Golden Retriever

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Offspring of Fantastic Golden v. Axenfels (4/15/1991-2002)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Misa Tohocinska:

Masha (Fantastic Golden v. Axenfels x Misa Tohoci

Out of Dina od Karla IV:

Lussy od Karla IV (12/10/1995-) [HDD 1/1]

Out of Gita od Karla IV:

Erika z Hradistskych skal (1/8/1996-) [HDD 0/0]

Out of Ida Luk:

Axa od Hrusovskeho potoka (4/2/1996-) [HDD 2/1]

Out of Nada z Vlci stepi:

Aretha Ja-Sta (8/22/1993-) [HDD 2/0]

Out of Nike z Vlcich luk:

Aranka z Premyslova namesti [HDD 2/2]

Out of Alpaka Venusiny luhy:

Ila z Horni Lejsovky (7/14/1995-) [HDD 0/0]
Ina z Horni Lejsovky (7/14/1995-) [HDD 0/0]

Out of Ina Luk:

Asta od Reky Doubravky (4/23/1996-) [HDD 0/1]
Aja od Reky Doubravky (4/23/1996-) [HDD 0/0]

Out of Gaja Luk:

Dinka z Linkova (10/10/1995-)
Danae z Linkova (10/10/1995-3/14/2009)

Out of Alma Venusiny luhy:

Winna z Dubske lhoty (2/24/1995-) [HDD 1/2]
Wayne z Dubske lhoty (2/24/1995-) [HDD 0/0]
Wesna z Dubske lhoty (2/24/1995-) [HDD 0/2]
Qadra z Dubske Lhoty (2/20/1994-) [HDD 2/2]
Wella z Dubske Lhoty (2/24/1995-) [HDD 2/0]

Out of Ch CZ Aida z Tlukoce:

Bellis Chlupate stesti (3/22/1996-) [HDD 0/0]
Beckie Chlupate stesti (3/22/1996-) [HDD 0/0]
Bodie Chlupate stesti (3/22/1996-7/2005) [HDD 2/1]
Blondie Chlupate stesti (3/22/1996-2/24/2009) [0/0]

Out of Bonanza Mirdan:

Arika Jotyr (10/29/1994-) [HDD 0/0]
Aranka Jotyr (10/29/1994-) [HDD 1/2]

Out of Bara od Kletecke hraze:

Xaver z Vlcich luk (6/7/1995-) [0/1]
Xantina z Vlcich luk (6/7/1995-) [HDD 0/0]
Kimberley z Vlci stepi (6/2/1996-) [HDD 0/0]
Karolina z Vlci Stepi (6/2/1996-1/15/2009) [2/1]

Out of Borka Dunajsky mlyn:

Faidra od Kletecke hraze (6/25/1995-) [HDD 1/1]

Out of Laura z Vlci stepi:

Fara z Vlcich luk (3/21/1994-) [0/0]
Flet z Vlcich luk (3/21/1994-) [HDD 0/0]

Out of Brina Venusiny Luhy:

Filadelfia Venusiny luhy (11/16/1994-) [HDD 1/0]
Ferida Venusiny luhy (11/16/1994-) [HDD 1/1]

Out of Zoe Golden Araukarity:

Regina z Vlcich luk (2/16/1995-) [HDD 0/0]
Rosa z Vlcich luk (2/16/1995-) [HDD 0/0]

Out of Atika Venusine Luhy:

Dyje Venusine Luhy

Out of Sona z Vlcich luk:

Helena z Vlcich luk (3/17/1996-) [HDD 0/0]
Debora z Vlci stepi (6/15/1995-) [HDD 0/0]

Out of Lizz z Vlci stepi:

Nat, Int CH Hax z Vlcich Luk (4/7/1994-)
Elba z Vlcich luk (2/7/1996-) [HDD 0/0]
Hana z Vlcich Luk (4/7/1994-) [HDD 0/0]
Haja z Vlcich Luk (4/7/1994-) [HDD 0/0]

Out of Gora z Vlcich luk:

Magda z Vlcich luk (7/8/1996-) [HDD 2/2]
Mila z Vlcich luk (7/8/1996-) [HDD 0/0]

Out of Nuba Tohocinska:

Sava Tohocinska

Out of paka (SLRGR-000679):

Urna (SLRGR-001760) (9/24/1998-) [A1]

Out of Ola z Vlci Stepi:

Ajax Libosovska blata (8/1/1995-) [HDD 1/0]
Ola z Vlcich luk (10/18/1994-) [HDD 0/0]
Aida Libosovska blata (8/1/1995-) [HDD 2/0]

Out of Gita Luk:

Ajka Chlupate stesti (12/31/1995-) [HDD 2/2]
Adria Chlupate stesti (12/31/1995-) [HDD 0/0]
Assy Chlupete Stesti

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