Golden Retriever

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Offspring of Am. CH. Synspur Irah Of Featherquest (11/22/1965-7/27/1975)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Pierres Brite Penny:

Penny Brites Pride (3/27/1971-)

Out of Circle Lee's Tam-O-Shanter:

Meadowbrooke Rip Van Winkle (5/29/1968-)

Out of Melody's Buffy Of St Clair:

Iver's Golden Buffy (5/27/1971-)

Out of Daffodil Of Deer Horn:

Michelob Of Chatham (1/12/1968-)
Deerhorn's Bonnie (1/12/1968-)

Out of Cinnamon Cinderella II:

Ginger Cloves (1/29/1968-)
Megan Of Cinderspur (1/29/1968-)

Out of Featherquest Pinta:

Charles Of Millis (6/22/1968-)
Alameda Sarah (6/22/1968-)

Out of Craigmars Bracken:

Amy Darling CDX (8/22/1967-)
Molly O'Bracken (8/22/1967-)
Braeside's Gay Brass Button WC (8/22/1967-)

Out of Braeside's Burnished Teak:

Braeside Brandy Of Kennebago * (6/29/1969-)

Out of Tonia Of Stratham Hill:

Goldshore's Amber Sandy (6/9/1969-)
Kaela Bainin Of Irah (6/9/1969-)

Out of River Road Ryan:

Caitlin's Shasta (4/24/1972-)
Kress Natasha (9/9/1971-)
Synspur Samdor Of Spring Hill (9/9/1971-)
M B Winsome Candytuft (9/9/1971-)

Out of Crown Point Tia:

Ashley Of Crown Point (5/19/1969-)

Out of St Clair's Caramel:

Duchess Of Shasta Drive (7/27/1970-)

Out of Kingoldrum Spice Cake:

Kingoldrum Wel-Buff Of Sunset ** (11/24/1969-)
Kingoldrum Tara's Orion (11/24/1969-)
Kingoldrum Wilhelmina (11/24/1969-)

Out of Amanda Of Oxbow:

Chamois XIII (9/11/1972-)

Out of Anyushka (SA297525):

Meg Of Stornaway (7/9/1967-)
Nicholas Stevenski (7/9/1967-)
Gay Girl
Choctaw Irish Whiskey (7/9/1967-)

Out of Kingoldrum Saki:

Pandora of Wind Whistle (1/27/1971-)

Out of Khala Thembalisha:

Miss Penelope III (5/3/1972-)

Out of Topbrass Daphne:

Topbrass Daphne's Dandy Danny CDX (9/22/1971-) [OFA GR-1747]
Topbrass Daphnes Daisy Mae CD (9/22/1971-)

Out of Lady Jennifer De Lakeview:

Walnut Hill's Copper Penny (11/26/1967-)
Pennibright Of Dale (11/26/1967-)

Out of Golden Yoke Nike of Liberator:

Liberator Nike's Splashdown * (1/10/1969-)

Out of Russell Farm Mandy:

Glen-De-Fir's Auragold F Q Salli (5/3/1968-)
Glen-De-Fir's Auragold Davie (5/3/1968-) [OFA GR-698]

Out of Penny Of Circle Lee:

Crescent Maples Tawny (5/20/1969-)
Mann's Sandy (5/20/1969-)
Golden Lara Of Peterborough (5/6/1968-)
Irah's Sean Of Circle Lee (5/6/1968-)

Out of Lass of Albany:

Triloo Taffy Of Grant Manor (10/2/1971-)
Albany's Blond Heidi (10/2/1971-)
Tinker Bell Of Lakeview (10/2/1971-)

Out of Am. CH. Circle Lee Goldie:

Meadowbrook Pride O'Pine (5/29/1968-)

Out of Am. CH. Featherquest Binker's Nugget *:

Regina Of Featherquest (11/18/1967-)
Featherquest Honey Nugget CD (11/18/1967-)

Out of Am. CH. Truell Pond Pele CD:

Merah Of Truell Pond (11/26/1968-)
Featherquest Truell Pond Boy (11/26/1968-)
Am. CH. Truell Pond Lucy Of Liberator CD OD WC (11/26/1968-) [OFA GR-778]

Out of Am. CH. High Farms Champagne Punch:

Am/Can CH. High Farms Luxembourg WC (8/1/1967-)

Out of Beckwith Sparkle Plenty CD:

Montgomery Of Toryglen (1/20/1972-6/4/1982)

Out of Featherquest Golden Diana:

Sandy Of Avon Hill (5/12/1967-)
Am. CH. Featherquest Morning Sunray (5/12/1967-)

Out of Am. CH. Goldenloe's Bronze Lustre:

Kactus Kate of Topbrass (1/15/1970-)
Goldenloe's Spur Of Topbrass (1/15/1970-)
Sugarbush Of Topbrass (1/15/1970-) [OFA GR-1061]

Out of Am./Can. CH. Beckwith's Highland Holly CD WC OD:

Beckwith's Wild Storm Of Koch's CDX (4/13/1970-)

Out of Beckwith's Chickasaw Jingle OD:

Valhalla's Erik The Red CD (4/3/1971-)
Valhalla's Golden Valkyr (4/3/1971-) [OFA GR-03642-T]

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