Golden Retriever

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Offspring of Eng. FT. CH. Ben Of Codicote (2/15/1993-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Ellasway Heather:

Ellasway Magnolia [17:27]

Out of Kizimyjo linette with pepsanner:

Pepsanner Butler Henderson
Pepsanner Hobbie Elliot [14/15 = 29 (28/08/2001)]

Out of Lady Firefly of Kessgold:

Kessgold Jade (1997-) [5/4]

Out of Holway Chintz:

Kenyee Mint of Deadcraft [BVA 5:5]

Out of Standgates Agatha:

Standgates Psalm (1997-) [5/6]
Standgates Patience [3/7]



Out of Laytoncroft Wigeon:

Laytoncroft Fieldfare
Laytoncroft Lancer (3/7/1999-)

Out of Morningstar Scion:

FTW Blendworth Elsa (8/31/1997-) [BVA Hip Score 6:4]

Out of Little Marston Tuppence:

Evenhorn Beth of Stourleigh [BVA 4/6]
Evenhorn Captain Plume [7/4]

Out of Standerwick Robina:

Standerwick Brett (5/23/1998-)
Standerwick Boris (5/23/1998-)
Standerwick Benita (5/23/1998-) [BVA 14:10]
Standerwick Barnaby (5/23/1998-)
Standerwick Barley (5/23/1998-) [BVA 2:4]
Standerwick Beaujolais (5/23/1998-) [BVA 3:7]
Standerwick Beth of Siyu (5/23/1998-) [BVA 5:4]
Standerwick Becky (5/23/1998-)

Out of Birchams Emma at Almshoebury:

Almshoebury May
Almshoebury Kelly (5/29/1996-)
Almshoebury Kittiwake (5/29/1996-) [4:10]

Out of Glenconway Anna:

Elmbrook Alex
Elmbrook Amos
Elmbrook Charlene
Elmbrook Lizzy
Elmbrook Lydia
Elmbrook Mary
Elmbrook Jane of Glenconway
FTW Elmbrook Kitty (4/30/1996-) [6:5]

Out of Standerwick Tobrina:

Standerwick Simon (5/9/1995-)
Standerwick Sebastian (5/9/1995-) [BVA 6:7]
Standerwick Saul (5/9/1995-)
Standerwick Samuella (5/9/1995-)
Standerwick Shane (5/19/1995-) [BVA 5:12]
Standerwick Stephen (5/9/1995-) [BVA 8:7]

Out of Holway Moss:

OTCH Featherquest Jade UDX SH WCX (4/4/1998-)

Out of Wadesmill Katie (Field Trial Winner):

Wadesmill Tommy
Wadesmill Tammy
Wadesmill Star
Wadesmill Russ
Wadesmill Rosie
Wadesmill Pipa
Wadesmill Firn

Out of Robenda Khamsin:

Robenda Shoshone (5/14/1996-) [BVA 8:10]
Robenda Shawnee (5/14/1996-)
Robenda Seminole (5/14/1996-)
Robenda Kiowa (5/14/1996-)
Robenda Comanche of Drumtochty (5/14/1996-) [BVA 6:8]
Robenda Cheyenne (5/14/1996-)
Robenda Cherokee (5/14/1996-)
Ft Ch Robenda Sioux (5/14/1996-) [12:10]
Robenda Apache (5/14/1996-) [13:16]
FTW Robenda Paiute (5/14/1996-) [BVA 6:5]

Out of Alice of Armena:

ash of armena (7/13/1998-)
Willow field of dreams (7/13/1998-6/25/2013)

Out of Watties Grace:

Kenzed of Exeter

Out of Eng. FT. CH. Standerwick Rhumba Of Pebbletoft:

F.T.Ch. Pebbletoft Jazz (5/27/1998-)
F.T.W. Pebbletoft Rock (5/27/1998-)
F.T.W. Pebbletoft Polka (5/27/1998-)
F.T.W Pebbletoft Jive of Tauvechan (5/27/1998-)

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