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Offspring of FC AFC MHR Westwind's Bold Tiger NDC (10/6/1982-2/22/1996)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of HRCH GMHR First Lite's Let Er Rip MH:

Silverbrook's Bridget the Bold JH

Out of Wintoba's Whoppin Great Wazoo:

Win-Toba's Blue Chip

Out of Naiad Dandy Spirit CD MH:

Naiad Pocket Streaker CDX MH (3/28/1993-)

Out of Black Bunny of Westwind:

Westwind's Blazin Bunny

Out of June's Midnight Express:

Mountain Run Kip (12/15/1992-) [OFA LR-62024G26F]
Mountain Run Tahoe JH

Out of What A Molly Brown:

Bold Tiger's Bo Diddley (9/18/1989-) [OFA LR-42598G26M]

Out of Ellen Dale's Spirit Lake Gal:

Big River Seymours Misty (7/30/1989-) [OFA LR-42129G24F]

Out of Hillviews Tanks for Skeeter:

Silverbrook's Buckshot Baby

Out of River Bear's Muddy Cub:

Tiger's Bold Challenger (8/8/1986-) [OFA LR-30504G29F]

Out of Russet's Solo Sensation:

Classic Too Much Money (1/25/1993-) [OFA LR-62492E25F]
Hillviews Aerial Acrobat (1/25/1993-) [OFA LR-65003E29F]

Out of Bel Air Choco:

Candlewoods Amy (7/5/1988-) [OFA LR-36710G24F]

Out of Southland Shadow Dancer:

Blackbird's Southland Moon MH (6/18/1993-) [OFA LR-64254G24M]
Southland Eye Of The Tiger MH (11/13/1994-7/13/2006)

Out of Southland Whisky On The Rocks:

Southland Tiger Lil (3/15/1993-) [OFA LR-66666E31F]
Sharihil's Sue of Southland

Out of Sourdough's Wegy:

Bay's Southland Samantha
GMHR Southland Leroy Brown (3/15/1994-7/23/2005) [OFA LR-70701G25M-T]

Out of Sunnyviews Royalcourt Jester:

Sunnyview's Casino Royale II (8/4/1993-) [OFA LR-65222G24F]

Out of Bluegrass Super Shelby:

Big-bold And Blonde

Out of Ko-Kane-Katie:

Tiger-Kat's Kinde (7/3/1990-)
Cimaroc Blondie

Out of Lemon Muffin:

Rushcreek's Bold Tigeress

Out of Rob's Friskey Lady:

GMHR WR SR Silverbrooks Haley's Comet

Out of Beaver Oaks Lucky Lady:

Hunters Choice Black Magic

Out of Hard Hearted Hannah V:

Doubleornothin Thunder Hawk (8/28/1986-) [OFA LR-31755G31F]

Out of Westwind's Jill of Oakhill:

Westwind's Annie

Out of Morgan's Kenline Hiwood Kate:

Espial Firebird

Out of Snake Eyes Double Eagle:

Coffee Mug (2/21/1986-) [OFA LR-29024G29F]

Out of Southland Black-Eyed Susan:

Southland Ard's Smokin' Colt MH (6/11/1994-) [OFA LR-71635G24M]
Southland's Savvy [B1]

Out of A Painted Lady:

Big Thicket Big'un
Doerrer's Swiss Miss (2/15/1986-) [OFA LR-27662G25F]
CFC CAFC Pachanga Magnum Force (5/5/1988-) [OFA LR-35856G24M]
Westwinds Bold Stinger (5/5/1988-)

Out of Doodahbus Comebyhere:

Genecov's Bold Black Beamer (1/18/1985-) [OFA LR-26874G36F]

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