel at Clondalkin (3/14/1995-) [BVA 1/3]
Staftly Amigo of Kawarika (3/14/1995-) [BVA 2/2]
Staftly Ace of Trioaks (3/14/1995-) [BVA 4/4]
Staftly Princess (5/20/1996-) [BVA 3/4]

Out of Cadover Ecstasy:

Cadover Honey
Cadover Heather
Cadover Hazelnut
Cadover Holly
Cadover Harry
Cadover Hector
Cadover Hopefull [2/2]
Cadover Holewell [7/4]

Out of FTCh Seasway Tara:

Seasway Sherry
Seasway Rambo
Seasway Blake
Seasway Slipper [5/3]
FTCh Seasway Sweep of Bellever (4/21/1994-) [BVA 2/3]

Out of Kara of Cadover:

Cadover Gossip
Cadover Gazelle [7/10]
Cadover Gemma
Cadover Genius
Cadover Drake
Cadover Drummer
Cadover Duke
Cadover Dusk [7/3]
Cadover Dee [4/3]
Cadover Galaxy [7/8]
Cadover Della (2/6/1994-) [BVA 5/5]

Out of FT CH Staindrop Lapwing:

Swinbrook Gossip [3/4]
Swinbrook Goldfinch Of Beidlieston [1/7]
Swinbrook Glen [5/4]
Swinbrook Gorse
Swinbrook Gypsy
Swinbrook Grace (1999-) [0/0]
Swinbrook Gamble Of Shortthorn [4/3]
Swinbrook Clover [4/2]
FTW Swinbrook Cress (4/14/1994-) [8/5]
Swinbrook Cranberry [4/7]
Swinbrook Catkin
Swinbrook Cassie Of Barrowmill [6/6]
Swinbrook Cracker
Swinbrook Caddy [5/5]
Swinbrook Capercaille [5/3]
Swinbrook Chance of Cadover [2/2]

Out of Highdunscott Jade:

Countess Amanda

Out of Bellever Dilly:

Donna Starlight [2/3]
Dee Meadow Pippit Of Rodway [4/5]
Dixi Blackberry
Damson Dilly
Drambuie Mixer
Dunmore Creedy [7/5]
Dexter Prince
Dunstable Dandy
Deano Ranger
Dartmoor Bracken [5/3]
Dreamer Dusty [BVA 0/2]

Out of FTCh Highdunscott Amy:

Bellever Ruby (10/27/1996-9/21/2008)
Bellever Snipe Of Dolbrenin
Bellever Rose
Bellever Rocky
Bellever Tarka
Bellever Trinder
Bellever Trigger
Bellever Tolly
Bellever Loulou [B1]
Bellever Tina Of Trewennack [5/4]
Bellever Sadie [3/5]
Bellever Rita [18/20]
Bellever Rumba [5/7]
Bellever Robb [4/4]
Bellever Lynx (7/1/1997-) [FCI A2]
FTW Bellever Simon (1/3/1996-) [BVA 3 / 3]

Out of FTW Jade Silhouette:

Buttermead Wagtail (4/20/1995-)
Buttermead Skylark (4/20/1995-)
Buttermead Raven (4/20/1995-)
Buttermead Puffin (4/20/1995-)
Buttermead Nightingale (4/20/1995-)
Buttermead Lapwing (4/20/1995-)
Buttermead Kiwi (4/20/1995-)
Buttermead Jay (4/20/1995-)
Buttermead Buzzard (4/20/1995-)
Buttermead Nomad (5/4/1996-) [4/3]
Buttermead Zulu (5/4/1996-)
Buttermead Warrior (5/4/1996-)
Buttermead Warlord (5/4/1996-)
Buttermead Chieftain (5/4/1996-) [D1/D1]
Buttermead Huntress (5/4/1996-)
Buttermead Shoshoni (4/4/1994-) [6/3]
Buttermead Shawnee (4/4/1994-)
Buttermead Cherokee (4/4/1994-)
Buttermead Navajo (4/4/1994-)
Buttermead Apache (4/4/1994-)
Buttermead Blackfoot (4/4/1994-) [4/4]
FTW Buttermead Crusader (5/4/1996-4/2008) [A 1]

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