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Offspring of Aust. Ch. Stanroph School Boy KCJW (7/3/1996-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Glynafton Golden Charmer:

Glynafton Sabana [26:30]
Glynafton Muddy Paws (2001-) [18:12]

Out of Sweet Blossom Of Queensway At Quakerhall:

Quakerhall Atlanta

Out of Stanroph Spirit of the Sun:

Magical Morning (7/22/2001-) [5:6]

Out of Watersdale Rare Lady:

Cameacy Sticky Stars Girl [6:6]

Out of Golmas Gabrielle of Mirandan:

Mirandan Melody at Sheriffmuir (8/22/2003-) [6 + 5]

Out of Aursauver In Brodie:

Aust CH Martygold Flying School (9/14/1999-)
Aust CH Martygold SchoolFScandal (9/14/1999-)

Out of Stanroph Spirit of The Mist At Megarvey:

Megarvey Master Class [4:9]
Megarvey Moonlight Mist [7:10]

Out of Goldfleece Memory Lane:

Goldfleece Educating Rita

Out of Sundance Golden's Camelia:

Westwind's Absolute Colour

Out of Aust Ch Perrecca Willowwood:

Perrecca Erina

Out of Leighvalley Composure:

Leighvalley Faithfully CD (6/19/2000-)
Aust CH Leighvalley Fieldodreams (6/19/2000-) [15/13]
Aust CH Leighvalley Famenfortune TD (6/19/2000-) [9/10]

Out of Ambermist Dressed tokill:

Aust CH Ambermist Full Impact CD (1/4/2001-)

Out of Aust CH Santamaria Star Billing:

Ashiya Diplomatic Fellow (3/26/2000-)
Aust CH Ashiya Wish Upon A Star (3/26/2000-)

Out of Shinehill Yasmin:

Shinehill School Bully At Heolafon [6:6]

Out of Loranka's Heaven Sent at Rosechael:

Rosechael Wild Colonial Boy [5:15]

Out of AustCH Ribbonwood Broadway Hit:

Ribbonwood Choir Boy
Ribbonwood Play boy
Ribbonwood Stage Hit (8/13/1999-) [19]

Out of Aust Ch Gunarryn Alice Dupont:

AustCH Goldfleece Teachers Pet

Out of NZ CH McIlroy Spring Fantasy:

McIlroy Millennium-Deeva (2000-)
MBISS NZ CH McIlroy Millennium-Choir-Boy At Sandlewood (2/25/2000-) [6-5]

Out of Stanroph Secret Finale:

Tullochmohr Star Pupil [7:8]

Out of ÍCH Fantasy Fair vom Golden Glemmtal:

ÍCH Golden Mountain Spring's Ethan Clyde (1/10/2003-) [A1]
ÍCH Golden Mountain Spring┤s Eternal Flame (10/1/2003-) [A1]

Out of Glentreve Spring-Magic:

Goldfleece Magic Happens (10/10/1999-5/28/2010) [11:11]

Out of MBISS Aust Ch Fantango In Poppy Fields:

Aust CH Giltedge Jane Eyre (5/5/1999-5/30/2012) [BVA 3:3]
BISS Aust Ch Giltedge Charlotte (5/5/1999-) [11:10]
BISS Aust Ch Giltedge Hemingway (5/5/1999-3/15/2011) [8:8]

Out of Perrecca Iolanthe:

Perrecca Zephyr (11/14/1999-) [3/1]
Aust Ch Perrecca Zig Zag (11/14/1999-) [6/4]
Perrecca Zahlia (11/14/1999-)
AUST. CH. Perrecca Zoe

Out of Wheatcroft Sky's The Limit:

Wheatcroft Star Pupil (2/24/1998-) [9:12]

Out of Aust. Ch. Scanandamble Tucha Class:

Lynika Completely (4/14/2001-)
Lynika All This Joy (4/14/2001-)
Lynika Modern Girl (4/14/2001-)
Lynika Touch Of Paradise (4/14/2001-)
Lynika One More Kiss (4/14/2001-)
Lynika Flying For Me (4/14/2001-)
Lynika Teddy Bear (4/14/2001-)
Lynika Heartbreaker (4/14/2001-)
Lynika What About Me (4/14/2001-)
Lynika Leader Ofthepack (4/14/2001-)
Lynika Wild Montana Sky (4/14/2002-) [6:2]

Out of Aust CH Santamaria Top Billing:

Aust Ch Santamaria Judgement Day (5/7/2000-)
Aust Ch & NZ Ch Santamaria General Lee (5/7/2000-) [AVA 4-7]

Out of CZ VCh Jenny Gold Libosovska Blata:

Diana the Best Baron (5/11/2003-) [2/2]
Dancing Queen the Best Baron U (5/11/2003-) [4/4]
Douglas the Best Baron (5/11/2003-)
Devel Jim the Best Baron (5/11/2003-)
Denis the Best Baron (5/11/2003-) [4/4]
Dream Boy the Best Baron (5/11/2003-)
Diamond the Best Baron (5/11/2003-)
Don Leon the Best Baron (5/11/2003-)

Out of Xanthos Lemon Grass Among Stanroph:

Stanroph Steal The Moment (7/3/2001-)
H Junior CH Stanroph Steal The Glory (7/3/2001-6/12/2004) [HD A1]

Out of WW'01, Eng. SH. CH. Stanroph Solar Flame KCJW:

BIS VFC 04 Stanroph Sparkling Sky
Stanroph Sparkling Eyes (2/3/2002-) [BVA 5-8]

Out of Eng. SH. CH. Stanroph Sierra Solitaire:

Stanroph Strike It Lucky [17:15]
Stanroph Strike It Right Of Cherrygold [20:20]
Stanroph Strike It Gold At Sherida (6/19/2001-) [BVA/KC 10: 6]
Stanroph Strike Ahead (6/19/2001-7/17/2013)

Out of Eng. SH. CH. Stanroph Spring Fantasy KCJW:

Stanroph Solo Flight (10/9/1997-) [4:2]
Stanroph Stolen Moments At Garvin (10/9/1997-) [BVA Hip Score 9:7]
Stanroph Stolen Love Of Benwyl (10/9/1997-) [BVA Hip Score 12:11]
Stanroph Stolen Gem (10/9/1997-)
Can. CH. Stanroph Secret Weapon Can. CD (10/9/1997-4/20/2009) [OFA GR-66243G24M-T / BVA 8:6]

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