Golden Retriever

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Offspring of Ch.Pl. Fenwood Final Frontier (6/20/2008-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)


Dafne Dolina Marcinkowic

Out of BEFORE YOU ACCUSE ME Muddiest Gold:

Amata Astrum ANSER (12/14/2010-)
Amata Astrum ARIES (12/14/2010-)
Amata Astrum APUS (12/14/2010-)
Amata Astrum ATRIS (12/14/2010-)
Amata Astrum ANTLIA (12/14/2010-)
Amata Astrum ALYA (12/14/2010-)
Ch.Pl. Amata Astrum ARIETIS (12/14/2010-) [HD A1]
Amata Astrum ATRIA (12/14/2010-)

Out of Bajonna Helska Przygoda:

Beta z Pradnika Bialego (5/14/2010-)
Barina z Pradnika Bialego (5/14/2010-)
Bora z Pradnika Bialego (5/14/2010-)
Bona z Pradnika Bialego (5/14/2010-)
Borus z Pradnika Bialego (5/14/2010-)
Barnej z Pradnika Bialego (5/14/2010-)

Out of Culpa Maxima Kaprys Rejenta:

Clio City of Goldenangels (4/7/2011-)
Capri City of Goldenangels (4/7/2011-)
Carmen City of Goldenangels (4/7/2011-)

Out of Mimako Goldi:

Jacek Michilinki (2011-)
J'Agatka Michilinki (2011-)

Out of Jr Pl Ch Esto Perpetua Kaprys Rejenta:

In Spe Kaprys Rejenta (9/27/2010-)
In Perpetuum Kaprys Rejenta (9/27/2010-)
In Concreto Kaprys Rejenta (9/27/2010-)
In Gremio Kaprys Rejenta (9/27/2010-)
In Re Kaprys Rejenta (9/27/2010-)
In Plus Kaprys Rejenta (9/27/2010-)
Idem Per Idem Kaprys Rejenta (9/27/2010-)
In Actu Kaprys Rejenta (9/27/2010-)
Inter Alia Kaprys Rejenta (9/27/2010-)
In Flagranti Kaprys Rejenta (9/27/2010-)

Out of Ch.Pl. Ex Animo Pro Adsum Kaprys Rejenta:

Eo Ipso Motu Proprio (12/14/2009-)
Eo Ipso Modus Vivendi (12/14/2009-)
Eo Ipso Melle Dulcior (12/14/2009-)
Ch. PL Eo Ipso Magnum Opus (12/14/2009-) [A1A1]
Eo Ipso Magnum In Parvo (12/14/2009-) [A1A1]
Eo Ipso Magnum Ignotum (12/14/2009-) [A/D]
Eo Ipso Magister Elegantiarum (12/14/2009-) [A/B]
Eo Ipso Mirabilia (12/14/2009-)

Out of LtJCh, Ch.Pl. Cheek to Cheek Belle de Jour:

Aderyn Hot Cheek of Avilys (1/1/2010-)
CH.PL Aileen Just Delight of Avilys (1/1/2010-) [HD A]
Artan Little Bear of Avilys (1/1/2010-)
Alair Merry Boy of Avilys (1/1/2010-)
Aislinn Dazzling Ray of Avilys (1/1/2010-) [A1 BVA 0:0]

Out of Domini Canes Kaprys Rejenta:

Fonte di Feliciata You Are So Beautiful (8/12/2010-)
Fiero Falco You Are So Beautiful (8/12/2010-)
Farfalla di Amato You Are So Beautiful (8/12/2010-)
Fiore di Splendido You Are So Beautiful (8/12/2010-)
Fama Mondiale You Are So Beautiful (8/12/2010-)
Favilla di Amore You Are So Beautiful (8/12/2010-)
Forte Infinito You Are So Beautiful (8/12/2010-)

Out of Bella Królowa Gwiazd:

Bruno Szczesliwa Dziupla (5/8/2010-)
Bandi Szczesliwa Dziupla (5/8/2010-)
Burgas Szczesliwa Dziupla (5/8/2010-)
Brigitte Szczesliwa Dziupla (5/8/2010-)
Bona Szczesliwa Dziupla (5/8/2010-)
Bosanova Szczesliwa Dziupla (5/8/2010-)
Bora Szczesliwa Dziupla (5/8/2010-)
Bruxela Szczesliwa Dziupla (5/8/2010-)
Beka Szczesliwa Dziupla (5/8/2010-)
Bella Szczesliwa Dziupla (5/8/2010-)
Barcelona Szczesliwa Dziupla (5/8/2010-)

Out of Ch.Pl. Cum Charis Aglaja Adsum (FCI):

Maxwell Pro Cane Bono [A1A1]
Milano Pro Cane Bono
Maestro Pro Cane Bono
Mefistofeles Pro Cane Bono
Messi Pro Cane Bono
Montezuma Pro Cane Bono
Mad Max Pro Cane Bono
Matrix Pro Cane Bono (5/19/2011-)
Mistification Pro Cane Bono (5/19/2011-)
Mercedes Pro Cane Bono (5/19/2011-)
Maxima Pro Cane Bono (5/19/2011-)

Out of Ch.Pl. MILKA Zlotolandia:

Neffi Pro Cane Bono (5/25/2010-) [A1A1]
Naomi Pro Cane Bono (5/25/2010-)
Nesse Pro Cane Bono (5/25/2010-)
Nutka Pro Cane Bono (5/25/2010-)
Neo Pro Cane Bono (5/25/2010-)
Norton Pro Cane Bono (5/25/2010-)
Nero Pro Cane Bono (5/25/2010-)
Niko Pro Cane Bono (5/25/2010-)
Nemo Pro Cane Bono (5/25/2010-)

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