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Offspring of Poika of Handjem OS (11/1/1961-1975)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Riverview's Neretu Honey Bun:

Riverview's Golden Amber CD (9/8/1967-)

Out of Beckwith's Zipper of Topbrass:

Topbrass Fancy Free CD (5/12/1973-) [OFA GR-3173]

Out of Woodridges Sunburst:

River Ridge Sadie CD (8/8/1973-) [OFA GR-3232]

Out of Kinike Enchantress ***:

Kinike Duke Of Oxy (12/24/1970-) [OFA GR-4459]
Castleanna's Golden Gay (12/24/1970-)
Kinike Rex R ** (12/24/1970-) [OFA GR-01681]

Out of Handjem's Titian Beauty:

Handjem's Rosslea Jason CD (7/12/1972-5/14/1980)
Big Red Of Handjem (7/12/1972-) [OFA GR-7694]
Handjem Hannah Of Candlewood (7/12/1972-) [OFA GR-2326]

Out of Beckwith's Golden Gaiety/Beckwith's Golden Griety CD:

JML's Golden Gimlet (2/29/1968-)
Gay Golden Gretchen (2/20/1968-)
Macdonald's Pride Of Foxshire
Count Leo Of Handjem (2/20/1968-)

Out of Wildwing Abby WC OD:

Northbreak's Panacea *** (7/9/1968-)
Ready About Of Northbreak Am./Can. *** OD (7/9/1968-) [OFA GR459]

Out of AmCH AFC Riverview's Chickasaw Thistle UDT DDHF:

Riverview T's Bracken (2/20/1967-)
Riverview's Gold Heather CD (2/20/1967-) [OFA GR-332]

Out of Am. CH. Topbrass San Francisco Flame OD:

Topbrass Tully (6/12/1973-) [OFA GR-3213]
Topbrass Brandywine (6/12/1973-)
Topbrass Tauramorna CD (6/12/1973-)
Topbrass Hot Lips Hoolihan ** (6/12/1973-) [OFA GR-3589]
OTCH Topbrass Rocky Mountain High WC OBHF (6/12/1973-4/8/1988) [OFA GR-3212]
Topbrass' Covey of Hobby Horse WC (6/12/1973-) [OFA GR-3440]
Am. CH. Topbrass Gandalf's Toast CDX WC OD (6/12/1973-11/23/1985) [OFA GR 3572]

Out of Tigathoe's Chickasaw *** OD:

Tigathoes Taxco (3/17/1967-)
Tigathoe's Tioga * (3/17/1967-)

Out of Shenandoah of Stilrovin CD *** OD:

Riverview's Kinike Drummer (8/20/1969-)
Kinike Kodiak (8/20/1969-)
Kinike Go Go Deke (3/9/1966-)
Riverdale's Loop Of Kinike (8/20/1969-)
Kinike Of Duck Hollow (8/20/1969-)
Kinike Reddy Huntress ** (12/22/1972-) [OFA GR-2524]
Sungold Miss Tress Of Kinike ** WC
Kinike Mystique *** (8/20/1969-)
FC AFC Kinike Chancellor OS FDHF (8/20/1969-) [OFA GR-914]
Duke Of Handjem *** (3/9/1966-) [OFA GR-401]
FC AFC Kinike Coquette CD FDHF (3/9/1966-)
King Kinike of Handjem *** (3/9/1966-8/26/1970) [OFA GR-10]
Sorehon's Kinike Teal (12/22/1972-)
Kinike Flirt of Sunset ** (12/22/1972-) [OFA GR-2956]
FC AFC Kinike's Oro de Rojo (12/22/1972-) [OFA GR-2943]
FC AFC Northbreak Kinike Sir Jim OS FDHF (12/22/1972-) [OFA GR 2961]

Out of Valentine Torch of Topbrass WC OD:

Topbrass Sassafras (3/24/1973-) [OFA GR-3139]
OTCH Topbrass Cisco Kid OS OBHF (3/24/1973-12/6/1986) [OFA GR-3567]
Topbrass Fiery Saffron CDX (3/24/1973-) [OFA GR-3113E24F]
CH Topbrass Ad-Lib's Dynamite OD (3/24/1973-12/26/1984) [OFA GR-3155]

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