Golden Retriever

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Offspring of Chrisper Captain Corelli Nederlands Veteranen Champ (4/6/2002-12/19/2013)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Floere van het Hof Tenberge:

Ischa van het Hof Tenberge

Out of Vanlijnden Fouso Lady Quinevere:

Vanlijnden Remenber my Name Rayna

Out of Inca van de Heeserbergen:

Lion King van de Heeserbergen Nederlands Jeugd Camp (5/21/2012-7/6/2014) [FCI B]

Out of Carlotta aus dem Langeler Bogen:

Frida aus dem Langeler Bogen (3/31/2008-)

Out of Odylle v.h. Aambeeld:

Fantastic Fabian v.h. Aambeeld

Out of Golden Message Amelie:

Golden Message Cooper (8/29/2004-) [B1]
German Show Champion Golden Message Chusty Born For Geli (8/29/2004-12/23/2015) [B2]
Golden Message Chester (8/29/2004-) [B1]
Golden Message Casper (8/29/2004-)
Golden Message Casimir (8/29/2004-)
Golden Message Candy (8/29/2004-) [C1]

Out of Zynah van de Lochtergoldens:

Enjoy me van de Heeserbergen (7/18/2005-4/15/2018) [FCI A]
Enjoy me v d Heeserbergen (7/18/2005-) [A1 ]

Out of Dt.Ch. Yentl of Graceful Delight:

Every Day of Graceful Delight (2/27/2007-) [A2/B1]
Eragon of Graceful Delight (2/27/2007-)
Dt.Vet.Champion VDH,Dt.Ch., VDH Ch., Lux. Ch. Eyvan of Graceful Delight (2/27/2007-) [A2]
Easy Livin of Graceful Delight (2/27/2007-)

Out of Cliffcorner's Amelie:

Joyfull Events Brave Nala (7/19/2004-) [A2]
Joyfull Events Blue Bandit (7/19/2004-) [C1]
Joyfull Events Black Sammy (7/19/2004-)
Joyfull Events Big Bouncer Barko (7/19/2004-)
Joyfull Events Big Bear Basko (7/19/2004-) [A2]
Joyfull Events Beloved Bonja (7/19/2004-) [A2]
Joyfull Events Bell Benisha (7/19/2004-) [A2]
Joyfull Events Be My Red Fox (7/19/2004-) [A2]
Joyfull Events Barking Boomer (7/19/2004-) [B1]
Joyfull Event Be My Toffee (7/19/2004-) [A2]

Out of Gorgeous Kayla of Golden Fall:

Swiss JCH./ Swiss CH. Lynn of Golden Olwyn (9/10/2005-)
Lisa Taira of Golden Olwyn (9/10/2005-)
Lesca of Golden Olwyn (9/10/2005-)
Lara of Golden Olwyn (9/10/2005-)
Lana of Golden Olwyn (9/10/2005-) [A1]
Luke of Golden Olwyn (9/10/2005-)
Linus of Golden Olwyn (9/10/2005-)
Leon Buddy of Golden Olwyn (9/10/2005-) [B1]
Lennart of Golden Olwyn (9/10/2005-)

Out of Eurfryn Devon´s Dheelis:

Eurfryn Just With You Jocelyn (4/10/2004-)
Eurfryn Just In Time Jolly Mabel (4/10/2004-)
Eurfryn Just In Love Jolie (4/10/2004-)
Eurfryn Just For You Joana (4/10/2004-)
Eurfryn Just Granville Winston (4/10/2004-)

Out of Stand Sure punch drunk love Maddy:

Stand Sure Music Lover Tilly (9/2/2008-)
Stand Sure No Other Love Angus (9/2/2008-)
Stand Sure Clasic Love Baxter (9/2/2008-)
Stand Sure Dream Lover Honey (9/2/2008-)
Stand Sure Seaside Lover Captain (9/2/2008-)
Stand Sure Pure Love Douglas (9/2/2008-)
Stand Sure Lover Boy Arron (9/2/2008-)
Stand Sure Only Love Murray (9/2/2008-)
Stand Sure Sea Of Love Skye (9/2/2008-)
Stand Sure Dream Lover Ross (10/16/2007-)
Stand Sure Love Star Rhona (10/16/2007-)
Stand Sure Fire Of Love Skye (10/16/2007-)
Stand Sure Summer Love Willow (10/16/2007-)
Stand Sure Love Letter Jazz (10/16/2007-11/13/2018)
Stand Sure Love Song Kirsty (10/16/2007-)
Stand Sure Love Is Poppy (10/16/2007-)
Stand Sure Love Me Tender Fergie (10/16/2007-)
Stand Sure Part Time Lover Gordon (10/16/2007-)

Out of Renssor All Purpose Arana:

Anakin Follow Your Instincts (11/5/2008-) [B1/B1]
Ace Follow Your Instincts (11/5/2008-) [C1/D1]
Aiden Follow Your Instincts (11/5/2008-) [A2]
Apple Follow Your Instincts (11/5/2008-) [B1]

Out of Vanlijnden Innocent Lady Scarlett:

Vanlijnden Nobility Missy Lizzy (2/17/2004-)

Out of Vanlijnden Fausto Lady Quinevere:

Vanlijnden Leader Remy (10/10/2003-2013) [HD A1]

Out of Anika van 't Solveld:

Whispering Reed's Danté (8/11/2004-) [A1]

Out of Absolutely Generous vom Wiesentalidyll:

Charming Chilli vom Wiesentalidyll (7/11/2007-) [FCI A2/A2]

Out of Fourwind Cottage Spirit of the Sky:

Arnie My Golden Future Dream (3/18/2005-)
Alasse My Golden Future Dream (3/18/2005-)
Andro My Golden Future Dream (3/18/2005-)
Aloona My Golden Future Dream (3/18/2005-)
Amika My Golden Future Dream (3/18/2005-)
Ally My Golden Future Dream (3/18/2005-)
Alea My Golden Future Dream (3/18/2005-)
Aaron My Golden Future Dream (3/18/2005-)

Out of My Winter Paradise Always in Love:

My Winter Paradise Dear Miss Chocolate (10/20/2006-)

Out of Beach Girl v.d. Issel Hoeve:

Adorable Me v.Eik en Duinen (5/5/2004-) [HD A1]

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