Golden Retriever

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Offspring of Eng CH Paudell Easter Plantagenet at Kerrien (4/20/1987-11/16/2000)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Rojosco Made For Mischief:

Rojosco Cest La Vie Of Brekswood [9:9]

Out of Stormgold Penny Lane:

Stormgold Daniel of Tinkersville

Out of Gloi Higgledy Piggledy In Ranitea:

Ranitea Running Riot [7:5]

Out of Unavale Jazzy Lady:

Unavale Russian Roulette Of Goldmarker [17:23]
Unavale Sweet Sue At Heleanne [8:5]

Out of Goldwing Iced Ginger Of Lestronde:

Goldwing Lady Slipper [6:10]
Goldwing Lovable Rouge [10:4]

Out of Tamsbrook Tiarella:

Franchesca Firebird (7/1/1992-)

Out of NZ CH Lady Kaatje of Riverstone:

Frozen Dreams For Riverstone (AI) (9/9/2011-)

Out of NZ Ch Glentreve Wind-In-The-Willows:

Nz Gr Ch. Aust Sup Ch. Glentreve Putting the Wind Up Goldsmith (9/29/2006-) [3-4]
Glentreve Wind-And-Rain At Goldriver
Glentreve Wind-Across-the-Sea at Coombehill (imp NZ) (9/29/2006-)

Out of Delcott Woops A Daisy At Hayworth:

Hayworth Merrie Maid [6:4]

Out of Hampdenlea Magnolia:

Sunny Honey at Sharnbrook [9:9]
Adorable Amy of Gaylon (5/19/1992-) [7:7]

Out of Lockdale Princess Lady:

Aust Ch. Lockdale Prince Andrew (7/16/1999-)

Out of Amirene Odette of Lillieslea:

Lillieslea Luke North [6:4]
Lillieslea Let It Be Me [19:18]
Lillieslea LissenŽere (12/5/1993-) [5/6]

Out of Milgreen Madeleine:

Kerrien Trooper (11/14/1998-) [A/A (1998)]

Out of Laurelhill Emma:

Goldenquest's Legendary Gipper (10/9/2006-)
Golden Quest's Living Legend (10/9/2006-)

Out of Glentreve Winter-Liaison:

Winterlea Serenade on Ice

Out of Camrose Zetikka With Shutan:

Camrose Muzetta of Mastamariner (1/20/1997-8/5/2004) [6:3]

Out of Goldstreme Ecorche:

Goldstreme Fair Plantagnet [20:26]

Out of Sansue Louisa Of Cardrona:

Cardrona Silence is Golden (1/16/1993-)

Out of Darrochonna Tamasin of Standfast:

JCH D Standfast Piquet of Sunlight (8/7/1997-) [A1]
Standfast Plato de Champernoune [FCI HD-A]
Standfast Panama (7/8/1997-) [0/0]

Out of Squirrelsmead Tritonia of Gleethorne:

Gleethorne Beach Boy At Paudell [6:5]
Gleethorne Sweet Charity of Squirrelsmead [bva 5:3]
Gleethorne Moonbeam over Kerrien [5:4]

Out of Bellagold Sheer Sensation:

Bellagold Spirited of Cornborough [8:3]
Bellagold Spirited of Cornbrough (1998-) [8:3]

Out of Armavelk Lunaria of Paudell:

Paudell Perpetue (2/23/1992-) [8:5]

Out of Almerak Springtime Fantasy At Gartraith:

Gartraith Country Rose [9:12]
Gartraith Chelsea Rose [6:7]
Gartraith Pippers Quest (9/10/1992-)

Out of Telkaro Royal Tweed:


Out of Linavon Harmony at Lamancha:

Lamancha Beannachdan Of Linirgor (11/14/1993-5/6/2009) [BVA 5:6]



Out of Glentreve Fire-On-Ice:

Glentreve Solo Ice Maid'n

Out of BISS Aust Ch Giltedge Charlotte:

Avonbreeze McLeod (AI) (5/26/2003-11/17/2016) [1:2]

Out of Gladwag Chilli-Pepper:

Gladwag Mr Tickle [8:9]

Out of Shelain Gilly Flower:

Sheilan Styrica [7:8]

Out of Aust Ch Tasvane Spring Morning:

Aust. Ch. Avonbreeze Prudent (AI) (9/24/1997-) [6:3]
Avonbreeze Heedless (A.I.) (9/24/1997-) [1:5]
Avonbreeze Reckless
Avonbreeze Wayward

Out of Sandusky Grand Duchess of Sandgold:

Sandgold Countess Grand [6:5]
NUCH Sandgold Conquest (10/26/1991-) [A/A]

Out of Colbar Dannielle Of Thirldene:

Thirldene Newsflash

Out of Bishmead say You're Mine at Moorquest:

Moorquest Happy Medium (12/21/1991-) [7:6]
Moorquest Magnanimous (12/21/1991-) [2:2]

Out of Hillbeth Dancing Queen:

Hillbeth Queens Diplomat
Eng.Sh.Ch Hillbeth Queens Diplomat Of Twilly JW (5/9/1995-) [BVA 4:3]

Out of Gillbryan Or What You Will:

Gillbryan Rosamund at Boxheath (4/24/1997-2/17/2012)
Gillbryan Philippa

Out of Moonsprite Mudlark:

Moonsprite Houdini
Moonsprite Maria of Torabbi (9/17/1990-6/2/1998) [BVA/KC 20 : 20]
Moonsprite Moonlighting To Keremma

Out of Mantlemas Scelina of Mossburn:

Mossburn McIsla [14:15]

Out of Gloi Moonspinner:

Rosarnach Moon Pilot [5:3]

Out of Chardine Hot'N Snazzi:

Ger./Lux. CH., BelgW Chardine Blue Monday Best Golden Retriever Belgium 99 (7/2/1996-12/30/2010) [B (199?)]
Chardine Blue Note [6:7]

Out of Amyandas Inspiration:

Amyandas Golden Miles Of Tarkus [Unknown 5:3]
Amyandas Golden Highlights (6/16/1994-) [7:6]
Amyandas Golden Prophet at Branjoy (6/16/1994-) [7:5]

Out of Amirene Thanksgiving:

Gorefinadan Reach the Sky
Gorefinadan Reach For Glory (2/5/1996-8/27/2009) [BVA Hip Score 3:4]

Out of Paudell Pandora:

Amadrake Pennylane (5/11/1991-) [21:24]

Out of Trewater Trouvaille:

Trewater Addison (4/25/1995-) [C1-Austria]
Trewater April Ruby [A1]

Out of Sansue Bobbysox of Pauclare:

Pauclare Party Time (10/3/1995-)
Pauclare Pure Sensation
Int & Fin Ch Pauclare Pot of Gold (10/3/1995-7/15/2008) [B/B (1996)]
Pauclare Pierian Spring (10/3/1995-) [BVA Hip Score 8:8]

Out of Kenave Midnight Romance:

Kenave Kuriousity of Mauryanne (8/4/1994-) [BVA Hip Score 6 : 6]

Out of Nortonwood Dynasty of Kenave:

Kenave Caribinieri [12:11]

Out of Nortonwood Destiny of Hayjoy:

Hayjoy Jolly Sue

Out of Cabitas Wheatcroft Girl:

Wheatcroft Cabitas Returns [7:9]
WHEATCROFT SEA SHELLS (4/9/1991-) [9:4]
Wheatcroft Sandy Shore (4/9/1991-) [BVA Hip Score 6:6]

Out of Tamsbrook Tolga:

Elesworde Oberon
October Hermia [BVA 10:5]

Out of Goldenquest's Amazing Grace:

Goldenquest Northern Bridget (3/21/2001-)
Goldenquest Gania Of GDB (3/21/2001-3/2/2015)
Goldenquest's Jumpin'Jackson CD, RN, CGC (3/21/2001-12/20/2011) [OFA GR-83589G39M-PI]
GoldenQuest's Island Sunset (3/21/2001-)
UCI Int. CH. GoldenQuest Sparkle Plenty TDI CGC (3/21/2001-) [OFA GR-79326G25F-PI]

Out of Kerrien Forever Bonnie at Paudell:

WW'01,EW'99,02, Multi & Int Ch, Ch Fr/Ger/Lux/Swi/VDH Paudell Pure Passion (7/18/1997-2/2011) [BVA HS 6:2,French HD:A ]

Out of Halebourne Water Magic at Gillbryan:

Gillbryan Korrib [8:5]
Gillbryan Kissangel [Hip Score 5:5]

Out of NZ CH. McIlroy Interlude:

Glentreve Joint Venture (AI) (6/30/1996-)
NZ Ch Goldriver Double Impact (6/30/1996-)
NZ CH Glentreve Frozen Asset (8/1997-) [4-6=10]
Aust. CH. Glentreve Deanchel Kiwi

Out of Silversky Sundancer By Gatchells:

Gatchells Minstrel (4/17/1993-)

Out of Camrose Natasha with Shutan:

Camrose Dolce Vita [6:6]
Camrose Dorvietta (2/25/1995-)
Camrose Dawn Chorus of Shutan [10:8]

Out of Kenave Barleycorn of Goldmarker:

Harvest Gold of Summer (6/27/1991-)
Golden Girl of Amber at Goldmarker (9/27/1991-) [BVA Hip Score 5:5]

Out of Remington Rowena:

Remington Ray of Hope [ HD B1/B2]
Remington Really Smashing

Out of Fairfield Firesprite JW:

Fairfield Firemaster (10/8/1995-)
Fairfield Firemajor (10/8/1995-)
Fairfield Firelark (10/8/1995-)
Fairfield Firecracker (10/8/1995-)
Fairfield Firechief (10/8/1995-)
Fairfield Fire Dancer (10/8/1995-) [3:4]
Fairfield Firebird of Laurenley (10/8/1995-) [BVA Hip Score 9:6]
Ger. Jr. CH. Fairfield Firequest (10/8/1995-) [Hips B1 B2]
Eng. CH. Fairfield Firecrystal (10/8/1995-) [BVA Hip Score 5:3]

Out of Eng. SH. CH. Okus Destiny Of Carasan:

Carasan Nashwan (10/30/1994-) [7:5]
Carasan Nijinsky (10/30/1994-)
Carasan Starlight at Okus (10/30/1994-) [6/4 = 10]

Out of Eng. SH. CH. Mulfield Morning Glory Of Sansue:

SANSUE JACK FROST (1995-) [7:6]
Sansue Jacky May (12/22/1995-) [A1]
Sansue Jackie O' (12/22/1995-1/20/2010) [A1]
Sansue Jackie Rose (12/22/1995-)

Out of Eng. SH. CH. Cracksavon Most Faithful:

Cracksavon Faithful Freddi [7:6]
Cracksavon Faithful Vicki of Goldkitts [6:5]
Cracksavon Faithful Jenni of Suregold [5:5]

Out of Arbutus Anacortes:

Arbutus Laurel [B (199?)]
Arbutus Latimer [B]
Arbutus Ladysmith (2/1/1994-8/8/2006) [France Hips:B/B (199?)]
Eng. SH. CH. Arbutus Omineca (12/11/1991-) [14:14]

Out of Eng. SH. Ch. Ritzilyn Vivacity:

Lux./VDH./Ger./Dutch Ch. Ritzilyn Man About Town Brussels Winner 1999 (10/2/1993-7/20/2003) [B (199?)]

Out of Catcombe Cher At Millgreen:

Millgreen Moonlight Over Penpisgh [6:6]
CH. Milgreen Monshine
CH. Espagne Millgreen Moonshine (6/12/1991-1/19/2006) [FCI B/B]
Eng. CH. Millgreen Moonstruck (6/12/1991-) [BVA 7 : 9]

Out of Fenwood Fern:

Fenwood Olympic Gold
Fenwood Octavus JW (5/4/1992-) [8:7]

Out of Ipcress Cassandra:

Ipcress Sea Hawk [4:5]
Fin Ch Ipcress Sea Quest (1/15/1992-4/18/2005) [B/B (5/12/1993)]
Ipcress Sea Bird [8:7]

Out of Crowood Antonia:

Crowood Blind Date With Keremma
Crowood Calpernia
Crowood Cleopatra [9:7]
Eng. SH. CH. Crowood Butch Cassidy (11/5/1989-) [BVA BVA Hip Score 8:10]

Out of Gunhills Betty:

Gunhills Winter Blizzard (1/6/1992-) [BVA Hip Score 5:5]
Eng. SH. CH. Gunhills Winter Breeze At Ambreck (1/6/1992-) [BVA Hip Score 4:4]

Out of Gyrima Vanity Fayre At Ousevale:

Ousevale Festive Greetings JW (12/26/1991-) [BVA Hip Score 5:3]

Out of Eng. Sh. Ch. Styal Snow Flake of Remington KCJW:

Remington Runnik At Ranyhyn (9/17/1994-) [BVA Hip Score 8:6]
CH.Monaco Remington Real Mccoy at Lawpark (9/17/1994-10/15/2004) [BVA Hip Score 4:5]
Remington Ritzy (9/17/1994-9/2006) [BVA Hip Score 5:5]
Eng SH CH Remington Rory (9/17/1994-) [BVA/KC Hip Score 5:5]

Out of Dewmist Cloudburst:

Xanthos Fair Dinkum
Xanthos Fleurie
Xanthos Fairy Nuff [4:5]
Ch. Rip. Xanthos Fiddle Dee Dee Ch. (7/21/1996-7/2/2009) [BVA 4:6]

Out of Can. CH Chartwell Shannon's Legacy:

Chartwell Sarah Plantagenet
Can. CH Chartwell Arthur Plantagenet (9/15/1995-) [OVC BB1019]

Out of Eng. SH. CH. Telkaro Royal Romance Of Colbar:

Colbar Royal Secret With Telkaro JW (2/6/1997-12/22/2009) [BVA Hip Score 7:5]
Eng.Sh.Ch Colbar Royal Rhapsody JW (6/2/1997-11/15/2010) [BVA BVA Hip Score 7:7]
Colbar Royal Salute At Neustro (6/2/1997-11/10/2009) [BVA Hip Score 7:7]

Out of Gloi Impulse:

Gloi Singing In The Rain [6:5]
Gloi Legend of Gibbglen (1/24/1992-) [26:21]
Gloi Last Tango With Kerrien [6:6]
Gloi Sorcerer's Apprentice
Gloi Laughter In The Rain (1/24/1992-) [Norway HD UA (199?)]
Gloi Lionheart

Out of Abbotsford Rosa Of Tasvane:

Tasvane Tarran [B1]

Out of Styal Superscotia JW:

Styal Silver Star at Wheaton (5/30/1992-5/21/2006)
Styal Silverseacrest (5/30/1992-)

Out of Scarholme Andika:

scarholme geeves

Out of Kerrien Chanterelle:

Kerrien Get Crackin For Ousevale
Kerrien Gurkha Of Cornbrough [5:7]

Out of Camrose Unatamsin with Shutan:

Camrose Gypsy Roma (6/17/1995-)
Camrose Ilex Layanda (3/18/1996-8/2006) [4:4]
Camrose Gypsy Dancer (6/17/1995-8/11/2003) [BVA Hip Score 7:9]
Camrose Iolanthe (3/18/1996-6/15/2009) [19:7]

Out of Eng. SH. CH. Arbutus Coquihalla:

Arbutus Garibaldi [13:12]
Arbutus Galena At Langsett [26:24]
Arbutus Gabriola [19:25]
Arbutus Glenora (4/11/1993-)

Out of Eng. SH. CH. Gloi Bewitched:

Gloi Kiowa at Lalique [8:8]
Gloi Kerfuffle at Beeangee (5/18/1992-) [14:17]
Gloi Kiri Te Kanawa (5/18/1992-) [13:15]
Gloi Klever Klogs [5/7]
Gloi Kast A Spell

Out of Watersdale Honeydew:

Watersdale Daniel at Shirnor [3:3]
Watersdale Debonair (6/18/1991-) [BVA Hip Score 3:3]

Out of Kerrien Charisma at Keremma:

Kerrien Chardonney [13:13]

Out of Stanroph Silent Tears KCJW:

Stanroph Solid Steel [B1]
Stanroph Sinclair Boy (6/6/1989-)
Stanroph Shine For Sure (8/30/1992-) [BVA Hip Score 15:9]
Stanroph Seventh Heaven (8/30/1992-)
Stanroph Shere Nectar Of Garvin (6/6/1989-) [Unknown BVA Hip Score 4:4]
Eng. SH. Ch. Stanroph Soldier Boy (6/6/1989-10/12/2001) [Unknown BVA Hip Score 7:7]

Out of Rossbourne Secret Love of Haydene JW:

Haydene Carousel JW (7/16/1993-) [BVA Hip Score 6:18]
Haydene Carnival (7/16/1993-4/5/2004) [OFA GR-49759E24F-T]
Can CH Haydene Commador OS (7/16/1993-5/17/2008) [OFA GR-49692G24M-T]

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