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Offspring of Tonara Guy Fawkes JW (11/5/1995-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Tess Of Camelia:

Lavender Seabreeze [8:7]

Out of Amilia Honey:

Hunbart Mandy [21:13]

Out of Steval Simply Stunning Of Trevista:

Trevista Hercules

Out of Sandicliffe Miss Elto Of Meoncroft:

Meoncroft Morning Glory [6:3]

Out of Sueland Truly Scrumptious:

Sueland's Pride And Passion

Out of Filouise Chelsea Girl:

Filouise Evita [16:6]
Filouise Brigadoon [5:5]

Out of Canina New Dawn:

RashFFile Show Stopper

Out of Brambles Yellow:

Foxmeadows Golden Lass

Out of Sandalgem Yeolande Malee:

Sandalgem Oh La La [5:6]

Out of Capaul Sweet Dreams:

Capaul Pecan [15:15]

Out of Sandalgem Chasing Rainbows:

Sandalgem Lord of the Rings
Sandalgem What A Cracker [11:11]
Sandalgem my choice at Tonara (5/29/1999-) [5:4]
Sandalgem Kachima at Watamusand (5/29/1999-8/24/2011) [7:6]

Out of Sonerila Miss Dolly Daydream:

Sonerila Taffeta [4:11]

Out of Jaybelene Stacie:

Jaybelene Sigournagh [4:5]
Jaybelene Shooting Star Over Goldnorton
Jaybelene Shillelagh [9:5]

Out of Fairfield Folk Dancer:

Fairfield Forest Trouper [8:7]

Out of Dajumija Elegance at Jamic:

Dajumija Rossun (2/21/2001-) [41:39]
Dajumija K'Tee for Azteca (2/21/2001-8/30/2013) [5: 6]

Out of Bedeslea Poison Ivy:

Bedeslea Delphinium (11/15/2000-) [5:6]

Out of Kerrien all that Jazz at Ritzilyn:

SUCH Ritzilyn Total Recall [B]
Ritzilyn Too Hot To Handle (8/2/1997-) [C1 C2]

Out of Cassatess Ariadne:

Cassatess Dorinda [9:6]
Cassatess Dare To Dazzle [7:11]
Cassatess Edison (1/21/2000-) [3:3]

Out of Fairfield Firecascade JW:

Fairfield Flame Sensation (6/8/2003-) [24:3]

Out of Gillbryan Pretty Penny:

Gillbryan Penny Lane From Robbols [24:23]

Out of Kennelridge Shooting Star:

Ryders Pathfinder To Kennelridge [BVA 7:8]
Ryders Goodtime Girl At Bernewode [5:7]

Out of Medodaine Silent Slumber:

Clarina Sweet Marie of Patrinah [9.8]
Opal Winter Warmer of Medodaine (11/12/1997-) [BVA 5:6]

Out of Princessa Marissa:

Chenya Summer (11/28/1998-) [BVA Hip Score 13:9]
Sunset on Mara (8/5/1997-) [4:5]

Out of Trebell Andromeda:

Trebell Tropicana (5/12/1998-) [31:27]

Out of Steval Encore:

Steval Star Profile At Stevandorn [4:4]
Steval Spaceman

Out of Braxton Kiltie Of Millwater:

Millwater Gunpowder Plot

Out of Messano Eager Beaver:

Messano Futures Maid (3/1998-)

Out of Eng. CH. Fairfield Firecrystal:

Fairfield Florentina (1/9/1998-) [BVA Hip Score 7:7]

Out of Eng. SH. CH. Starlance Crystal Maze:

Starlance Texas Rose
Starlance Texas Ranger (7/5/1997-) [FCI A/A]

Out of Eng. Sh. Ch. Sandusky Khamsin At Trewater:

Trewater Goodwill Greta (5/27/1998-)
Trewater Goodwill Gomera (5/27/1998-)
Trewater Goodwill Glory (5/27/1998-)
Trewater Goodwill Glitz (5/27/1998-) [BVA Hip Score 5:7]
Trewater Goodwill Gent (5/27/1998-)
Trewater Goodwill Gracie (5/27/1998-) [A2]
Trewater Goodwill Georgie (5/27/1998-) [BVA Hip Score 4:5]
VDH CH Trewater Goodwill Garfield (5/27/1998-) [HD A1]
Trewater Goodwill Gossip (5/27/1998-) [BVA Hip Score 3:4]

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