Golden Retriever

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Offspring of Ch.Arg. Takeda's Calvin Golden Trip's (4/15/2005-2/10/2018)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Lien Los Crespillitos:

Ambar Huella Dorada (6/17/2012-)
Amina Huella Dorada (6/17/2012-)
Arwen Huella Dorada (6/17/2012-)
Ares Huella Dorada (6/17/2012-)
Arvin Huella Dorada (6/17/2012-)
Amarok Huella Dorada (6/17/2012-)
Astor Huella Dorada (6/17/2012-)

Out of Golden Trip Voodoo Goldsherlock:

Habia una Vez Patagonia (1/7/2012-)
Habia una Vez Domino (4/1/2012-)
Habia una Vez Chula by Sherlock (1/10/2012-)

Out of Dona Virmax:

Princesa Hidden Lake (2/1/2010-)
Reina Hidden Lake (2/1/2010-)
Diana Hidden Lake (2/1/2010-)
Raihue Hidden Lake (2/1/2010-)
Dalma Hidden Lake (2/1/2010-)
Helem Hidden Lake (2/1/2010-)
Gregor Hidden Lake (2/1/2010-)
Troyano Hidden Lake (2/1/2010-)
Inidio Hidden Lake (2/1/2010-)
Homero Hidden Lake (2/1/2010-)
Spooky Hidden Lake (2/1/2010-)

Out of Anthem Moon Godess Of Sherlock:

Dillan Sparrow Gold Sherlock (5/25/2011-)
Moon Godess Gold Sherlock (5/25/2011-)
Gr.Ch.Arg.Ch.Int. Nemo's Pipper Sherlock (5/25/2011-)

Out of Natural woman Goldsherlock:

Mery Gold Sherlock (9/7/2011-)
Melly Gold Sherlock (9/7/2011-)
Molly Gold Sherlock (9/7/2011-)
Milly Gold Sherlock (9/7/2011-)
Mik Gold Sherlock (9/7/2011-)
Mike Gold Sherlock (9/7/2011-)
Max Gold Sherlock (9/7/2011-)

Out of UH LA LA Goldsherlock:

Zaira Leon del Cielo (12/24/2011-)
Milka Leon del Cielo (12/24/2011-)
Matias Leon del Cielo (12/24/2011-)
Thiago Leon del Cielo (12/24/2011-)
Carito Leon del Cielo (12/24/2011-)

Out of Dulcinea Del Cadelbosco:

Atilio del Castillo de Sofia (6/18/2012-)
Aurora del Castillo de Sofia (6/18/2012-)
Amado del Castillo de Sofia (6/18/2012-)

Out of Kala Sweet Brise:

Zahia Whest Point (1/17/2009-)
Gueny Whest Point (1/17/2009-)
Leona Whest Point (1/17/2009-)
Tiziano Whest Point (1/17/2009-)
Wally Whest Point (1/17/2009-)

Out of Burbuja del Cadelbosco:

Show Rebellion Gold Sherlock (10/13/2007-)
Bluegrass Legacy Gold Sherlock (10/13/2007-)
Boston Pops Gold Sherlock (10/13/2007-)
Blowing The Wind Gold Sherlock (10/13/2007-)
Beyond's Gold Sherlock (10/13/2007-)
Brigg's Gold Sherlock (10/13/2007-)
Bubble Gold Sherlock (10/13/2007-)

Out of Roxy Luba Luara-Lihue:

Ona Dragstore (10/23/2008-)
Nazarena Dragstore (10/23/2008-)
Silverters Dragstore (10/23/2008-)
Arnold Dragstore (10/23/2008-)
Tango Dragstore (10/23/2008-)
Elmo Dragstore (10/23/2008-)
Dante Dragstore (10/23/2008-)

Out of Candela Luba Luara-Lihue:

Sharon Shemesh Ishtar (2/18/2010-)
Jordan Shemesh Ishtar (2/18/2010-)
Avatar Shemesh Ishtar (2/18/2010-)
Rocky Shemesh Ishtar (2/18/2010-)
Sahara Shemesh Ishtar (1/24/2009-)
Sasha Shemesh Ishtar (1/24/2009-)
Simona Shemesh Ishtar (1/24/2009-)
Silas Semesh Ishtar (1/24/2009-)
Sohoco Shemesh Ishtar (1/24/2009-)
Sun Shemesh Ishtar (1/24/2009-)
Sanson Shemesh Ishtar (1/24/2009-)
Kenza Kalí Shemesh Ishtar (6/28/2008-)
Koda Dolce Shemesh Ishtar (6/28/2008-)
Jagger Lecoul Shemesh Ishtar (6/28/2008-)
Ciro Longines Shemesh Ishtar (6/28/2008-)

Out of Luna Dorada Crystal Mount:

Akira Mystic Rivers (11/17/2009-)
Angie Mystic Rivers (11/17/2009-)
Annie Mystic Rivers (11/17/2009-)
Auka Mystic Rivers (11/17/2009-)
Alvion Felipe Mystic Rivers (11/17/2009-)
Abrakadabra Mystic Rivers (11/17/2009-)
Anton Mystic Rivers (11/17/2009-)
Alex Mystic Rivers (11/17/2009-)
Arwen Mystic Rivers (11/17/2009-)

Out of Harriette Silk Stay With Me:

Giulia Luba Luara-Lihue (6/20/2009-)
Chantal Luba Luara-Lihue (6/20/2009-)
Lena Luba Luara-Lihue (6/20/2009-)
Simon Luba Luara-Lihue (6/20/2009-)
Chester Luba Luara-Lihue (6/20/2009-)

Out of Silver Sound's Time Bomb:

Elton Mystic Rivers (1/2/2011-)
Bartolomeo Mystic Rivers (1/2/2011-)
Brad Mystic Rivers (1/2/2011-)
Brousse Mystic Rivers (9/21/2009-)

Out of Del Manantial Dorado Estrella:

The Slumbers Follow The Sun (11/19/2008-)
The Slumbers All You Need Is Love (11/19/2008-)
The Slumbers Across The Universe (11/19/2008-)
The Slumbers Penny Line (11/19/2008-)
The Slumbers Revolution (11/19/2008-)
The Slumbers Let It Be (11/19/2008-)
The Slumbers In My Life (11/19/2008-)
The Slumbers I'll Be Back (11/19/2008-)
The Slumbers All My Loving (11/19/2008-)
The Slumbers Don`t pass me by (11/19/2008-)

Out of Frida del rey platanos:

Dorotea Del Cadelbosco (7/16/2008-)
Dara Del Cadelbosco (7/16/2008-)
Druma Del Cadelbosco (7/16/2008-)
Dulcinea Del Cadelbosco (7/16/2008-)
Drusila Del Cadelbosco (7/16/2008-)
Dalila Del Cadelbosco (7/16/2008-)
Diogenes del Cadelbosco (7/16/2008-)
Donatello Del Cadelbosco (7/16/2008-)

Out of Guillermita de Mama Luna:

Louisiana Kazalary (5/8/2007-)
Seastar Kazalary (5/8/2007-)
Bonnie Kazalary (5/8/2007-)
Sol Kazalary (5/8/2007-)
North Wind Kazalary (5/8/2007-)
Casper Kazalary (5/8/2007-)
Charlie Kazalary (5/8/2007-)
Vaughan Willians Kazalary (5/8/2007-)
Faera's Kazalary (5/8/2007-)

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