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Offspring of Nor./Lux. Ch. Waterloo's Rock Around The Clock

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of H'isis du domaine de vexin:

Jimmy de la Petite Mignarde

Out of Waterloo's Virginia Woolf:

Waterloo's Joy

Out of Ninell Briar:

Saffira of Sunniness

Out of Odille van't Nindehof:

Soella van't Nindehof

Out of Melfricka Evening Moonbeam:

Assya joyfullness
Alicefawn (4/20/1995-) [HD 0]

Out of Queeny van het hof Tenberge:

Samuel van het hof Tenberge (4/30/1994-7/12/2006)

Out of Glendale Endless Story:

Snökristallens Mysterious Girl (8/17/1996-)
Snökristallens World of Magic (8/17/1996-)
Snökristallens Love Is in The Air (8/17/1996-)
Snökristallens Just A Legend (8/17/1996-)
Snökristallens Tears in The Rain (8/17/1996-)
Snökristallens Circle of Life (8/17/1996-)
LPI LPII Snökristallens Take A Chance On Me (8/17/1996-)
Snökristallens I Saw You Dancing (8/17/1996-)
Snökristallens We Are The World (8/17/1996-)

Out of Mandora's Good Day Sunshine:

Mandora's Message From Heaven (6/26/1996-)
Mandora's Must Have Been Love (6/26/1996-)
Mandora's Miss You Like Crazy (6/26/1996-)
Mandora's Miracle of Life (6/26/1996-)
Mandora's Midnight Blues (6/26/1996-)
Mandora's My Best Friend (6/26/1996-)
Mandora's Man in The Middle (6/26/1996-)

Out of Guldruschen's She's Like The Wind:

Svedjebäckens Let's Dance Again (5/3/1996-)
Svedjebäckens Time and Again (5/3/1996-)
S VCH SU(U)CH LPI Svedjebäckens Over Again (5/3/1996-)
Svedjebäckens As Much Again (5/3/1996-)
Svedjebäckens Again and Again (5/3/1996-)

Out of Svedjebackens Darling-Daniella:

Svedjebackens Rock Me Baby/Svedjebäckens Rock Me (3/16/1996-)
Svedjebäckens Rock-'n'-Roll (3/16/1996-)

Out of Nortonwood Velvet:

Labraten's Water-Lulu (2/16/1996-)

Out of Waterloo's Cheek to Cheek:

Peptalk's Friska Fläktar (12/10/1995-)
Peptalk's Fina Flickor (12/10/1995-)
Peptalk's Full Rulle (12/10/1995-)
Peptalk's Fräck I Frack (12/10/1995-)
Peptalk's Femetta (12/10/1995-)
Peptalk's Fattas Bara (12/10/1995-)

Out of Hoenytaste Herzogin Elsa:

Skantry's Queen of Rock'n Roll (7/4/1993-)
Skantry's Rock Me Baby (7/4/1993-)
Skantry's Rock A Hula Baby (7/4/1993-)
Skantry's Born to Rock (7/4/1993-)
Skantry's King of Rock'n Roll (7/4/1993-)
Skantry's Jailhouse Rock (7/4/1993-)

Out of Hanna Av Vervik:

Billy Boy Av Vervik (10/30/1992-)

Out of Kenvic's Guardian Angel:

Waterloo's Party All The Time (8/26/1992-)

Out of Dainty's Danish Delight O Music:

Bittandz Fantastic Boy (3/17/1992-)
Bittandz Rockerfeller (3/17/1992-)
Bittandz Love Over Gold (3/17/1992-)
Bittandz Quickstep (3/17/1992-)
Bittandz Lady Be Good (3/17/1992-)

Out of Linrow's Foreign Affair:

Linrow's Just A Gigolo (3/8/1992-)

Out of Honeytaste Asbury Park-B:

Le'pet's Delightful Girl (3/5/1992-)
Le'pet's Catch The Wind (3/5/1992-)
Le'pet's Maid For You (3/5/1992-)
Le'pet's Leader of The Pack (3/5/1992-)
Le'pet's On The Rocks (3/5/1992-)
Le'pet's Manfred Man (3/5/1992-)
Le'pet's Lightning Spirit (3/5/1992-)

Out of Tatanja's Fabina:

Tatanja's Golden Star (11/18/1995-) [C0]
Tatanja's Golden Rock Rose (11/18/1995-) [B0]
Tatanja's Rocken Roll (7/10/1992-)

Out of Gullbackens Samantha:

Gullbackens Pavarotti (9/26/1996-)
Gullbackens Playboy (9/26/1996-)
Gullbackens Prins (9/26/1996-)
Gullbackens Princess (9/26/1996-)
Gullbackens Priscilla (9/26/1996-)

Out of Tiriltoppen's Orkide:

Begora's Indian Summer

Out of Gojenta's Triola Da Gamba:

Gojenta's Cleo Pondus

Out of Hita Hanuscha:

Tributum's Biri

Out of Waterloo's Unikum Makedonia-Atene:

Makedonia's Sedecim Pandora

Out of Grini du Marais de la Sangsuriere:

Jicky du Marais de la Sangsurière

Out of Moviestar's Bette Davis:

Gila's Briska (10/26/1994-) [B1]
Gila's Britta (10/26/1994-) [A2]
Gila's Bohdan (10/26/1994-) [B1]
Gila's Brandy (10/26/1994-) [A2]
Gila's Benni (10/26/1994-)
Gila's Berry (10/26/1994-) [A2]

Out of Harmonie du Bocage du Haut Anjou:

Lou-Han des Greniers de Cornouailles

Out of Havane de Joyenval:

Lorelei de Joyenval (7/30/1995-)
Lady de Joyenval (7/30/1995-5/2008) [HD 1]
Lucky Chablis de Joyenval (7/30/1995-)
Lenna de Joyenval (7/30/1995-4/11/2007) [HD 1]

Out of Giada (LOI 131016):

Loxy de Joyenval (6/14/1995-2/2011)
Lennon de Joyenval (6/14/1995-7/2007)
Largo de Joyenval (6/14/1995-4/2007)
Lanana de Joyenval (6/15/1995-) [HD 0]
Linda de Joyenval (6/15/1995-2006) [HD 0]
Looping de Joyenval (6/15/1995-)
Loop de Joyenval (6/15/1995-7/2009) [HD 0]

Out of Elfe de Joyenval:

Just Jones de Joyenval (6/28/1994-)
Jason de Joyenval (6/28/1994-7/28/2005)
Just Skipper de Joyenval (6/28/1994-10/18/2006) [HD 0]
Jumper de Joyenval (6/28/1994-)
Just Joy de Joyenval (6/28/1994-6/2005) [HD 0]

Out of CHIB Csardas de Joyenval:

Jurado de Joyenval (8/26/1994-7/26/2008)
Jicky de Joyenval (8/26/1994-) [HD 0]
Just in Time de Joyenval (8/26/1994-)
Junon de Joyenval (8/26/1994-) [HD 1]

Out of Grizli de Bourgogne-Picardie:

Bessy of Winternight's Dream (2/19/1995-) [A1]
Brixi of Winternight's Dream (2/19/1995-) [D2]
Biscuit of Winternight's Dream (2/19/1995-) [C1]
Bonny of Winternight's Dream (2/19/1995-) [E0]
Baxter of Winternight's Dream (2/19/1995-) [D1]
Brian of Winternight's Dream (2/19/1995-) [C1]
Balou of Winternight's Dream (2/19/1995-) [C1]
Barclay of Winternight's Dream (2/19/1995-) [C1]
Brandy of Winternight's Dream (2/19/1995-) [A2]

Out of Waterloo's Secretary For Five Boys:

Waterloo's New Generation (9/12/1991-)

Out of Havanille et Framboise du P'tit Coin de Paradis:

L'Etoile du P'tit Coin de Paradis
Lorette du P'tit Coin de Paradis
Labelle du P'tit Coin de Paradis

Out of Begora's Serenade:

Nuch NV99 Begora's Humoreske

Out of Pepper of Glen Sheallag:

Jerry des Haies de la Conchée
Justine des Haies de la Conchée (1994-)

Out of German & VDH Ch Rosenjay April Silhouette Sieger Leipzig '96:

Sequins Silhouette Say Siri
Sequins Silhouette Say Silke
Sequins Silhouette Say Silje
Sequins Silhouette Say Selba
Sequins Silhouette Say Sverre
Sequins Silhouette Say Santhos
Sequins Silhouette Say Silko
Sequins Silhouette Say Stig
Sequins Silhouette say Sogne (10/21/1994-)

Out of H'isis du domaine du vexin:

Jaipur de la Petite Mignarde (12/27/1994-) [A0]
jean's de la petite mignarde
Int.CH Jabad de la petite mignarde (12/27/1994-) [A/A]

Out of NUCH Waterloo's Charlotte:

Willemo's Tanita Aichimera (1991-1999)
Willemo's Tengel
Willemo's Tiili (2/8/1991-) [HD fri Norden (19??)]

Out of Leslie of Glen Sheallag:

Jokof Du plateau des abeilles
Jessie du Plateau des Abeilles

Out of Quella des 4 Cyprès:

Eyop's Shibuya (1994-)
Eyop's Scala
Eyop's Sam (10/6/1994-5/16/2005)
Eyop's Shinook (10/6/1994-) [B (1995)]

Out of Hindy des Fields De Mauny:

Jade Des Fields De Mauny (1/4/1995-)

Out of Lislone Premium Blend:

Jeremiah jonsson of glen sheallag

Out of Quinta du Val d'Alvaux:

Summer du Val d'Alvaux
Shadow du Val d'Alvaux [A0]

Out of Hiekkakankaan Taika-Tessa:

Finnfield's Arctic Haze (4/2/1995-) [B1]
Finnfield's Arctic Daisy (4/2/1995-) [C1]
Finnfield's Arctic Blossom (4/2/1995-)
Finnfield's Arctic Polarbear (4/2/1995-) [A2]
Finnfield's Arctic Sunrise (4/2/1995-) [A1]
Finnfield's Arctic Fox (4/2/1995-) [C1]
Finnfield's Arctic Conqueror (4/2/1995-) [B1]
Finnfield's Arctic Glow (4/2/1995-) [A2]
Finnfield's Arctic Storm (4/2/1995-) [B1]
Finnfield's Arctic Rullesson (4/2/1995-) [A1]
Dt.Ch. mit Arbeitsprüfung Finnfield's Arctic Hello Tuula (4/2/1995-) [A2]
Finnfield's Arctic Tessalill (4/2/1995-2/8/2011) [A1]

Out of Dainty's Ultimate Choice:

Waterloo's My Own Story (2/21/1991-)
Waterloo's Mr Bean
NUCH Waterloo's Milk and Honey

Out of Floprym Jet Set:

Floprym Virginia (1/21/1996-)
Floprym Vanessa (1/21/1996-)
Floprym Vattenpassion (1/21/1996-)
Floprym Victoria (1/21/1996-)
Floprym Valentin (1/21/1996-)
Floprym Volvo (1/21/1996-)
Floprym Vagabond (1/21/1996-)
Floprym Vincent (1/21/1996-)
Floprym Victor (1/21/1996-)

Out of Astown's Sibylla:

Adolf Charlie av Giske-Bo

Out of Waterloo's Picadilly Circus:

Waterloo's Thurbo Thuna
Waterloo's Magic Around The Clock (11/23/1995-)
Waterloo's Made in Heaven (11/23/1995-)
Waterloo's My Litle Hearthfriend [B0]
N Jch, N Ch Waterloo's Merville De La Saga [A0]

Out of Woodlane Orelia:

Woodlane Vienna Waltz (1/21/1995-) [B0]
Woodlane Victoria (1/21/1995-) [B0]
Woodlane Venda (1/21/1995-)
Woodlane Vanille (1/21/1995-)
Woodlane Vahine (1/21/1995-)
Woodlane Viking (1/21/1995-)
Woodlane Vagabond (1/21/1995-) [B0]

Out of Magali Van Het Hof Tenberge:

Skibble van het Hof Tenberge
Splash van Het Hof Tenberge (5/4/1994-10/15/2004) [A0]

Out of Oggie av Vervik:

Stoner Av Vervik (8/2/1991-)
Nuch Nv-98 Simson av Vervik (8/2/1991-)

Out of Plover of Glen Sheallag:

Swippy of sunniness

Out of Megan of Glen Sheallag:

Laëken of glen sheallag [A1/A1]
Ch. Travail F - Ch. Travail A - Ch. Tr. Complet Sky Channel of Glen Sheallag (1994-2002) [HD A (19??)]

Out of Bel./IB/Lux./Fr. CH & Trialer Puzzle Of Glen Sheallag:

Lavinia of Glen Sheallag
Last Dance of Glen Sheallag
Legendary of Glen Sheallag (4/14/1995-)
Int'l CH Linwood of Glen Sheallag (4/14/1995-) [A 1]
Legend Of Glen Sheallag (4/14/1995-) [A2 ]
Ch. IB - Trialer Lipstick of Glen Sheallag (4/14/1995-5/13/2008) [FCI B/C]
Legerdemain of Glen Sheallag [HD A/B (19??)]

Out of SPA CH Quiver Of Glen Sheallag:

INT, SPA CH Figaro de Cal Arana (2/19/1996-)
Frula de Cal Arana (2/19/1996-)

Out of Sansue Free Lady:

Oops Oops of the Hellacious Acres (5/19/1994-) [A0]
On Target of the Hellacious Acres [C1]

Out of Hazelgilt Jounty-Jill:

Goldenlines Story of Samba (7/31/1996-)
Goldenlines Story of Lambada (7/31/1996-)
Goldenlines Story of Flamenco (7/31/1996-)
Goldenlines Story of Cha Cha (7/31/1996-)
Goldenlines Story of Break Dance (7/31/1996-)

Out of North-Light of Glen Sheallag:

Sarabande of Glen Sheallag (1/21/1994-)
Let me tell you of Glen Sheallag (1995-8/2010)
Snowdrop of Glen Sheallag (1/21/1994-1/9/2008) [A1 / A1]

Out of Dutch Ch. Gala Pro of the Hellacious Acres:

English Style Grand Gala
English Style Koss [HD B1B2]

Out of NUCH Ulveplassens Honey Flower:

Waterloo's Happy Ending

Out of My-Shadow Of Glen Sheallag:

Love Joy of Glen Sheallag
Lollipop of Glen Sheallag (3/4/1995-) [A0]

Out of WW'95, MultCh, JChLux Orange-Juice of Glen Sheallag Belg/Fr/Lux/Nor/Den/Swed Ch:

Shamalo of Glen Sheallag (2/25/1994-) [B0]
Nuch Sigourney of Glen Sheallag (2/25/1994-)
CH IB & Trialer Showbiz of Glen Sheallag (2/24/1994-8/4/2007) [HD A/B (19??)]
Vice-EW'98, Mult/Int/Sw/Lux/Fr/Sp Ch, Trialer Scrabble of Glen Sheallag (2/25/1994-8/11/2005) [HD A (199?)]
Sherlock of Glen Sheallag (2/25/1994-) [Sweden HD A (3/3/1995)]

Out of LP Goldsand's Special Music:

Dasty Joyride (9/30/1991-)
Dasty Never Ending Love (9/30/1991-)
Dasty Water Colours in The Rain (9/30/1991-)
Dasty From One Heart to Another (9/30/1991-)
Dasty Spending My Time (9/30/1991-)
Dasty Listen to Your Heart (9/30/1991-)
Dasty The Big L (9/30/1991-)
Dasty Dressed For Succes (9/30/1991-1999) [B1]
Dasty Physical Fascination (9/30/1991-)
Dasty She's Got The Look (9/30/1991-)

Out of Norwood of Glen Sheallag:

SAFFRON OF GLEN SHEALLAG (5/28/1994-10/21/2007)
Lanson of Glen Sheallag
Lightship of Glen Sheallag (1995-) [B0]
Ch. IB - Trialer Love in a Mist of Glen Sheallag
Ch. IB - Trialer Shaded of Glen Sheallag
Sahara of Glen Sheallag

Out of Waterloos Brilliant Pearl:

Mandora's Nikita (9/27/1991-)
Mandora's Golden Slumbers (9/27/1991-)
Mandora's Get Back (9/27/1991-)
Mandora's Revolution (9/27/1991-)
Mandora's King of Hearts (9/26/1995-)
Mandora's King Creole (9/26/1995-)
Mandora's Kiss Me Quick (9/26/1995-)
Mandora's Kissing in The Moonlight (9/26/1995-)
Mandora's She's A Woman (9/27/1991-)

Out of Dutch Ch. Westley Cathrina:

No Scruples of the Hellacious Acres (6/12/1994-)
No Dreams of the Hellacious Acres (6/12/1994-)
New York of the Hellacious Acres (6/12/1994-)
Nevada of the Hellacious Acres (6/12/1994-)
Napoleon of the Hellacious Acres (6/12/1994-)
Int.Ch. Nuclear Hit of the Hellacious Acres (6/12/1994-)
JWW'95 Nigel of the Hellacious Acres (12/6/1994-) [B1]
Ger. CH. Nose To Nose of The Hellacious Acres (6/12/1994-) [B1B2]

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